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The Aliens Are Back

Well, I wasn’t going to bother with a Blog today, just a little tired after being awake for a long time. But I will – only it won’t be a long one.

Now, before I forget; the name of the book that has the chapter on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case is “Weird England”, and its by Matt Lake. Yes. I am mentioned, of course, and the official BPOS investigation into that case.

Got a packet of letters this morning. All these ‘go slow’s’, then they all come at once. Very interesting envelope with some draught ideas for the new comic. Some really are hilarious! The same old characters are there, up to all sorts of things. Bonkers is his usual nasty self, while ‘Mrs Bonkers’ tries her hand at playing the latest ‘vampire’. The aliens decide to dissect their captive from planet Earth by use of a new Intergalactic X ray machine but get a bit a bit worried when this can’t detect any heart. Is it a malfunction? Or could it be that the meta-structure of ‘earthlings’ is just not compatible with their advanced machinery? You’ll just have to wait and see. ‘Cousin Hoggy’ is back scheming again, only this time; ends up in an Intergalactic bacon factory ready for slicing. Will he end up in the bacon slicer? Again, you’ll have to wait and see. But don’t worry, the aliens are back!

The whole thing will be in black and white this time, but fear not, to compensate it will have a lot more than the original with 24 colour pages!

What else? Well I see the You Tube presentations are going well and I understand that some more new material is likely there as well. Its all getting a bit much to keep up with! Me? I just intend to have a peaceful night. Might have some of my Christmas whiskey later (present from a friend).

So, forgive the somewhat uninformative post. Try and post tomorrow. Not sure yet though because, after all, it is Sunday!

For now,


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  1. Yes it appears that some people are born without a sense of humour.
    I saw the BBFC wound up a certain party by saying that you sent instructions out to your evil cabal via a magical owl, as in the Harry Potter novels.
    Problem is, I think the old fellow actually believed it was true!

  2. Yes Cat, that fan club on You Tube sure seem to be having some fun.
    Makes for some light entertainment at least! Its a refreshing change to see people laughing at ‘vampires’ rather than try and convince people that they exist!
    For now,

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