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Not A ‘Party Person’

Well, its nearly Christmas again, and not exactly my favourite time of the year. Its not that I’m against its true meaning; just all the commercialism attached to it nowadays. Everybody seems set on making a huge profit.

And people giving presents think they are really only obliged to do so once a year. Why is this, I wonder? Why can people not give to each other all year round? Why reserve this obligation for ‘peace and love’ for only just one day in the year? I would have thought that really ‘loving thy neighbour’ extended far beyond this? Maybe this is just me. But then again, maybe its not!

In some ways it all seems so calculating: ‘calculating’ in that it is more geared towards pleasure and human enjoyment; a time when people tend to ‘bask’ only in the pleasures on offer in the material world.

It is also a very cruel time as well, surely? What about all the poor birds we kill to just enjoy their flesh. We may not have to ‘kill’ them personally but we are surely a party to the deed. I think there is something almost callous in that. Even the crackers are filled with a mild form of explosive, and the cheap objects they yield would almost shame many of the adults who join in ‘pulling’ them!

Just not my time of the year, really. But then, I have never really been a ‘party person’!

Back to other matters. Tomorrow I will be giving basic details of the book on the Highgate ‘vampire’ I recently mentioned. (Not mine, this one). It would have probably made a good Christmas present for some. But never mind, if you are so inclined, you only have 12 months to wait and you could give it next year!

No other news really; at least, nothing really relevant for here! Everything will only still get quieter now until after Christmas. But don’t despair; things will certainly liven up next year! There are a few things still to be held to account. And don’t worry, they certainly will be!

For now,


4 Responses

  1. Not a party person? A new video has you and Bonkers off to the USA living the urban criminal life. Not very posh but strange indeed. The girl in it looks like an oddly tarted up version of, erm, never mind. Can’t say I blame you for acting the cad. Oh and who knew you played guitar? Miaow.

  2. Dear David
    I share your sentiments toward Christmas. I dread this time of year. You said:
    “Why reserve this obligation for ‘peace and love’ for only just one day in the year?”
    That is an important question, I suspect that for many Christmas has very little to do with peace and love, it is a ‘celebration’ driven by large retailers. People seem very stressed everyone rushing about trying to buy all this stuff. Is Christmas day just like any other day for you? You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, but doesn’t Christmas pre-date the allegedly Christian festival, wasn’t there a pagan mid-winter festival? I wondered if the true spirit of Christmas i.e. peace and love toward our fellows, had it’s origins in a pagan idea?
    Regards Matt

  3. Thanks Matt,
    Hope I didn’t come across as being too ‘prudish’. Christmas might be great for the kids, I was just trying to go a little deeper into its real meaning.
    Tomorrow is indeed December 21 – The Winter Solstice. This is obviously a time when the darkness reaches its peak, and from then on, all the days get lighter. In old religions, this was one reason why this date was so important. It signified the beginning of a new cycle – or year – when things would once again start from the beginning of the old cycle.
    In ancient religions, this was celebrated in different forms; but invariably portrayed symbolically by ever-green plants such as ivy and holly. This symbolism meaning mainly that life was eternal and seasons never really changed.
    Throughout my many years in Wicca, I indeed came to see the real significance of this. That the actual manifestation of physical things (as we perceive them) is really unchanging; and not dependent upon human conceptions of them.
    That was a long time ago, admittedly, but I have always retained that understanding.
    Christmas does indeed date back a long time – much longer than 2000 years ago or so.

  4. Hello David,
    I don’t care for Xmas for a different reason – an alcoholic brother. It becomes more acceptable for people to get ‘off their faces’ with drink at this time of year, and it makes the season even more stressful for our family. Not that he needs an excuse, but his getting drunk and disorderly is somehow ‘in keeping’ with the rest of the population.
    No, I don’t eat turkey, I can’t stand it. Yuck!

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