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A Red Letter Day

Interesting letter in the post this morning; still, I’ll come to that in a minute.

First, I’m glad people liked the new banner for the Blog (including dear old Craig who is only usually interested in enticing me into ‘scandal’!). Actually I must confess, I could not have done this myself (I only write!) and had a great deal of help with this. You probably all know now that I have a team of people helping me to run my main website and forum board (and this Blog for that matter), and one of them has been especially sympathetic; even to the extent about offering advice about what to say – rather what not to say – about my future plans, projects and publications.

One of these people is actually very dear to me, and it was herself who spent quite a few hours creating the new banner. She told me it was not an easy job as the original photograph (which we have full permission to use, please note) had to be sized and re-sized then ‘stretched’ etc. before it would fit correctly on the main page. But she’s done it and (as I believe Craig pointed out) it is not as drab as the old ‘red on black’. Thank you K; from the bottom of ‘my cold witches heart’, as many people like to think!

I notice that the Bishop Bonkers Fan Club video clips are all going well on You Tube; just wait until you see the new comic though, that really will be very funny and ‘thought provoking’. However, it’s such a shame that the ‘Real Vampires’ clip was removed as ‘somebody’ didn’t think it was quite as hilarious as the rest of us did. Incidentally, this same ‘somebody’ objected to the Bishop Bonkers Fan Club video called “Together” which was also deleted. I found this video so funny, that I shall include it on my next DVD release.

And now to that letter:
It concerns one thing that I chose not to discuss on the Blog for ’privacy reasons’ and because it could have affected other people. I should add, perhaps, that I have never ‘exposed’ other people on this which is totally against my policy of writing here. (My main philosophy has always been that ’negativity’ always inevitably returns to its source so doesn’t need any help from myself). The letter itself was from my local police (on behalf of the CPS) and followed a complaint by two ’purporting Christians’ (aided by one other of this self-styled ilk) to the effect that my books and writings on religion were incompatible with their own beliefs, and that I was enticing some form of “religious hatred”… basically, they were trying to stitch me up, as has been attempted in the past.

That is really it in a nutshell, but I’m sure those of you who have followed this soap opera of a ‘drama’ will be more than aware of the blog battles that have followed me for quite some time. Against their will, the police had been forced into investigating this person’s complaint because she had written to the Commissioner of Police as a part of her campaign of harassment against myself. They really had no choice in the matter but to follow procedure (which was quite against their will as was made quite plain to me).

In accordance with normal procedure, and in accordance with normal routine, this matter had to referred to the CPS to see if there was any case to answer. It was referred back to my local police with the simple answer ’no’, hence the reason for my letter. In other words, there was no case to answer (like that was a suprise!). The letter concluded with the lines . . . “Your two computers, 2 digital cameras and 7 media disks have now been returned from analysis and are ready to be picked up. Please call the office to make arrangements”. It was signed by the officer who the case had been assigned to.

As a matter of interest I do not intend to ’pick anything up’. These items were taken only as a result of false information given out of spite (yes, ’hell hath no fury’ etc), and I shall be expecting them to be re-delivered. The person responsible? Well, that doesn’t really matter here. That is really between her conscience and ‘God’. Certainly I don’t think any help will be forthcoming in the latter direction; or indeed from her Church for acting way beyond their jurisdiction.

I will not extend on the matter further here. Just to bring everyone up to date with the true facts as this concerns myself directly.

In roughly 40 years, many people have been quick to point the finger or accuse me of crimes that I have not committed. When these charges have been dropped, they have seldom made page 16 let alone garnered an apology, so I take great comfort and can say quite smugly that once again, I have been found innocent or ‘not guilty’ of a childish and rather spiteful allegation.

Now if only certain people would put as much energy into reporting this truth, than making up more lies, then perhaps they wouldn’t make themselves look as stupid.

Initially, this blog entry, was called “Quite A Boring Day”, but, on reflection, and after a lengthy phone conversation, the name has been changed to reflect the mood! Quite simply, it really has been “A Red Letter Day”!

So join me and raise a glass to ‘The Witches of Eastwick’…and their old friend, Bishop Van Helsing!

For the moment,


4 responses

  1. For “Ian”.
    You almost got me there, but having double checked your IP, I distinctly remember warning you back in August NOT to impersonate other people, or face being banned.
    Both of your comments have been deleted.

  2. Sorry to hear about the hassle Mr Farrant,
    I does seem sometimes that all some folk want to do is spew negativity into the world; and scandal and twisted half truths etc is unfortunately what fuels much of the media. Well…sod’em that’s what I say. I don’t even read papers these days they seem so full of nonsense.
    On a lighter note having taken the time to read a few of your books now (just bought Shadows in the Night today), I think you’re pretty cool. Don’t worry about what those wierdos say.
    Anyway I wish there was some more interesting or intellectual way I could have contributed to todays blog but there you go. Just thought I’d say what I thought.
    Best regards,

  3. Thanks Harry,
    But less of the ‘Mr. Farrant’, if you don’t mind p – its just ‘David’!
    Please don’t worry about ‘intellectual replies’ here. That really doesn’t matter; I just want people to say and post what they think.
    Thanks also for your observations about ‘all the hassle’. I’ve been subjected to enough of this in the past 3 or 4 months, but I’ve always tried to keep it off here.
    This basically originated elsewhere, but a few people picked up on it and I had to answer their questions. Admittedly, most people thought it was just plain funny; but the allegations really brought their own repercussions.
    These things always have a habit of doing this, but as I didn’t instigate it in the first place, I guess I can see the funny side of it!
    Anyway, that’s all been settled now (and the people concerned have been spoken to), so maybe – just maybe – that will persuade them to go back and practice true Christianity instead! Well, we can only hope!
    Thanks for the info. On Knebworth House. I really must look into that case further. Probably leave it until Spring now though for a visit to the area again.
    Thanks again Harry,
    For now,

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