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Should Have Asked Her First . . . !

I wasn’t going to write a Blog today but just enjoy doing nothing for a change.

Let me apolgise at the onset though if anyone has been having any technical problems on the Blog. Its really my fault for pasting up my piece “The True Nature od Conscious” from my 98 computer. Somehow, it messed some codes up but it will all be sorted out. My piece, incidentally, I have now posted on The Highgate Vampire Society (THVS) group on Facebook so if anybody wants to read it, they will just have to go there!

K was not very pleased with me and said I should have asked her first. Still, I’ve now been forgiven! As I said (I think!) I gave a live 2-hour radio interview on Friday. They are 5 hours behind so this meant I had to be ready to do it at 4am Saturday morning. Needless to say, I missed a complete night’s sleep. Still, I slept OK last night, so not complaining. Especially as I sold quite a few books as a result of it – 11 orders to be precise. Problem is, many of them came from Canada and the book postage is £4. 47 to Canada and the US. Its not so bad because there’re all direct orders so I save 35% by not having to go through a distributor. But they’ve still all got to be addressed and packaged up. So I’ll do that tonight and get it over with.

Talking of books, Flossie very kindly sent me that book “The Dead Travel Fast” over from America. Thanks again Flossie. Its by Eric Nuzum and (naturally!) mentions myself and the ‘vampire’ case. I’m sometimes surprised at just how much my name is getting around. And I can’t help wondering just how much other stuff there is in circulation that I have not even seen yet! Though one thing’s for sure: its sure helping my book sales. In a way, its far better being talked about in a book (well, sometimes!) than in newspapers or magazines. The latter tend to get thrown away or discarded while books are kept and passed around.

Well the Summer (Spring rather) has finally arrived. Its actually pleasant to go walking around. I try to avoid the weekends though as so may people know me locally now (well, nationally too I suppose) that I keep being hailed in the street. Not so bad in the week when most people are at work so I tend to go out more then when possible. So, on that I will leave you everyone. Enjoy the day and the welcomed sunshine.

For the moment, David


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  1. You are quite welcome David! The “Miss Cleo in a bishop suit” was the most clever thing I’ve read in a while. LOL!

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