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Wish Me Luck!

Well wish me luck with the Talk tomorrow everyone; its going to be a long day – rather afternoon and evening to be precise.

Anyway, thought I’d do a quick Blog as I really won’t much chance tomorrow or Friday. Having said that, I really can’t think of much to say tonight, so how do you write a Blog without being just plain boring? There is one way I suppose, so here goes (and remember I’m taking a great ‘risk’ here with that Cat reading this!).

I was speaking to the guy earlier (one of the Talk organisers) and he reminded me I should really play up the ‘sex angle’ as bits of my current book referred to. I said I really didn’t want to go along that avenue too much, but I could – or would – answer questions about anything that I had written. And I will!

What worries me is where this could possibly lead. I mean they’re not older people – they’re all University students, for God’s sake! I suppose one consolation is that ‘Cat’ won’t be there, being curled up in his basket in heaven – but even then, he manages to cause trouble (well, more embarrassment than trouble) if he spots anything published on Earth! It is being filmed by the way, so the possibilities of this are more than likely! (You only have to look at what his evil ‘Cat brain’ did with that ‘hot water bottle fetish’ thing if you don’t believe me!)

Anyway, although I empathised that I didn’t want to play on all the perceived ‘sordid bits’ too much, it seems that that’s what they’re expecting. I can’t really object in any event as they are selling my new book there.

I just got a telephone call from my friend D in Yorkshire. Thanking me for inviting him onto Twitter. I had to explain that I really hadn’t as such; my friend K had opened an account for me and just invited everyone at once! So I’ll have to figure out how to use “Twitter” now. But I’m not even going to attempt it at the moment with this Talk scheduled for tomorrow.

Its ‘relaxation time’ tonight.. Glass of wine or two will do me, then its just a question of getting a fairly early night. So that’s it for now. Although I will still answer any comments that come in.

For the moment,


12 responses

  1. Oh stop complaining about the long day’s labors, you old Jack Tar, you’ll just have to put in your hours like the rest of us ordinary working stiffs. The university students should be a pushover. Next time let me know in advance and I’ll write you some saucy “one line” jokes you can put on index cards. You’ll be a regular Ronnie Barker. So brighten up. I’m sure at least one young miss in the audience will swoon in your direction.

  2. What’s with this picture, David? Does “Bonky” own the copyright on this? What was going on there? – It looks like you’ve had about 15 drinks at a pub, or are “auditioning” for an east end musical, or both!

    1. That was just one of the many pictures Bonky took of myself Cat in early 1970. He said (then) he wanted them for a book he was planning on myself.
      I believe he used a couple of these at a later date, but completely out of context from their original meaning!
      So that’s how they’ve turned up on his self-originatd site!

  3. Hi David, yes I will certainly read your blog, although I’m not around as much as I used to be!

  4. David, I hope you don’t fall for those kinds wanting dickipoggy revelations, I would not trust them doing something like that. Hope it went well anyway,
    tata barbara

  5. looks like the old pervert has drpped himself in it this time on netcurtains.
    what a weirdo.
    i’m not suprised he got beaten up by dianas husband now.
    what was the full story there david?
    was he shagging diana or something?
    i get the feeling he was, never mind all this he saw her as a sister bollocks.

  6. I heard Mr Darcy pushed him down the stairs for compromising the lady’s honour. Then the poor woman got cancer of the throat which you wouldnt wish on anyone and died on her own, though she was on the phone–could she actually speak at that stage? Needless to say the Archbishop of Net Curtains made a fuss afterwards and “presided” over her funeral–whatever that means, but he made no – where as much fuss as he did over the other ” Divine Saint Diana!” who at the end of the day indulged in plenty of dickipoggy, not that I care, but the Bish reckons not to hold with fornication and that sort of goings on , and said she was a floosie before the accident- Then expects us to believe she came to HIM who she didn’t even know existed, in a vision!
    Honestly does he think we were all born yesterday!

  7. That photo is odd, over Farrant’s right facing shoulder you can barely make out an angled window, similar to a van’s windscreen. The blacked-out portions seem to be an attempt to disguise a street sidewalk.
    David where was this photo taken?

    1. It was taken by Bonky, Cat, in late 1969/early 1970 and is of the path leading frm the top gate in Highgate Cemetery. In fact, the ground was covered in snow which might explain all the ‘blacking out’.
      Anyway, the photo was taken by the bonky one who was with Tony Hill when it was taken.
      Talk went well . . . see Blog. (And no snide remarks from you please!).
      For now

  8. Barbara: I also heard that the Archbishop of the Net Curtains presided over that lady’s funeral, but I suspect that he may have irritated some of her intimates by his High Church ceremony. You see, she was a member of an all women’s coven, who had their own version of the ‘Great Rite’, which involved an unusual way of eating chocolate! Now that would have been an interesting way to celebrate her last rites!
    Gareth J. Medway

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