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A Slight Pain!

I almost cancelled a doctor’s appointment earlier because I just couldn’t face the penetrating cold.

But I went but it was a relief to get onto a warm bus. And it was nice and warm inside too so I didn’t mind waiting a bit. Nothing serious you’ll all be pleased to hear (with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions!) just an embedded splinter I got from a slight fall in the kitchen.  I got one out but there was another one there and because it was on my head, I couldn’t really see what I was doing!  She didn’t mention smoking this time (maybe felt a little sorry for me!), but I know its up there on the screen. Small operation; a complete success.  Who said witches never need doctors?!

It was nice to get back indoors anyway. I brought a kebab back with me as passing the shop made me suddenly feel hungry. Actually, I nearly didn’t but I realised that I hadn’t eaten for over two days so I made myself buy one. Strange thing food. I’m just one of those people who can’t eat if I don’t feel hungry. It never really affects me at all, and certainly never applies to the beer! In fact, it’s the opposite. I think I learned about the relative unimportance of food back in the 1960’s. That is, to only eat when the body tells you to and never out of habit. I certainly put this into prolonged practice in 1976. In fact this training sustained me for over seven weeks without a thing to eat with no effects whatsoever except weight loss.

Anyway, enough of this about health! It’s a subject that’s never really bothered me.

Apart from the usual book orders, I got one interesting letter this morning. From a male for a change!). Some guy said he was researching a project on anthropology, and was very interested in my views that Wicca was part of an ancient Knowledge System that predated early Christianity by many thousands of years. He’d come across an article I’d written called “Wicca – the Lost Age” and wanted to interview me about it. I shall tell him I’ll have to think about it It is true that I’m no longer involved in Wicca; but then that article was first written in 1973. And I still hold to the view that this is in fact the case. My non-involvement for over 25 years in this respect does not affect the historical view I have always put forward.

But I am aware that it is a touchy subject. When I was writing a couple of years ago on “Pentacle’s” Forum, it certainly ‘ruffled a few feathers’!  I seem to have a habit of doing that.  Its not deliberate and quite frankly I don’t care whether people believe me or not. Well, some of you may recall what happened on James Randi!

Anyway, regarding the proposal, I will just have to think about it.  We’ll see.
For the moment,


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  1. hi david
    looks like the witches of eastwick have finally sodded off or face the wrath of their priest.
    i doubt they’l be quiet for long considering how ego driven and fame starved they are.
    maybe they’ll live on in one of BBFC’S videos! lol
    i hope so anyway.
    good riddance to the spiteful old bags.
    r u still mates with ur woccan friends by the way? do u still ever see any of them?

  2. i doubt they’ll shut up for long.
    so predictable and easy to read its funny.
    anyway on to bigger and better things mate

  3. “The Witches of Eastwick”
    It certainly comes as no surprise Craig. I could have got the whole thing deleted long ago but I deliberately left it as it stands as a testimony to the real nature of the people who created it. Full of hatred and sheer bitterness is probably the best way to describe it. Not one word of love from the hearts of the people concerned, just reams of venom! Sheer unadulterated spite at the expense of others who have done them no harm whatsoever.
    Left to their own devices, such people would be taken little notice of. But the difference here is, they have joined the very evil they once so freely condemned.
    As I said not so long ago, if you ‘sup with the devil’, expect to be given poisonous food.
    The tragedy is that, KNOWING the food was poisoned, they still chose to eat it!
    But (and as you have noticed), the whole wretched thing has faded back into the darkness where it most truly belongs.

  4. I fear you are right, Craig. The postings are hardly likely to cease, even though they may have been suppressed for the time being. But let them emerge where they will. I have no problem with that. The people who might make such postings, really only ‘dig themselves deeper’ into a grave of their own vindictiveness! It encourages others to ’join in’ and speculate on salacious allegations being made by themselves in the first instance. If only they realised this; that is so obvious for everyone to see.
    Anyway, I’d rather leave that subject here. As I said some while ago, I really don’t want other Internet allegations to ‘spill over’ onto here. This is (at least I hope), such a peaceful Blog, and I just do not want to entertain any vindictive allegations just because some people might choose to have misinterpreted what I say.
    Re-reading your last post, I realise I might have not answered the last part of your question.
    You asked me if I ‘still met witches’ – or something to that effect.
    Craig, I never break contact with people; whatever their beliefs or religion. I know people of so many varying religious denominations, whether Christians, Wiccans or people who hold beliefs in other mystical Sects.
    The answer to that is ‘yes’. I meet many people, but I do not differentiate between anyone. As long as they are genuine in their beliefs (‘genuine’ perhaps being the operative word here), I try and not judge anybody.
    It would appear that some other people do. But I don’t.
    I even entertained some Jehovah’s Witnesses not so long ago but while I didn’t agree with what they were saying, I nevertheless made them welcome.
    Why? That’s just me. I try and see through the ‘religious indoctrination’ and just treat people as I find them – if that makes sense.
    Anyway, I’d prefer to leave the subject of the “Witches of Eastwick” if you don’t mind (as you so subtlety put it!).

  5. Ah the new banner on this page looks as if you are leaning on the Christian cross either saying “Look! Me and Christianity are mates” or “Aha! I am victorious over the barmy religious wankers!”. I haven’t decided which one it is yet. Miaow.

  6. Glad you liked the new banner, Cat.
    Actually, I didn’t do it (well, couldn’t have done it anyway!), but a very dear friend of mine did, and considering she fitted this in with the Christmas period, I am more than grateful. I very much doubt she would have even considered this if she thought I was ‘anti-Christian’. No, it was just a picture requested by the Press, which I know she is aware of.
    So sorry, you mangy moggy! Nothing to really read into that!

  7. Hello David,
    Yes, it is always good to keep the ones with whom we have made our journeys, at least in our midst, if not keeping in regular touch with them. I too, have entertained those who see thigns differently from myself, namely a couple of Mormon chaps. They were Americans and they came round a couple of times; the conversation soon drifted away from ‘Mormonism’ to the delights of the United States and its people. I was very interested in their stories of their homeland, and I even got to speak to Donny Osmond’s son on the ‘phone. (Quite by accident it was!)
    So yes, we can learn a great deal from those who hold different views to ourselves.

  8. hi david
    that real vampires vdo got deleted.
    poor old bonkers must have grassed sherbetbizarre up and got it removed.
    i saw those silentnight or whatever name posts and its probably the same bloke.
    he was posting on amazon uk as veritas and mentioned the nazi segment being cut out of some wagner dvd. i told him i sussed him out in an email and he promptly removed it but not before i saved the page as a complete html file and took a screen cap.
    so easy and too predictable.
    let me know if u want a copy or just ask C as i mailed it to him ages ago.
    p.s i like the new banner. looks a lot better than the old red on black.

  9. Dear David
    I have seen the ‘real’ vampires excerpt, I think it is the same one that Craig mentioned. Watching it at the end of a bad day cheered me up no end. I nearly choked on my tea when I heard the bit about mobile phones.
    Regards Matt

  10. Miaow, Craig.
    I think bonky finally realised that the Discovery Channel video of him poncing about in a graveyard and prattling about staking vampires showed him as a right nutter!

  11. he never addressed himself by his real name to me either just as an alias.
    as if anyone would be stupid enough to fall for it.
    the thing i found funny was that this dennis bloke had so many details at his fingertips that he was either the real bonkers or a sad stalker with no life of his own!!
    look forward to the new blog.
    i’ve got more time at the moment as work is a doss at the moment.

  12. Yes, Craig, it is certainly the same person using alias’s never having the courage to use his own name – even on things relating directly to him.
    Well, I may be a lot of things (at least according to some people!) but at least I always use my own name and people always know that its me.
    Shame about the video though – a ‘comedy classic’ if ever there was one!
    I’ll come back to your other point when I write my main Blog later.
    Thanks Craig. And stay around.

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