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No End To Human Hyporcrisy . . .

Can you believe it!  I must be getting really famous!

Well, I recently joined Facebook (to find somebody actually, who I never found, or at least, have not heard from yet), and almost immediately, I was invited to be accepted as ‘friends’ by at least 15 people. They had all heard of myself apparently, and I received all these invitations.  In fact, I only invited a few people, and these were people I later recognised on there, without actually realising that they were already ‘there’!

Anyway, I was soon informed, that another certain person  who was also registered as a member, began sending reams of ‘cut and pasted’ material from old newspaper reports (about myself) to anyone who had contacted me on Facebook.   It was the continuation of an old pattern of his; to try and turn people against myself by means of this malicious propaganda.  Not many people were fooled; indeed they forwarded copies of these copies directly to myself – their originator being one ‘bishop Bonkers’!  This stuff came in ‘fast and thin’,  the poor old fellow not realising that people were bound to send such material to myself for comment.   Comment, they certainly got, but it was to the effect that none of it was true and I named its true originator!

Yes. The same person who has adopted this policy for years: a person, in fact, who has never had the courage to face me in person but who adopts the names of other people (if not made-up aliases) to attempt to spread his venom.  Aliases are always his main trademark. He has never gathered the courage to repeat such accusations directly.  He was aided later, by a heart-strung female who somehow thought she has been ‘jilted’ by myself. Not true in reality, in fact, but then I suppose we have to allow for the ‘hell hath no fury’ as a woman’s scorn element.

Anyway, with the aid of a new convert, this person continued in his efforts to discredit ‘an evil witch’ – at least as was such they called me!   Oh dear! What a mundane catastrophe it all turned out to be.  ‘She’ went running to the Church to cover her sins; but he remained in his normal sinful state!

Good Lord!  Is there no end to human hypocrisy?  David


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  1. – “I must be getting really famous! Well, I recently joined Facebook…and almost immediately, I was invited to be accepted as ‘friends’ by at least 15 people.”
    Hate to be the one to tell you olde bean, but ANY one joining facebook gets besieged by “friend” requests. Facebook encourages teens to compete to see how many “friends” they can list. A rather hollow substitute for actual relationships, eh? Ha! Bring back the old naked pagan ceremonies around a bonfire, says I. Them’s were *relationships*!
    Also, too bad that Bonky has reared his head on Facebook, but you knew that was bound to happen before long. You two are like the poles of a magnet. You just cannot stay apart!

  2. Hi David–I can figure out this dickipoggy Facebook malarky. I was once on someones,hm, and struck myself off it, now I have got on someone elses, so I joined and have met up with people on I dont really know, but I cant find you anywhere, and I certainly dont want”them” invading it with their barmy army.
    prrr prrr

  3. I hate to dissillusion you too, Cat, but this was (is) not the case. Bonky systematically kept joining ‘friends’ who had invited myself – they were not just casual people. In other words, an act of almost desperation on his part to get friends of mine ‘onto his side’. Really quite pathetic; but it just goes to prove how some people seem to be obsessed with myself. ‘Him’ in particular; ‘her’ as another example! I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such unqualified attention. I sincerely wish they would both just leave me alone to my research and writing and stop making all these personal claims about me!
    Still, I suppose it helps to occupy a worthless existence!
    For now,

  4. FOR CAT,
    PS I suppose I should have really said “empty existence”. No existence is ‘worthless’ unless people choose to make it so!

  5. David, did I say you and Bonklip were like the poles of a magnet? I was wrong. Actually, magnet’s poles repel one another. Let’s choose a better analogy. Flies and honey. Or maybe Yorkshire pudding and, erm, roast beef.

  6. I presume Yorkshire Pudding is not being used as a compliment, on the contrary.I feel as a Yorkshire woman–not the pudding you are referring to–you need putting straight. Yorkshire puddings are famous and delicious, though probably not the frozen food versions you get these days. My grandma lived in Scarborough where she had a boarding house and people went from far and wide to eat her Yorkshire puds. She taught me how to make them, from batter, and how to cook them properly in spitting hot fat in black trays which were not washed, but wiped out after each pudding and fresh ANIMAL LARD put in for the next YP. I might add, other than that I am a hopeless cook, though I can make a meal I find the whole chef celebrity thing a total bore and never watch them on tv, it is obscene and boring.
    So I would respectfully request that the “Yorkshire Pudding” label be changed for something more appropriate. Neither are there such things, as I am aware, as Yorkshire dumplings. In fact, to prefix someone you have a problem with as “Yorkshire” anything is a bit iffy.I could offer one or two suggestions but prefer not to do so on here. Does Maria Monk mean anything to you?
    Of course, talking to a cat is a bit silly, because cats cant talk, or use computers, to pretending to be a cat is a bit ridiculous. so come on Cat, get out of the Closet,

  7. I have often said in the past, Cat: “I am the preverbial duck’s back, he is the water”.
    The same goes for ‘Yorkshire dumplings’ as well!
    For now,

  8. I’ll answer you properly tomorrow, Barbara. Just a bit tired now as I missed a complete night’s sleep last night because of the Candanian Radio Broadcast.
    Just who is ‘Maria Monk’? I really have never heard of her.
    And, just how do you expect me to define people who people keep referring me to? I have made it abundantly clear on here and elsewhere that I don’t want to be reminded of her, let alone answer questions relating to her.
    Some people keep persisting, even though I’ve asked them not to – the last one (aside from Cat) being Bonky.
    I wish people could get it through their heads that I really don’t want to answer questions about people from the past – ‘her’ included.
    Speak tomorrow.

  9. – “I wish people could get it through their heads that I really don’t want to answer questions about people from the past – ‘her’ included.”
    Oh come now, David, you musn’t avoid questions about the past – otherwise how can you set the record straight – for example, that whole sticky business about you wearing “artificial hair”? Glad we’ve got that cleared up. Now I am wondering about your teeth. Are they real? Rumour is they were pranged in a “duel” while in your early 20s.
    PS: Barbara, I see you use ANIMAL LARD in your puddings yet you profess to love cats! I may report you to the RSPCA. Or to the Health Board for an over abundance of cat hairs in your rooms…ta ta and *Miaow For Now*.

  10. Hi David—I know you dont want reminding, I was only making a long overdue point about Yorkshire puddings as I thought people might think Yorkshire pudds are not nice , I know its other people not you who use the term, especially the Puss in Boots.Google in MM, its a Victorian penny dreadful–all untrue sleaze!
    tata barbara

  11. I AM setting the record straight about the past Cat – what do you think I am writing the next book for!? It is not to ‘attack’ anyone but just to put straight public statements (which amounted to a barrage of lies) which were being made about my members, personal friends and myself. Such statements originated with one person – and one person only – although at a later stage he was aided – joined is probably a better word – by a person who had previously been a close friend of mine, and whom I fully trusted.
    You should be aware of all the lies that were then being spread around Cat (indeed, you questioned me then about many of these at the time) – and still ARE being spread around.
    What makes it worse, perhaps, is that such statements and public untruths are attempting to be disguised behind a ‘cloak of Christianity’; and even genuine Church officials have not been told the real truth behind the situation. They have in effect been deceived, just like that person is now trying to deceive themselves.
    As I have said before, that is really a matter between themselves and their conscience, and in turn, their conscience and God.
    On another matter, I do not have false teeth! And thank you for believing that I do not dye my hair either!
    Speak later (unfortunately I suppose!),
    For now,

  12. Barbara dear!
    I happen to like Yorkshire pudding – really! I don’t mind dumplings either if there’re made proberly!
    But I think you’ve understood my point that I do not wish to discuss that person here. Indeed, I never have done!!
    For now,

  13. Sorry old bean, it was Yorkshire puddings I was discussing actually, and lard is the recipe, hot spitting fat before you pour the batter in! I dont make them now, I dont make anything that you cant shove directly into the oven from frozen! And then I manage to burn it half the time!
    ps I still havent figured out that dickipoggy facebook, I dont know who is who or what goes where!

  14. Rob,
    I was going to email you, but as I’m here . . .!
    Please phone me and thank you for inviting me as a friend on Facebook.
    Speak soon,

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