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Sleep – Sort Of!

Saturday again. Much warmer now; at least, compared to earlier in the week.

Thought I’d just do a ‘normal’ post for a change (that is, if any of my posts can be considered ‘normal’!) before I sorted out any more ‘ghost cases’. But I’ll keep this fairly short as I’m little tired. I went to sleep in the chair last night and only got about three hours sleep. Woke up about 3am and been up since. Don’t really want to try and sleep this afternoon as Gareth is coming tonight about 6.30 and we’ve got a lot more work to do. But we’ve got some wine as well, so not so bad.

I almost forgot, I’m expecting a couple of people tomorrow night as well, so I really must try and get a good night’s sleep afterwards. But I certainly think I’ll miss writing anything tomorrow. Well, that should please a few people as its Sunday!

Notification from the Court this morning about my action I have pending against the owners where I live. I am trying to enforce them to do basic repairs here, as its not very nice when I have visitors for them to see just bare walls in the hallway and no stair carpeting. Been like that for over 4 years now; a subtle ‘hint’ to get everybody to leave. Property developers, you see, and the prime objective is to have the house empty then re-sell it at a huge profit. Problem is (for them anyway), nobody intends leaving and nobody can be evicted because all the rents are fully paid! They will be compelled to do the work eventually (hence my Civil action) but it just seems to drag on and on. Still, I can’t discuss that here really other than just state the basics. Apart from which, the subject is really pretty boring!

Anyway, most of my visitors are used to it now, and all have been very sympathetic and understanding.

Well, all the books are progressing well within our set schedule. I might be actually be actually doing most of the writing (forgot to mention, Gareth has agreed to do an introduction for one of them; I think there are a few things he wants to say!), but other people are helping in other essential ways. I will obviously keep everybody well updated here, as it saves numerous emails!

Apart from that, there is nothing much else at the moment. Got to tidy up a little with people due, and come to that, I’ve just remembered, I haven’t even shaved yet!

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David,
    Good luck with the Court outcome. I am fed up with hearing about greedy people getting away with making others’ lives a misery.

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