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Paranormal Cover

Hi everyone, just thought you might like to see the cover of Neil Arnold’s new book, Paranormal London.

It has a Foreword by myself as you can probably see (well maybe!) and there is a chapter on the Highgate ‘vampire’ inside, as well as many other interesting unexplained mysteries and ghost cases.  It is due for official release on September 1st but I believe some are available now on Amazon.

That’s all the news really, except that my new “Pact with the Devil” book is selling well and I shall be sending a copy of this to the Bishop in Leeds who is familiar with some of these events.

Volume 2 of my autobiography should be ready soon but I’ll keep you all updated about that.
Anyway, have fun all of you!

For the moment


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  1. David,
    My humblest apologies. I have just risen from my sick-bed after two weeks of virus-induced misery. I did get a copy of “PACT” though. Now that I am back to full vigour [or as near as I can get] I will pop a cheque in the post in the next couple of days. So keep an eye out for it.

  2. Glad you’re better. I always thought Scitsmen were to mean to get ill, but you live and learn!
    What did you think of the book? Well, I haven’t been arrested yet, so I guess there can’t be anything illegal in it! Anyway, I was only writing the truth: the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – that’s how the Statement was sworn into Court anyway.
    Yes. now you’re ‘up and about’, please do post something.
    For now

  3. Hi David ,Glad we talked earlier.Glad you liked my work.As i said,sometimes,WOOSH!The creative element just comes out,and sometimes you dont know whats going to turn up.Some of it is a bit harrowing,but all true.Iam very onterested in the book about the Beasts of London,which all sounds very wierd.Will talk again soon,Yours,Clarmonde.

  4. Hi David
    I see you want to have a book review. Apart from being “forgiven” in the dedication which apparently was a joke referring to the bit in the book where I got kinda swept up for want of a better explanation, into the falling ” out with the old and in with the new” menage a trois–I soon got out when I realised MR Teapot cosy was back on the cards,( though I was hardly surprised )–and being called ridiculous and childish–me, ridiculous and childish , David–mature, miserable and deadly serious is my middle name as you know–apart from that for which I forgive you, I would say it is quite accurate and at times,very entertaining.Also sad to relate what happened as it did happen and to ask the question WHY? Really what was the thing that made it change so sudden–well it was partly the Church situation, and then the Patsy excuse I think, and the time scale —2-3- years all change syndrome, you know it happened to me also with her, twice! However, you left an important element of the story out which was necessary, as I know, because it could be harmful to someone’s career and life–for which that person should be grateful, as he is aware of the situation. The certainly exposed and explained a lot of what went on particularly the injunction against tpc, which was then withdrawn after getting legal aid for it, when the wind blew in another direction. It did good work in finding out all about the church of the holy hamburger and its esteemed leader, and getting to the source of the dickipoggy.It clarified some of that for me, as it was all something which I didn’t have anything to do with, though I helped in the research over the Church stuff for ehr.
    Hope you feel bettter now it is off your chest, I gather you have sent out a few copies to relevant folks?
    tata barbara

  5. Hi David–bit of useless information–while in Asda supermarket I spotted a book that looked interesting, its about two innocent young maidens who buy a house next door to Highgate cemetary and are plaguesd by a vampire or vampires–but I simply cant remembr the title, so I WILL HAVE TO GO BACK TO SEE, BUTI would like to peruse it to see if there is any absorbing of the famous Spider-yarn, mysterious but never named European nobleman, whose tomb they went into—all that stuff Patsy found out which really showed the whole thing up to be a load of hooey
    will let you know when I get the title again, much unwilling to buy the book!
    tata barbara

  6. To deal with your last point first, Barbara, yes as well as review copies, the book has gone out to several relavant people.
    You are right that I left out all the ‘mushy stuff’ (sorry Cat!); but then my purpose in writing the book was to simply tell the facts as these really happened – and not just tell people but PROVE to them! I could have included the love affair and her claims about this, but I had no wish to hurt or embarrass other innocent people unnecessarily. After all, they have done nothing to myself other than to have been lied to by the person, which is hardly their fault.
    I was not being nasty by referring to you as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘childish’, as I was referring to the subject matter which you loaned your support to at the time. All right, I know it escalated and accusations of ‘orgies’ and ‘lost shaving brushes’ started to come into it, but I simply kept out of that and let people have their fun. Anyway, you’ve got that bloody Cat to blame for that! I was innocent!
    Anyway, the book is now out in all its religious glory!
    In the words of the Great Christian Founder, . . . “If ye know the truth, the truth shall set you free”.

  7. Well,David how did you find “my occult life”?i know it packs a big emotional punch,but dont be too shocked will you?Thats just the way i write.Cant do it any other way!It was all true.I said i would give it the works.So,whats your verdict?do you reckon people will like it?Or have i got a lot of re writing to do?

  8. It would take a lot to shock me, Claremonde – I’ve lived too deeply! I haven’t quite finished it yet, but its good. Its not pretentitious or invented, which is the main thing; I guess I just like people who can tell the truth. Once I’ve read it all, will tell you what I think.
    The next ‘techninal step’ then is to get it into type. Once that’s done, it will be far easier to get it into pages. But I’ll be talking to you over the weekend so we can discuss that then.
    I see you have met Barbara now. You’ve probably gathered already, that she’s not worried about cracked old teapots!
    Speak soon

  9. Hi David,
    I ordered your new book via Amazon on June 23rd but as yet have recieved no word from them regarding processing and dispatch. The amazon page keeps stating that they’re “temporarily out of stock!”

  10. Thanks David for your quick reply. Sorry, I had meant “Pact with the Devil.” I’ll send you a cheque and my details via your B.P.O.S. address. By the way, I’ve really enjoyed the first installment of your autobiography – and I’m now very much looking forward to the second!
    Kind regards,

  11. Thanks for that Redmond,
    Not quite sure which book you are referring to. “Pact with the Devil” or “Paranormal London”? The “Paranoemal London” book is not mine but by Neil Arnold (I only wrote a Foreword for it) and Amazon have not yet been supplied with many advanced copies of “Pact with the Devil”yet.
    Paranormal London has been listed for release on September 1st – which maybe explains your order to Amazon. “Pact with the Devil” is now available, however, and I can send you an advance copy. But you would have to give me an address for postage.
    Send it to me here in private if you want a copy (but just mark your post ‘private – not for publication’) and I can post a copy off to you in the meantime. The cost of my “Pact with th Devil” book is £6.95 (including £1 for P&P), but I would not obviously release any details of your post if its marked “Private”.
    Neil Arnold’s book you would still have to order off Amazon or bookshops as we have nothing to do with that book’s actual distribution.
    Hope this helps,
    David (Farrant)

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