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Paranormal London

Sorry to knock you down the page a bit you two  (such a lovely picture as well!) but my friend and author, Neil Arnold’s new book,  “Paranormal London”  has just been released.

I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but I’ve just copied this, so hope it comes out okay here.

Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery monster tour…step right this way for a surreal and supernatural safari through the concrete jungle.
Neil Arnold’s new book, ‘Paranormal London’ is OUT NOW. Published by The History Press, this collection of obscure, chilling and monstrous tales features a menagerie of phantom animals, from hellhounds, to ghostly cats and birds, spectral ape’s, and ethereal bears. Relive the horror of Hackney Marshes, or come and visit Mr Davy’s monster. Peer in at the London mermaid, or howl in terror at the wolf of Clapham Common.
And then we have the tales pertaining to ‘big cats’ on the loose…the Surrey puma, the Sydenham leopard, the Cricklewood lynx, the Edgware tiger and the lioness of Winchmore Hill.
And it gets weirder…flying jellyfish on Wimbledon Common ? Forget The Wombles!
An angel on the Thames, UFOs, ghostly goings on, dancing coals, fish falling from the sky, pennies from Heaven, and those ghastly, sinister phantom assailants such as Spring Heeled Jack, the London Monster, the Hammermsith spook and the phantom wall smasher. And what about vampires ? Oh yes, they are here too. The Highgate vampire, a tall, red-eyed spectre responsible for mass hysteria in the 1960s at Highgate’s Gothic cemetery.
‘PARANORMAL LONDON’ is a highly original look at London’s weirder side…a side where the wild things are.
Available from all good book shops, Amazon, or direct from The History Press
Buy your copy now and see London in a different light….

Now, I’ll go back for the link a little later and hopefully edit that in here as well.  But first let me tell you that I had the great honour to do the introduction as it says on the cover!

And ‘yes’ there IS a chapter on the Highgate Vampire inside!  But ‘no’, forget about making any complaints Mr. ‘Tea Pot’  I did not mentions yourself, only the official British Psychic and Occult Society’s official Highgate ‘vampire’ investigation.

I will come back to thsi later, but in the meantime . . . “Well done Neil”!

David Farrant, President, BPOS

Here’s the link (just hope it works!)


7 responses

  1. Hi David and thanks for the book, I received it the other day, and am posting here since your “Pact” thread is now several entries down. It was a very interesting read for those familiar with the Highgate Drama, but since it is mostly copies of letters and court document; it certainly doesn’t live up to the dramatic title, e.g. the identity of the “devil” was not clear and I failed to see any “pact”. I did however enjoy the photos and the story of the engagement ring catalog photo!

  2. Thanks Cat
    But the identity of the ‘devil’ was made very clear by the photograps. The identitiy of the ‘devilette’ is also made very clear inside in the text and by photographs.
    I must say I’m surprised about your lack of any rude innuendoes inyour review.
    Are you ill by any chance?!

  3. The shocking material touched on in the book (Danish Paedophile Rings, Neo Nazi Groups, allegations of Impotence, etc.) far surpasses any “rude innuendoes” I could make here!

  4. Hi,David,Just thought id let you know,ive finished writing My Occult Life by Clarmonde.It was hard writing it,but at least now its all done[i hope!].You say you work fast?i work really slow,so everyone has to wait.i get comments like”havent you finished yet?”but its hard when you want to get it all right,give it your best shot.i cant rush these nervous what you will make of it!i know i gave you a few samples of whats in it,but even so still wonder what youll think.Got to go over the punctuation etc,then will post itexpress delivery.i will let you know when ive done that[ill phone you] so that you will know when its due to arrive.Hope you can read my writing.?Not the best,butdone honest,as neatly as i can.Thanks,i cannot express how glad i am that you are helping me. yours,Clarmonde

  5. Thanks Claremonde.
    Well done! Just phone me before posting so I’ll know when to expect it.
    What you read to me when you visited, sounded heart-felt and sincere; especially as it all came from yourself which is the most important thing. Don’t worry about spelling or grammatical technicalities (those are not my strong points either), they are really only secondary things. It is what you are saying that means the most.
    I do still have my two chapters to finish (nine months work so far) but that won’t make that much difference I am pretty ‘adaptable’ in getting things done.
    Thanks for putting so much time into it – I DO know that feeling!
    Speak soon,

  6. Hi David.The Book is on its way.Hope you find it interesting,anyway.Hope it finds you alright.There is quite a bit in it!Lots of different little bits to stop anyone getting bored.Yours,Clarmonde.

  7. Thanks Claremonde,
    I look forward to reading it once I see it all set down on paper. The accounts you read me verbally were interesting (especially because of the occult perspective), but it will be easier to read the whole thing in sequence, so to speak.
    Thanks for all your work anyway; but I will be able to read it shortly.
    For the moment,

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