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Its A Pity . . .

Its a pity I had to delete my “The True Nature of Conscious” piece but it seems XP just doesn’t like saved things on my old computer.

Its done it before, if any of you can remember.  The font all went wrong, everything was displaced and had to be corrected by K or C.  Never mind; I shall find another home for it!
Us ‘witches’ will never be defeated!

Pretty quiet all round today.  I’m just off out to get some wine as I intend to relax tonight.  Got a chapter I want to finish as that’s near the end now.  I’m still well within the dead-line, but can’t afford to be lethergic.

Radio interview coming up, and a 2-hour one at that.  Should be interesting; well, its already caused a lot of interest and I haven’t even given the interview yet! Its good because it will be live and I can take questions.  I really prefer that to doing things that are pre-recorded. Personally, I regard such interviews (pre-recorded) as the ‘cowards way out’; especially if you might be saying things that might be deemed controversial.

Saw K a couple of days ago.  She called in very late so didn’t stay long.  Lucky she had the car as the last trains had long gone.  But we had enough time for a chat and it was lovely to see her again.
Well, I had better get moving.  Several emails to catch up on as well later – apart from which I want to go and come back in the light.

So, with another short Blog, I will leave you and hopefully write longer next time.

For the moment everyone,


6 Responses

  1. It’s a pity indeed, that this blog is not more interesting. Can you tell us about your “writing process”? Do you use a pen and paper or a computer? Do you write at a desk or bureau or in the bed? Do you listen to music or sip wine or guzzle beer or sit quietly and think? Chain smoke fags or burn insence? Go for a stroll in the park or take a bath or chatr up a bird? In other words dear fellow, where doth thou get “inspiration”?

  2. Put so delicately as usual, Cat. For the record, I normally sit at my word processor wth any wine or cigerettes on a table behind me. I rarely write stuff long-hand indoors (except maybe notes) but do so while out sometimes or sitting on a bus or train or something. I never write in bed. Beds are for sleeping in (mostly!) and I don’t take work to bed with me!
    Does that answer you questions? Or would you prefer that I write an essay on it?!
    For now,

  3. An essay would be brilliant but I’ll take what I can get here. What do you recall about your first form or middle school English classes? Did you dislike writing? What authors were you compelled to read?

  4. I hardly took any notice of anything at school, Cat. I hated mathematics, and most subjects bored me, including geograpy and history. It was not so much the subjects themselves, but the way in which they were dicated and ‘rammed down your throat’. It was the same with English. I didn’t mind writing but I didn’t like to be told what to write – or copy and then write about. I determined to find out for myself, and I probably later went far beyond some of the ‘mindless zombies’ sitting in the classes who ‘swallowed’ everything they were told for the sake of norm and ‘respectibility’. If that makes sense.
    It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t. But it just happens to be true!
    As a matter of interest, at my last school (in Weymouth) I came top of the class in Scripture; but that was only because I took an interest in it.
    Next question!
    For now,

  5. Yes, I heard a rumour that you had gone bald many years ago and a wealthy French woman who was your mistress at the time had you outfitted with a very expensive wig. The only reason I bring it up is that your hair’s color and appearance have not changed in dozens and dozens of years (unlike most people getting new styles, going grey, balding, etc), giving some credence to this “Farrant Wig” theory.

  6. NOW what are you on about, Cat??
    Good Lord! My hair is all my own. Many visitors can attest to that (even the ‘Yorkshire Dumpling’ who saw me wash it on more than one occasion!).
    If I haven’t ‘gone grey’, it is only because of an understanding us ‘witches’ have of true time.
    So ‘no’. You have been ravaging in the dustbins and clawed up more useless information!
    Could you please be sensible Cat. Though I guess that’s asking too much!

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