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Just Try And Behave Yourself!

I do not use this Blog to advertise my books Anthony, I would invite you to go back right to the beginning (August 2007) and try and find one reference for any purchase details: no listed prices, no links, no payment requests or destination for same . . . nothing!

That is because  I began this Blog as a sort of a Diary at the request of several people who wanted to know more about my ‘human life’ (hence its title “The Human Touch) as opposed to all the wild rumours about the occult and sensational newspaper reports about the subject (including myself).

I might name book titles (which I do) as or when I might be working on these; but no more.

As regards to “Pact with the Devil”,  I have no need to discuss the book.  It has been officially listed with an ISBN;  it is on Amazon and Nielsen records, and will very soon be lodged at the 6 major University Libraries i.e.  Oxford, Cambridge, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, including, of course, the British Library. I have indeed ‘named names’ in this book (as in many of the others).  But I have only done so where evidence is available to back up what I say, in written form or otherwise. In the case of “Pact”, I have already sent copies (by Recorded Delivery) to the Church and the police authorities.  Reason?  To prevent any fabricated complaints being made about the book without these people being able to have easy reference to it.

Enough nonsense has already been spread around about the whole subject of ‘vampires’, witchcraft and the occult, and my only intention (in writing the book) was to enable people to judge the facts for themselves.

I have always made it a policy not to give people’s full names here, unless it is with their full permission and consent.  I have also made it a policy not to debate the wild claims and speculation of certain others here – something which you are always very anxious to try and get me to do. This Blog is only written as a form of a ‘personal diary’.  If people only want sensational and scandal, they only have to go and read Sunday newspapers; or indeed, look elsewhere on the Internet.

Sorry if this might sound a little ‘boring’ to you.  But that is just the way it is.

I see you have met Claremonde here now.  Fine.  But just try and behave your self Anthony!

David Farrant


36 Responses

  1. Dear David
    Hope you are well. I wondered if you had sent me a copy of Pact With The Devil? It’s fine if you haven’t, I can order it via Amazon.

  2. Anthony, are you sure your “complaint” isn’t a thinly-veiled Pact With David to devote another blog post to promoting “Pact With The Devil” (£5.95 on If I didn’t know better I’d think you two were working together to flog “Pact With The Devil” (also available through Shameless!

  3. Matt,
    I am sorry. I haven’t forgotten but I but I wll send you a copy of “Pact”. I knew there might be somebody I’d forgotten, but it rezlly is hard to keep up with orders sometimes!
    I will send you out a copy on Monday, so please be expecting it now.
    Hope all is well, and sorry for any over-sight.

  4. Dave,
    That’s my point about your continous online allusions. If you can back up what you say, why not name names here? What’s the big deal? I don’t think people should have to resort to buying your book, just to get the “facts”.
    Are you actually saying it’s ok to provide people’s details in a book rather than online? Surely you jest!
    As to not using your blog to publicise your book, I find that highly contentious considering the sheer number of times you mention it on your blog, even before I started commenting. I counted nine instances alone, before I gave up. You even wrote about being pleased at how well it’s been selling. Hahaha. Come on.
    I can buy your blog’s a diary, but at the same time, your “diary” touches on your Highgate-associated activities – publications and otherwise – quite a bit. If you truly wanted to separate the two, you could. But obviously, you don’t. As a result, it’s a goldmine for the scoop on your latest forays into publicity/revenue-generating off the back of the Highgate thing.
    Oh, and as to wanting to get you to “debate the wild claims and speculation of certain others here”. Uh, when did I do that? I was asking you what your book is about. You know, the one you wrote. You’re the one alluding to other personages in it. I’m merely asking who they are.
    P.S.: Ignore the comment I posted on “New News”. Bit of a glitch there. Thought it didn’t turn up on your other blog entry, so I posted it again.
    Good to see you again. And yeah, I was a bit wary of posting the price of the book on my blog (but good to see you’ve been reading it). Heh heh. You should comment more often!
    Nonetheless, I mentioned it in context with the Highgate revenue-generating angle I was writing about.
    If people wanna buy the book, good for ’em. That said, I don’t think many would without having a decent idea of what the bloody thing’s actually about.
    Which brings me to another quandry. This one’s for you again, Dave: just how many copies of “Pact” did you print? Amazon US says it’s out of stock, fer instance, and you’re also looking at publishing a second edition already.

  5. “Are you actually saying it’s ok to provide people’s details in a book rather than online? Surely you jest!”.
    No, I am not saying this, Anthony, YOU are, so the joke is really on yourself!
    I have published nobodies personal details. I have however. detailed the actions of certain people which they first put on publiic record, and detailed those – that is the difference.
    I have plenty of new evidence in this respect now, with full permission to publish it. Part of it is all in written form from the people concerned and signed by themselves, so they could hardly object to my using it. They probably will (object) but there’s really nothing they can do about; unless, of course, they want to expose themselves as liars.
    But I do not intend to get drawn into a discussion about an edition which has not even been published yet. Us authors are pretty guarded about their material until it has actually been published.
    The 1st edition of “Pact with the Devil” has been published however. So I suggest you first order that from Amazon or Nielsens (or any good bookshop) and READ it, bufore making further speculations about it.
    Very easy; just order it. And ‘no’, you are not getting a free copy even though I have your address now!
    So ‘Gday’ to you as well!
    David Farrant

  6. Well, Dave, if you had any sense of honour, why would you have my address to begin with?
    Especially as I didn’t hand it over to you or anyone you know. Neither have I published it anywhere.

  7. Elementary my dear Watson. You seem to forget that us ‘witches’ are endowed with supernatural powers!
    But don’t worry, we also have a great sense of honour and don’t betray confidences!
    David Farrant

  8. I didn’t ask for your address, Anthony, it was sent to me. Why? I don’t exactly know. Probably because you’ve managed to upset so many people on the Internet by your silly innuendoes relating to myself and ‘vampires’.
    Anyway, as I said, if you want a copy of my book “Pact with the Devil”, you’ll just have to order it from Amazon.
    David Farrant

  9. Just to say, Matt, I have now packaged up your “Pact” book and it will go 1st Class on Monday. Please just acknowledge, and maybe let me know what you think after reading.
    For the moment,

  10. So my address was sent along to you by a sympathiser? Well, I guess it says a lot about your supporters, Dave 😉
    If my blog’s critical of your claims (among others), then why would they resort to giving you my home address? Doesn’t make sense.
    Will you have the decency to tell me who gave it to you?
    Lastly, thanks for the advertisement, but why would I buy a book I know next to nothing about? You’ve even been stingy on details. Hahaha gimme a break.

  11. “So my address was sent along to you by a sympathiser? Well, I guess it says a lot about your supporters, Dave”
    I have said many times that I am not some sort of ‘Cult leader’. I do not have a Cult, and so in that respect do not have any supporters. I can leave that safely to some other people who seem to take great pride in worshipping themselves, as opposed any Divine Principle whose cause they may claim to be following. To me, that just reeks of hyporcrisy, and I have never wanted any part of it.
    Some people may be sympathetic to some of the malicious allegations that have told about me, and I can’t really condemn them for that. That should make sense to yourself as well, but apparently it doesn’t.
    I do have many friends, and like to think this is because I have always been honest with people and do not betray confidences.
    You are the one who seems to be apparently obsessed with my books. All I suggested was, go out and order the “Pact” one so you can make criticisms or ask questions AFTER you have read it. That’s all!
    David Farrant

  12. Uh…when did I allude to you being a “Cult leader”? No need to put words in my mouth, Dave!
    I merely referred to the person who forwarded along by private info to you as a “sympathiser”. That is, someone sympathetic to your “cause”. Try not to get ahead of yourself, mate!
    And here we’ve got a sticking point: exactly what “malicious allegations” do you mean? I’d like to hear ’em. Put your money where your mouth is before rushing to this sympathiser’s support.
    There’s no justification for what that anonymous person did, quite frankly. If they really had a beef with what I write, then they could address me on it. Discuss it. What they resorted to, instead, is quite simply stalking. And what’s the go with forwarding my details onto you? I mean, honestly. Are you actually justifying such actions?
    I mean, how would you feel if I sourced out your home address and publicly revealed I’d obtained it. Hmm?
    Now, as to “Pact”, once again, you’re putting words in my mouth. All I’ve been doing is asking who the mysterious “two people” you’ve mentioned are, as well as what the book’s about. That’s not being “obsessed” with it. It’s not my fault you dodge simple questions.
    And once again, you’re asking me to go out of my way to buy the thing, just to get a simple answer to a simple question. Sorry, but I’m not interested in such hucksterism.

  13. “Uh…when did I allude to you being a “Cult leader”? No need to put words in my mouth, David”
    That’s exactly what I was being accused of on the James Randi site in 2007, where YOU were posting in support of their allegations against myself in relation to ‘vampires’ and other unexplained phenomena. I was also accused of being a ‘Cult leader’ there. Stop twisting the meanings of words, Anthony, as you are only making yourself look rather stupid!
    That accusation (of being some ‘Cult leader’) has been made against myself all over the Internet . . . as you well know.
    As I siad to you just before I do have friends; but no ‘supporters’ (your word).
    Now, for somebody who is not interested in the book (“PACT”). then just why do you go on asking questions about it. You know very well who the mentioned conspiracy concerns, so please stop trying to disguise this as an ‘innocent’ question. You will not be answered here. As I said, if you want to read what I have said, you’ll just have to go out and order the book.
    The title of this Blog is . . . “Just behave yourself”. Now, I suggest you go back and read that again.
    David Farrant

    I have not allowed your post, Anthony, simply because it is merely a duplicate one of what you have posted on your Blog. I do not want your silly arguments about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case to be carried on here. Stay on your own Blog and do it, if you really feel the obsessive need. I would remind you that this is precisely why you gat a life ban from Arcadia recently i.e. posting up Private Messages from their Board without permission to do so.
    All this stuff about people ‘stalking’ you just because someone told me your private address, is just childish and proves, if anything, you are just paranoid. I do not know if anybody has ‘stalked you’ in the past. But I can tell you that I certainly haven’t (as can be evidenced by the fact I always signing my own name when having to answer your childish allegations), and the person who gave me your address certainly has not.
    If you attack persistently attack public figures, Anthony, with your distorted notions about ‘ghosts’ and ‘vampires’, it is inevitable that you are putting yourself in the public arena with such allegations, so you should hardly be surprised at that!
    In any event, I am not going to allow you to pursue your nonsense on here. I have told you time and time again that I simply do not accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’. You cannot seem to accept this, and keep trying to persuade people that I do. There is another person who admits publicly, that he does believe in vampires and ‘giant vampire spiders’. It must be noticeable to people, that you always choose to remain deadly silent (excuse the pun!) about this issue.
    When I asked you on Arcadia for your definition of ‘ghosts’ and ‘vampires’, your reply was that you believed ‘ghosts’ were really the manifestation of demons sent by the devil to fool the people into believing they were really the spirits of departed loved ones that were trying to deceive the living!
    Well, everybody to their own beliefs, Anthony! But that does not change the fact that I do not believe in literal ‘vampires’, and never will!
    You can believe what you want about myself, Anthony, and I really don’t care. But please don’t expect me to allow you to discuss all this nonsense here.
    Have a G’day sport!
    David Farrant

  15. JBC,
    Check my blog (see: “The Long and Winding Road”) for my actual response to what (David) wrote. He completely distorted what I said.
    I’ve been saying sweet bugger-all about vampires on here. Or his friend . . . (name deleted, DF)
    Also, outta curiousity, were you the one who handed over my details?

  16. Oh for God’s sake, if that’s what all this fuss is about, I’ll send you £5.95 and you can post the poor lad a copy of “Pact”!

  17. FOR CAT
    If he really wants a copy of the book, Cat, then let him go out and order one.
    If he doesn’t, as he keeps implying, we can only then really ask why he keeps going on about it. He admits he doesn’t know what’s in the book, and by reasonable logic, that would establish that’s its really none of his business!
    I take it you enjoyed your copy though Cat?

  18. -“Were you the one who handed over my details?”
    No! I know you live in Oz, but don’t even know (or care) where!
    -“I take it you enjoyed your copy though Cat?”
    I liked the photos as well as the ”love gone wrong” storyline, and I dare say Anthony would have enough fodder for 1000 cleverly snarky blog entries were he only to get hold of a copy!

  19. “He admits he doesn’t know what’s in the book, and by reasonable logic, that would establish that’s its really none of his business!”
    Thanks because you refuse to tell me what it’s about. 😉
    Instead, you’ve been hurling shallow sales pitches at me. Let’s run this through: you publicly announce you have my personal details, even though I didn’t authorise their distribution. You refuse to say who the book’s about and now you want me to buy it?
    What’s wrong with you, man? lol
    “Storyline” might be right on the money from the sound of it 😉

  20. “Thanks because you refuse to tell me what it’s about”
    C’omon, give us all a break, Antthony. You have already made that point. But you just seem to be cofirming my point that if your’re really not interested in my book: then why keep asking about it !?
    So, perhaps you could tell us all why you happen to br so intereted in my books, without all your extravanious waffle?!
    David Farrant

  21. Yes, I’ve made the point because it’s a valid one. You just confirmed it. You’re not saying much about it and just throwing sales pitches, instead. Mind you, this is after you’ve said you don’t use your blog to advertise your books.
    That is a decidedly dodgy approach and reeks of attempting to revenue-raise off the feud, rather than having an honest interest in getting the “truth” out.
    I’m asking about for the following reasons:
    1. It seems to relate to the Highgate Vampire Case. The same thing I write a blog about.
    2. You’re incredibly vague about its contents. I’m merely asking you to elaborate on them, without the usual sidetracking and nonsense you usually employ.
    3. You make a big song and dance about its contents being “factual”…yet you’re too scared to even say who or what, specifically, it’s about, other than vague allusions.
    Over to you.
    As to “extravanious [sic] waffle”, keep in mind that earlier in this thread, I merely asked who and what, specifically, was the book about. In the time you’ve taken to dodge the questions, you could have simply answered them, sans extraneous waffle, yourself.
    And don’t forget that you threw that stalker curveball into the mix, too. As if publicly mentioning that you had my home address (yet refusing to divulge who gave it to you) was somehow relevant to asking what your book’s about. As usual, you’re the pot calling the kettle black.

  22. Anthony, give it a rest.
    If I don’t choose to discuss the contents of the book here, that remains my privilege – not yours.
    I have already told you, this Blog serves as a diary of events, and I do not use it to advertise my books. But as I am well known for my books (mostly on the paranormal) and writing books forms a large part of my life, I am quite entitled to mention titles here as or when I may be working on them. But I do not advertise them here (although I would be quite entitled to do that as well if chose to). I have already invited you to go right back 3 years ago (this month) and show us where I have given any price details, and any address for any payments to be sent. You would have been unable to do so – simply because there are none. So you really destroy your own argument.
    I have made it quite clear, that, as an on-going Diary of current events, I do not wish to discuss 40 year-old feuds or arguments here. You are the one who seems obsessed with doing this. I have already had to remove you from my two Facebook groups, Friends of David Farrant and The Highgate Vampire Society for doing exactly the same sort of thing. I also removed you as a Friend on Facebook for trying to introduce the ‘feud issue’ there – and this was not without ample requests and warnings.
    I am also telling you for the last time here . . . now. I will not allow any further of your personal posts which are attempting to introduce the ‘feud’ issue or people who were – or still are – involved in that. So don’t waste your time writing them, as they simply will not be published.
    As to this:
    “And don’t forget that you threw that stalker curveball into the mix, too. As if publicly mentioning that you had my home address (yet refusing to divulge who gave it to you) was somehow relevant to asking what your book’s about. As usual, you’re the pot calling the kettle black”.
    I am not calling you anything; I have only been trying to answer spurious allegations being ‘thrown in’ by yourself.
    I told you, that just because I have your address, does not mean I have been ‘stalking you’. Nobody I know seems the least bit interested in yourself but just view you as an ‘obsessed scandal-seeker’: one you seeks to invent ‘scandal’ when in fact none really exists.
    It was yourself you brought the ‘stalking element’ into all this when you publicly admitted on Arcadia that somebody calling themselves “George” had sent your private details together with a photograph of yourself in PM’s there.
    YOU were the person who chose to make this public.
    But I would agree, that really does constitute stalking.
    Yet it was not myself who did this, and I believe I told you whom I was sure that this was. That is really your problem, but please stop trying to confuse this issue with your references to myself and ‘stalking’ here.
    This same person also gave you my address Anthony, so it doesn’t take too much intelligence to work out who it was.
    Now, for the last time . . . BEHAVE YOURSELF!
    David Farranr

  23. For all,
    There have been allusions here to David being a ‘Cult leader’, so I should point out that he does not have nearly so many naked High Priestesses as he did in the 1970s (as seen in ‘New Witchcraft’ and various tabloid newspapers of the time).
    Gareth J. Medway (posted by David Farrant)

  24. For Anthony .I am glad you mentioned your experiences with Arcadia.I had some funny experiences with them,too.I posted my thoughts on what i think of them on your thread on Supernatural World.Dont know if you read it?I was also booted out with no explanation,for good.i have never recieved a satisfactory answer to why i was dismissed?

  25. “Hi David,
    Here’s my response (link deleted) to your dodgy reply. By the way, could you forward the e-mail in which George revealed “my” address to you? Just want to establish the truth of your allegation.”
    No it isn’t Anthony. I told you before, I am not going to allow you to introduce your personal views or arguements on this Blog.. Just to clarify the last bit. I did not say ‘I was sent an email’, I said, “the person who told me”, etc, etc. This is just another example of you making unfounded assumptions.
    In any event, I would not send private emails to ANYBODY unless I first obtained permission from the person or persons who sent them.
    And, not having done anything illegal (unless you count being ‘told’ something as being illegal), I remain under no obligation to have to prove anything to yourself.
    Quite honestly, you can think or assume what you want. I really don’t care.
    David Farrant

  26. “So, I ask you this: if George didn’t send the address to you by e-mail, then how did he provide you with the info? Why did you make a point of revealing that you had this info, in the first place?”
    As I told you Anthony, its not a crime to be told something. It happens in real life all the time. Neither is a ‘crime’ to announce publicly that you have been told something. You only leave the ‘bounds of legality’ when you state what you might have been told if it might be to the detriment of another person.
    I did not do that, Anthony. So just what ARE you going on about!?
    David Farrant

  27. Hi David,Dont know how you got on with my book,hope there werent too many bits that need to come out.It was my first attempt ,so was prepared for any reaction,really.Got so into it,im writing another one,this time about all the things i left out of the first!Told someone onArcadia im gonna get cooking lessons cos i keep burning stuff.Looking forward to reading Barbaras book ,asylum of scandal.See you and Anthony still argueing?Yours,Clarmonde.

  28. Hi Claremond
    Thanks Claremonde
    I’m not really arguing with Anthony; he’s arguing with me! I didn’t invite him to come here or keep making the same rhetorical posts. He’s like a dumb parrot, in a way – just keeps repeating words without really knowing what he’ s saying. Can’t really blame him I suppose, some people are just like that. Its called being ‘obsessively argumentative’!
    Re your book: I don’t think there is anything that needs to come out, and, having said that, I don’t see why if you wanted to include anything else, that can’t be fitted in. I can’t do too much at the moment (work-wizw) until I get the last chapter of my 2nd Volume finished. That shouldn’t be that long now, but I hope you will forgive any short delays this might have caused.
    When are you coming to London again? You can tell me here, and I’ll just delete any dates. Or just phone me instead.
    So, hope everything’s well and to hear from you soon – either here or on the phone, or both.
    For the moment,

  29. Hi David and Claremonde
    I have just published someone’s recent experience at RHG ON MY SITE

    It is a bit dickipoggy with the uploads, I put Father Tightbreeks on but it didnt take–will try again tomorrow!
    And I will try and get going with the Sylumofscandal, I have been struck down with a bad cold!
    Good luck with your book, C

  30. Hi,David,will be in touch soon.Ive been sorting out my Brothers stuff.He left a lot of songs,artwork,and lots of his thoughts,and private writing.There is no doubt how gifted he was.Imust do something with his things.its too good to just be put away in a box.

    I agree your Breother’s work shouldn’t just be stored away, and that way maybe forgotten. I know its a very personal thing for you to have to do, but I won’t say anything about that here at the moment.
    Your manuscript “My Occult Life” needs to be all typed up before I can see the flow and length of the pages. Also, I need to have it like that for any possible editing. As I said before, I can’t do that at this precise moment i.e. before I get two chapters of my new 2nd Vol finished.
    But as a lead piece at the moment, I would like to put up an introductory piece of how we first met, including my impressions of what you have basically told me so far. Although its at the end, I would also like to attach your impressions of myself under your heading “David Farrant”. I feel this would help to clarify the position for some people here, although I wouldn’t do this without your permission.
    I could do this at the end of the week, using your title “My Occult Experiences” by Claremonde.
    The rest would have to come later when its all in type, but I can do this introduction now; but only if you’re agreeable?
    I really do have to get the end of my Vol 2 finished, which has taken so much time, its really impossible to descrobe it. Plus, I have just agreed to do another interview (in type) which really takes me to the limits of my capabalities!
    But I can do that if its okay with yourself. You can tell me here, as I would not otherwise release any of your material.
    As for ‘cooking’, I am really like yourself, I can cook if I put my mind to it, but quite honestly, I just don’t have the time to do that!
    Anyway, please let me know, as I can get that done quite easily.
    For the moment,

  32. Hi,David,hope everythings going ok?i know i was complaining about being poor last time we spoke?But that seems to be the way it is for people like us,isnt it?We just dont think in a material way.By the way,hope youve got some red wine in for Gareth?Talking of cooking,i could try and bring you something when i come to see you.i promise it wouldnt be burnt?i could bring a shepherds pie?But might leave it on the underground. Oh,hell then someone else would get to eat it.I would bake a cake,however the last time,it was so hard,could have used it as a doorstop! So that wont be any goodAnthony,tried posting on your blog,it wont let me!But a guy ,called Phen is asking all about Arcadia,also about a certain ‘Bishop’ [see Hi There!] onThe Supernatural World.If you see this, get over there! Yours,Clarmonde

  33. Thank you Claremonde,
    But I can’t find that. Give me the Heading of the thread to make it easier.
    Saw Gareth tonight and he did what we discussed last night. Will do it tomorrow.
    As for bringing anything to eat: do the Sheperds Pie and bring that, and just don’t leave it on the Tube. Don’t burn it, then I can just heat it up in the oven. I trust you not to poison me; although many people might want to. (Us witches are immune to poison, in any event!).
    Yes. do that , then we could eat something. So, your’re on for that!
    Speak soon,

  34. HI,David,hope its going OK.The thread im on about is called The Highgate Vampire,and its under the heading,Psychology,Parapsychology and psychic phenomonen.My thread is under Blackorchid,Anthonys is under Hi There.Will definitly do you a shepherds pie .And there wont be anything in it of a dubious nature!Damiana has joined the SUPERNATURAL WORLD,too.But that silly man[you know who]once more seems to be hijacking everyones threads.Barely the word vampire passes anyones lips,and hes there,with his version of events.Talk soon,Yours,Clarmonde.

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