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Vampires ‘catching’

Its definitely getting a little colder; I needed to put a pullover on earlier to go out; and it was not much better inside.

People came back again today to do some still shots inside. Wanted a different background for ‘atmosphere’. This always happens near Halloween. Still, can’t complain. It shows the interest is very much alive – as far as I’m concerned anyway. Can get a bit boring just posing for photographs; still it only helps to sell books. Did get very slightly put out though when they asked me to put down the cigarette. My God! They don’t even want you smoking on film now!

On the subject of Halloween, there is a book coming out at the end of the month which includes an interview with myself on the Highgate affair. I will be publishing that chapter here very soon so everyone can read it, but I am just awaiting final permission to give the publishing details. In fact, I don’t really need permission as it is my interview! But I want to do everything ‘by the book’, so to speak (excuse the pun!). I know I said I didn’t intend to discuss the silly Highgate ‘vampire’ case here (and I still don’t) but as it has been written by an independent third party, I just thought some people might like to read it. More for review and reference purposes as opposed to discussing that case.

Still on the subject of books, I notice that other various websites and blogs (I always them confused!) have got ‘Halloween fever’ over the Highgate ‘vampire’ case. One even put up a declaration that they would not be happy until the two main protagonists of the case were dead! Whether they meant ‘become vampires’ I really don’t know, but it didn’t read like that! And still doesn’t!

But this is just another reason why I want to keep off the stupid Highgate ‘vampire’ case here! It can actually be ‘catching’! Ghosts and the paranormal are really another matter; but ‘real vampires’, no way! Still it is coming up Halloween!

Friend picked me up later this afternoon as we had an assignment about 10 miles drive away. Turned out well and I just couldn’t wait to get back and have a beer!


6 responses

  1. Dear David
    What a cheek them telling you to put your cigarette down! Nowadays Halloween strikes me as being yet another way supermarkets can make money out of people, £8 for a children’s costume. On the night itself the little charmers subject you to a torrent of foul abuse if you give them say 10p, they expect notes!
    Regards Matt

  2. Yes, the nerve of it! Asking you to put your ciggie out in your own flat! Ggrrr!
    People nowadays have no idea about the history and significance of Hallowe’en (or to give the festival its proper name ‘Samhain.’) They bang on peoples’ doors and dress up in all sorts of costumes. It’s nice to see the costumes, but I wish people would find out exactly what Samhain is all about, and what the history behind ‘trick and treat’ is. It’s not an American import, as some would have you believe, but is very, very English.

  3. If you are going to dress up in a vampire costume and go trick-or-treating, I suggest you do it in one of the quieter seaside communities.

  4. For Columbine,
    Yes, many of the old traditions and ways have been lost now, or been so taken out of context so as to lose their original meanings. Halloween is but just one example.
    Oh, don’t worry about the cigarette incident. I didn’t really mind! They didn’t ask me to put it out, just didn’t want it in the picture.

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