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Lady In Black (Bruce Castle Museum)

I shall be including this ghost legend in the 3rd edition of Dark Journey at the end of next year.

(Yes, some two years off but I have far too much else to do before then!). We in fact, obtained permission to spend a night in the grounds with the necessary equipment but, for some reason or another (probably the cold that year), this vigil never came off. However, I hope by the time the chapter is published it will have taken place; even offer results that might make interesting reading . . .



Bruce Castle Museum, in Tottenham, is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a ‘lady in black’ who jumps from an upper balcony window into the courtyard below. According to legend, the ghost is that of Lady Constance Coleraine who was virtually imprisoned by her unfaithful husband in an upstairs room in the museum (originally a 16th century Manor house) but who eventually committed suicide in a desperate bid to escape.

Her ghost has been reported for many years; usually around full moon but said to be a regular occurrence on November 3rd, the anniversary of her death. Reports about this phenomenon vary considerably, but usually it is seen falling to the ground accompanied by a piteous scream, or sometimes, as a melancholy figure that beckons to unsuspecting onlookers in the grounds as if to reveal some clandestine secret about her tragic death.

Despite numerous local reports about her appearances, there would seem to have been no official investigation into this phenomenon since 1949. Then, some members of the Edmonton 100 (a group that delved into London’s ancient history) kept an all-night watch in the museum in an attempt to spot the ghost. Nothing seemingly untoward occurred, although soon after midnight it was reported that an area near the ’haunted chamber’ turned ’icy cold’ and a clock missed striking the hour of one o’clock.

More recently, the black-clad figure of a woman has been reported in the grounds at twilight, although when challenged, suddenly disappeared. Lady Coleraine’s ghost may well be in evidence today if local accounts are to be believed; but in the final analysis, it must be fact not fiction – however well documented or adhered to – that must invariably prove, or disprove, its alleged authenticity.


For interest, here is the newspaper account that reported the BPOS’s proposed investigation into this case:


WEEKLY HERALD, November 29th, 1984



DABBLERS in the occult are planning a midnight vigil to try and capture the legendary ghost of Tottenham’s Bruce Castle on film. Members of the British Psychiuc and Occult Society led by its president, self-acclaimed “white witch” David Farrant, believe the spectre to be the late Lady Constance Coleraine who was imprisoned by her jealous husband and whose only escape was to commit suicide.

Last month was the anniversary of her death in 1680. Her ghost has been reported at full moon – the next is due on December 6 – and now Farrant is determined to prove once and for all the existence of the so-called ‘Lady in Black’. “This legend has been so long established, and so many people have sworn to seeing her over the years, that I can’t believe that it is a hoax. We must wait now until psychic forces the area are at their strongest and then hope for the best,” he told the Herald.

The British Psychic and Occult Society would welcome information from any interested readers having knowledge of this or any other “ghostly occurrences” in the North London area.

The Society can be contacted by writing to: BPOS, PO Box 1112, London, N10 3XE [UPDATE 2021 – this address is no longer functioning ~ Ed.]


14 responses

  1. bloody hell!
    how many locations have u investigated! lol
    i didnt know ud done so much more than highgate.
    how many in total have u investigated?

  2. Can you shed some light on this malarkey (below)?
    “On Sunday I went to visit a friend. C phoned me to say Mr H***r had turned up at her house at 7. 30 am and given her some bondage things which she had thrown away. He then said he was going back to Brighouse for breakfast and was going to mass at Brighouse Catholic Church. C agreed to meet him at the Black Bull, where he was staying, that afternoon for one hour. ”
    You needn’t print the links or the text if you like. But I’d like to know what a former secretary of yours is doing accepting “bondage things” from odd blokes at 7.30 AM. Please explain, as this Cat Brain is truly puzzled!

  3. No evasion here, Craig, I promise! The truthful answer is, that I really don’t know off-hand. It certainly runs into hundreds over the years, and many of these ‘haunted’ locations we have later returned to!
    Actually, you raise an important point . . .
    Many people immediately associate my name with only the Highgate business; but there were many cases before this, and many, many more after. There still ARE, in fact!
    The problem is (as you might have realised already), the Highgate case got slightly ‘out of hand’ because of all the unwanted publicity (which included people who actually wanted the publicity, and ‘cashed in’ on it because of this).
    Subsequently, the name ‘David Farrant’ only = ‘Highgate Vampire’, to many enlightened people.
    It is not true in reality at all. In fact the Highgate haunting all those years ago, only formed a small tip of the ice berg – or should I say the ‘supernatural iceberg’!
    For now,

  4. Not as puzzled as I am Cat!
    I have had to remove the link, until I have had time to check into the Blog (which is about Robin Hood’s grave, and related with the same cold ‘statue-like precision’ as usual!).
    I really do not know what one of my former secretaries was ‘doing in her private life’ – nor is it really any of my concern.
    If its the one I’m thinking of, she did her job properly but was released in the end because she turned her ‘loyalities’ to a ‘rival company’ and was tying to have the ‘best of both worlds’ – or ‘supping with the devil’, so to speak!
    I will look into the point mentioned by your good-self, but if this only really involved her private life, there would be little I could comment about it. Much went on that people are only just making me aware of, so please give me a little longer on this one!
    For now,

  5. Dear David
    Out of all the cases that you have investigated, which stand out to your mind as being especially interesting? Is there a place that you havn’t yet investigated that would be at the top of your list?
    It’s unfair that you havn’t been given your own TV show, if Yvette Fielding can make heaps of cash, why not you? I expect that your show would be far more enjoyable!
    Regards Matt

  6. Thanks Matt,
    Nice to see that at least somebody has some confidence in me!
    I’m quite happy though to just keep writing about my various investigations – even if these are not published. I know they are always there if I want them, and I can share these experiences with others.
    One place I’ve always wanted to spend a night in is old Pengersick Castle nr Penzance, in Cornwall. It dates back to the 13th century and is supposed to be haunted by the evil Henry de Pengersick who once lived there.
    Slight problem is, its such a long way. I have been around many haunted places in Cornwall but somehow never fitted that is.
    My friend Columbine (who I’m seeing tomorrow night), has already mentioned a trip to Cornwall and its possible we could fit that in at the same time. I’ll ask her tomorrow. If you wanted to come along, I’m sure you’d be more than welcome. But there are several arrangements still to be made. As well as the transport, we would, of course, have to get permission arranged. But its early days yet! I can let you know more later.
    Thanks again Matt,
    For now,

  7. Hi Craig,
    Yes, people forget that David is a psychic investigator, which means that he investigates many cases. The Highgate Case is but one of them.

  8. Hello David,
    Pengersick Castle will definitely be on our list of potential investigations when we get to Cornwall later this year. A team of investigators gained some great phenomena some years ago, and hopefully we will do the same.

  9. I am not sure who’s involved in the ‘bondage’ antics, since the link’s not provided, but having oddballs turn up at all hours with dubious intentions, and then arrangements being made to meet with such oddballs, makes me think that there must be some ‘right ones’ in Brighouse.
    I never realised that these types had it in them…..

  10. Yes, well, that’s enough of that here please Columbine!
    But I have to admit, I didn’t realise either!
    For now,

  11. Fair point there, Cat. I’d have to agree!
    But remember I always attract many more sane people, such as yourself!

  12. The oddball that I was referring to, is the sinister prowler who hangs around outside peoples’ houses late at night with bondage gear. As far as I know, this character hasn’t yet turned up at David’s place.

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