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That Divine Gift Of Life

So where are we now . . . July 13th. And its two and a half hours into a Sunday, would you believe!

Not my most favourite day of the week, but at least its normally peaceful! No excuse for not writing. Which reminds me Matt, I REALLY will answer your query about the “Wicca Workers’ Party” next time. There’s no evasion here, believe me: I’ve just been so over-run with other matters. If its not one thing, its another at the moment. Mostly ‘physical distractions’ which have prevented the usual quick responses. (Well, lets face it, I usually respond quite quickly normally, so don’t need many apologies there!). K. might dispute that a little; but if I listened to her, I’d be writing 24 hours a day. (No offence sweetheart!).

No. Things have really been a little ‘disruptive’ lately. I don’t want to go on about it – and I won’t – but I am working – or trying to work – under appalling conditions at the moment. The kitchen has been cleared out and the mice have really gone. But so has my gas and electricity in there (and water and sink) which makes life a little difficult.

Well I guess it’s the usual day of rest and worship (for a few people). Some just take it easy; a few others might attend Church to ‘satisfy their souls’ to curse their enemies in the process! Well, this really happens believe it or not. Not usually by the priests or chaplains who remain genuinely good people, but by some who take refuge under their roofs’ to expand their worship from its given purpose into pleading God to grant their personal wishes, often – or usually – at the expense of other people.

Anyway, that is why I have always avoided places where people assemble together to ‘worship God’. I can do this simply in my own way without any scriptures to help me. Its only really a question of being in tune with the Greater – then the ‘lesser’ (personal human wants and desires) simply disappear. To come into contact with Divine consciousness (not imaginary contact but REAL contact, is really a marvelous thing) and this can be done anywhere, and not just inside churches. God gave us all the gift of life. How can we know that? Quite simply because we are all alive. Indeed, without that Divine gift, none of us would be here . . .



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  1. Dear David
    Don’t worry about the Wicca Workers Party! I know when you are settled you will reply to my question. What with no gas or water or electricity I think you have quite enough to contend with. As I said before, I really hope all your building work gets sorted out. Can you even make a cup of tea? I’d couldn’t cope without tea!
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt,
    I have no gas and water in my flat at the moment, just electricity. I have access to an empty room downstairs but that’s limited.
    I still intend to put that reply up in my next Blog about the WWP. I am glad you asked about that in a way because so many ‘election lies’ were being told about it (and still ARE being told by a certain individual). So I welcome the opportunity to say a little about it, even if it was back in 1978.
    One advantage about all this work is that I’ve uncovered – or ‘re-found’ – many stored things. Among these was an old election flyer setting out the basic manifesto, and I certainly intend to recopy those for you (well, for everybody).
    Thanks again for your concern Matt but as I keep saying, all my writing is on course and goes ahead.
    The books will both be ready before long and advance copies will be sent out before it actually hits the shops or the Internet. The books have already been ‘reserved’ by a great number of people (including yourself) so the interest is really quite phenomanal!
    All hell will probably break loose when one of the books hits the public. I know all authors probably like to say this but . . . it will be big time! It will ‘blow the lid off’ all the deceiptful and most Unchristian lies that were being spread around last year, not only about my involvement in Wicca (past involvement I should say) but about other people.
    So yes; its a little uncomfortable to work in, but nothing is going to deter the truth from being told!
    Gareth was here last night and he helped with some more typing so this considerably helped.
    Anyway, its getting on for 7 and I need some more cigarettes and a couple of cans of beer. So I’d better venture out. Thank God its summer!
    For the moment,

  3. hi David–what with your book ‘ blowing the lid off ‘ and mine likely to do so, looks like being lots of fun ahead. it might end up another double whammy for me–like the recent press coverage!
    If I ever visit your pent house again, I expect it to be a little palace–and no one can say you are living in a ‘DINGY BED SIT’ again. Well,—- I was liiving in a house that had a upstairs and a downstairs no less, full of satanic candles, cat hairs and big black pentagrams BUT l at least I don’t have nasty net curtains!

  4. You’re more than welcome to visit my penthouse again, Barbara. But not at the moment! Its not finished yet.
    Yes, the recent Press coverage up there was certainly something.
    I might well be coming up to Halifax again soon with Gareth on other business. Some ‘ghost cases’ in the area still have to be recorded further; might even make another trip to Robin Hood’s grave also.
    Well mght as well as we’re in the area!
    Might even be this year, who knows!? The winter is certainly out so it would have to be before that sets in.
    Got your new book, thanks. Gareth is looking forward to reading it as well.
    For now,

  5. Let me know if you need any local info. Of course I don’t actually do any paranaormal research in itself, but I have a lot of local info on the folk tales of yorkshire board. That Ghostmisttress woman and her husband are still around as far as I know and needless to say I still keep up to date with Robin’s GRAVE–Hmmm,we could eb out of the frying pan into the fire there. You would think it was simple enough to pass your property onto your family wouldnt you–when there is only one of them.
    Gareth’s hair (JOKE!) will probably stand on end when he sees those errors. Evelyn is doing another proof read for when the contract ends and I can re-print, they were not mine, I know how to punctuate, true an odd spelling, typing error and something that didnt make sense might have slipped through my glance but that is why I got it proof read. I know the difference in practise/practice to mention but one. I can’t understand it why there are so many mistakes!even if I had made these mistakes the proof reader should have weeded them out ! Thankfully much of my readership aren’t so sharp on the uptake over these things–I don’t mean theya re dunces, but the content has distracted them from noticing–But it is very dickipoggy,–like most things in my life seem to end up !
    ps I shall send you a present for your new flat–wait and see!

  6. -“ps I shall send you a present for your new flat –wait and see!”
    1 rather used shaving brush?

  7. Where have you been you mangy old moggie!?
    Here was I just about to go to bed at 5. 12 and having one quick check. And what do I see? The return of the blasted Cat going on about ‘shaving brushes’!
    Is there no peace for the wicked?!
    For your information my new flat (or ‘new old flat’ to be precise) is being specially designed to accomodate ‘weary travellers’ who might wish to visit me. I am installing a waterbed next door and a Persian carpet, so if there’s too many visitors, they can easily sleep on the floor.
    This will all cost money, of course, but then ‘us witches’ don’t really care about that!
    Nice to see you back again (I suppose!) but please try and behave yourself!

  8. Thanks David–the shaving brush joke always seems rather corny to me– the “plot” being based on Gareth leaving his shaving brush on my bathroom shelf when he stayed over with several other friends of mine for my 60th, held in Halifax. When everyone had gone home and I was tidying up I threw it away among with other “junk” I didnt even know it was his but found out later it was a “SPECIAL” shaving brush, either antique or with”sentimental value”.
    Well I am already splitting my sides, this is so so funny, according to a load of kid s and a cat who turned it into a major drama.( or soap opera!) with the shaving brush wandering all over my house and getting up to all kinds of unsavoury things–shows some peoples minds thats all I can say.Several sub-plots were added in the process, but I think there was the other dickipoggy going on then so maybe it was a guesture of loyalty I guess. Hope we’re now even!
    I was thinking of sending you a feather duster David but it might be construed by the mess media as being put to sinister usage.
    tata barbara

  9. – “I am installing a waterbed next door and a Persian carpet,”
    Add some red lamps and you have a knocking shop!

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