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Well, I haven’t been out at all today; having decided to stay Home on the Range instead.

But it certainly has not been a boring day. I had a chance to meet Trish for the second time today. Unfortunately Della didn’t get to meet her as she has been in town most of the day, and couldn’t make it back by 6pm. A couple of other people from the Society were here, however, and we all made her feel at home, and with her friendly outgoing disposition she fitted in perfectly. She seemed very excited to be able to get involved with my Blog, and spreading the word back in her native Thailand. I understand she has to go back there in a couple of years due to family problems, but in the meantime she will continue working in north London as well as volunteering to do her share as a BPOS member.

As I promised her, I had ready many old newspaper cuttings about the Highgate case and others involving myself and had photocopied many into two box files for her to keep. She is pretty good on the computer, and has volunteered to make a ‘database’ of the material in this vast archive, scanning them as she goes along.

Trish was making a start on this, while the others and myself did a bit of filming for the Hallowe’en Special video. I think Trish was a bit confused by some of the things she saw, but we assured her this was quite ‘normal’ with Hallowe’en approaching. One of my friends ran her back to Camden when she was ready to leave, and she promised to return in the middle of next week when I would be able to sit down and have a longer discussion with her in private.

Della got back about 7pm and cooked something to eat, which was accompanied by a superb bottle of red wine she had brought back from the West End. Della suggested inviting Trish over for dinner one day, and that she would be quite welcome to bring her boyfriend Tony with her if she wanted. It would be a good arrangement, as Tony and Della get on extremely well, and I’m sure she would like Trish. Maybe even next weekend – just not sure yet.

Had quite a lot of tidying up to do as props from the filming were lying all over the place, and I didn’t want to leave too much clearing up for her to return home to, especially as she still had to cook dinner, and we have to prepare for another trip to Potters Bar tomorrow afternoon when we hope to get further information on the haunting in the old farm house there.

So. Tomorrow is really another day!

For now everyone,



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