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The Potential Of Tiny Feet?

The article below appeared in Richard Ingram’s magazine “The Oldie”, on March 8th  this year, and was written and researched by journalist and author Duncan Campbell.

Duncan is revisiting the infamous Highgate Vampire case that occurred in the 1960s/1970s, and reviews my own autobiographical book “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” which was published last year. His article is really self-explanatory, and perhaps gives a greater insight into events as these actually occurred – rather than just relying on sensational newspaper reports from the time which alleged – or suggested – that a local ghost reported in and around London’s Highgate Cemetery could in fact be a blood-sucking vampire (this was certainly alleged by a few others trying to cash in on this paranormal case at the time).

Personally speaking (really regarding other matters) both Della and myself have been kept a little busy of late, so not really much time now for other latest news or developments. But we’ll be back in touch soon in this respect, so please don’t worry!

For example, there will soon be a small addition to the Farrant family, and this has been requiring a lot of preparation in order to curtail the wandering potential of tiny feet on account of living at the top of a Victorian townhouse. All of this has to be worked out, so we have had to be rather immersed in ‘real life’ lately, in all its down to earth glory and have had little time for ‘cyber gossip mongering’ and all its tawdy, banal Emmerdale-esque predictable scripts.

Just as another quick example, I have very recently been given exclusive permission and copyright to republish a film made in 2002 about the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. Am not sure if I will republish it yet, however if I decided to it would certainly be the uncensored version and not the copy I was recently inspired out of the kindness of my heart to donate to charitable causes in the north of England, who need all the help they can get. Anyone working for a legitimate cause does have our immediate sympathy; even if such causes are limited to keeping the Greenbelt free from potential pollution! I am still deciding about this matter as I have far more important domestic matters to attend to at the moment.

Hope you enjoy Duncan’s article,

For the moment,



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