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Life and Death

Well, Craig,
I finally though I’d address your important question about ‘Life and Death’.

My answer will be fairly short, as it would require a complete book to answer it properly! But it was a brief question, so I’ll give you a brief answer. Well, its Sunday again, so this might be an appropriate day to answer it!

You basically asked if I believed in Life after Death, reincarnitation, etc. But basically you asked if I believed in Life after Death.

I have really no answer for you, other than to give my personal opinion. This is only based on what I’ve come to be taught, of course, and you are in no way obliged to accept it. There IS no answer to this Craig; the closest I can get to it is by saying that you must first start with Life; Life as it is. It is futile to try and understand where ‘life goes’, unless you can first appreciate (really appreciate) the fact that Life is already actually here. That is not meant to be some frivolous statement: Life is here already, if only some people could just see it. How do we know that? By the very fact that we are alive, surely.

The problem is, that so many people just take this fact for granted, and never appreciate Life until they are actually dying, or near the state we call ‘death’. But in reality, there is no ‘death’, Craig. That state of being that bought us all into existence, is just ‘there’, It just Is. Without that Being, none of us would be here – as we understand it – we came from It and we go to It. The problem doesn’t really lie with ‘human death’: the problem really is that most people cannot really appreciate the gift of Life that they already have!

If people could only wake up to that fact (not intellectually, but in reality) they would see that there is no ‘death’; there are only human conceptions of it. Life could not even come into existence unless there was Divine Intelligence behind it. Without that Intelligence, none of us would be here, and I couldn’t even be writing this!

Please forget reincarnation; I have really just answered this. It really amounts to the same thing!

Look at life first. Then the answers to ‘death’ might just come naturally.


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  1. Speaking of Intelligence, divine or otherwise, I believe there is an absence of such qualities in certain parts of west Yorkshire. I don’t mean to hijack your sermon on Life but I just ran across a blog made by some religious twits claiming that I promote “caticide” here and comparing me to “Baldric”. Unless you are busy posting free copies of comic books to the Old Bill, I suggest you encourage such curtain twitching ninnies to quit their slagfest.

  2. You are right (for once!) Cat. My blog and main website ( have certainly attracted a LOT of attention. I have copies (plus paper copies which somebody sent me) of over 60 posts made about my comments here from another blog. That’s not bad going since only the middle of August! Could be one of the blogs you’re referring to.
    Ironically, I have never mentioned other people here. I think it is only on one or two occasions that I have replied to questions that have been brought to my attention (from Janice, for example) and even then I have refused to answer these comments and told people to ‘keep them off here’!
    I just want my blog to be about life, and people and events that form a part of this; if people want to ask me genuine questions about myself or religion, I will do my best to answer them; but this really does warrant such obsessive behaviour. I have been discussing life and Mysticism for well over 35 years now (when some of my critics were not even born, or at least only in nappies!) and I do not intend to stop all my writing work now just because a handful of people happen to have taken personally things that I might say.
    I can understand the difficulties of discussing religious topics. But if I am asked such questions, I will nevertheless try to answer them. I have said this over and over again; but to me personally, religious doctrines are of far less importance than the essential question of considering the essence of all religions; the Divine Love and Intelligence that really governs all of these.
    Some people just can’t seem to see this, hence all the personalisation of my writings.
    This is my blog, and so I am quite entitled to make personal comments if I want (and as I have done). If some people choose to apply anything I have said to themselves, that really remains their problem, not mine.
    Sorry, I thought I had answered my religious comments for today. Now I seem to have gone back to it.
    Well, I suppose it is Sunday!

  3. I think it’s time you “conjured up” some UFO’s over Brighouse to carry off the offfending parties on a long journey ’round the galaxy!

  4. -“You mean as is what happened in the comic!?”
    Yes! Have your space alien mates zoom up to Yorkie Pudding Land and then down to Bournemouth. Round up the whole lot of them with one go.

  5. For Columbine,
    When you say . . .
    “Even though there is a spiritual life beyond this physical one, nobody knows what form that life takes”,
    that is so true. At least, in their human state of mind.
    It might be possible to glimpse this when in a heightened spiritual state, but that is only what mystics have been pointing out and trying to acheive down through the Ages.
    One thing is for sure though, there is no such place as ‘hell’ (except right here on this earth). God or Divine Love and Intelligence does not condemn anybody to hell; only human beings do that.

  6. David, you are so right: the only ‘hell’ is what man makes, it is not a spiritual concept. Life is for learning, and hopefully we live good lives, but our wrongdoings are not ‘punished’ by being thrown into hellfire. We are spirits inside a human form, with human failings, and nobody has the right to condemn our souls for that.

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