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Happy Reading!

Well, instead of a Blog right now (which would probably only bore you all!), thought you might like to see the Press Release for my new book instead. It is really self explanatory, and is being sent to all relevant publications. Happy reading! For the moment, David


ISSUED: 08/08/11


Well known paranormal investigator David Farrant, presents the long awaited second volume of his autobiography. A leading figure in London’s Wiccan and occult scene, perhaps best known for his involvement in the infamous ‘Highgate Vampire’ case, he exposes the corruption behind his modern day ‘witchcraft trial’ at the Old Bailey in 1974 and subsequent imprisonment. Made a scapegoat by the Metropolitan Police, who sought to quell the ‘black magic epidemic’ sweeping England in the early 1970s, he reveals the attempts of the Home Office and prison authorities to misrepresent and silence him, leading to his near-fatal hunger strike and successful appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights.

‘The nude rituals trial’, as it was dubbed by the press, led to Farrant being sentenced to nearly 5 years for a number of ‘occult related’ charges, including conducting Satanic ceremonies in open vaults in London’s Highgate Cemetery, and threatening two police detectives by sending them ‘voodoo death dolls’. Farrant was to gain further notoriety whilst in prison.  “He had a thriving Coven in there” as one prisoner on release told The Sunday People, which headlined . . . Naked Witchcraft in the Nick. Still protesting his innocence, Farrant was eventually released in 1976. Refusing to give up his involvement in the paranormal and the occult, and continued with its rites and practices.

But behind the headlines life went on, and Farrant goes on to detail his marriage to a controversial white witch in 1979; his meetings with the late comedian Graham Chapman; a series of bizarre public ‘duels’ to which he was challenged by rival occultists; his guest appearance at the Congrès Luciférienne in Paris alongside a variety of international mystics and occultists, and a host of other detailed psychic investigations and ‘ghost hunting’ trips with which he was involved in the intervening years.

‘David Farrant: Out of the Shadows’ resulted from the popularity of Volume One, ‘David Farrant : In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’.

‘I have known the name David Farrant ever since I first started reading about and investigating the paranormal. His conversational style of writing comes across as very personal so you get a real sense of David’s character and strong feelings towards those around him at the time. I found ‘In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’ an intriguing insight to the Highgate case and the man thrust into the media storm that surrounded it. ‘

Ian Topham, Mysterious Britain and Ireland


David Farrant : Out of the Shadows

First published by the British Psychic and Occult Society June 23rd 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9565749-3-0

254 pages

23 black & white photographic illustrations, available for review purposes

Retail price: £13.99

Available from the BPOS, Amazon and all bookshops.

For further information please contact:

David Farrant, President

British Psychic and Occult Society (BPOS)





7 Responses

  1. My dear Mr Farrrant,
    Inbetween sporadic sweat-drenched fevers, enough of a backlog of reading material to decimate a forest, the frenzy of bringing home the proverbial bacon, hand-rearing an exotic menagerie, gargantuan revels and their attendant stupors, and a catalogue of delicate amorous strategems employed in the hope of a furtive glimpse of feminine shoulders alabastered by moonlight, I have finally managed to finish the book you so kindly sent me.
    Firstly, may I complement Della on her introduction. Those anticipating a glowing testimony to yourself will be be disappointed by just how unbiased she is. Although she lists your better qualities, she is not afraid to suggest that, in youth, you were possibly your own worst enemy. But that’s hardly a crime. I was pressing the self-destruct button myself when I was that age. And, at last, you confirm this yourself when writing about events leading to the trials. How is such honesty going to sit with another ‘commentator’ on your past exploits [and beyond] ? Had the introduction been a fawning one, it would have played right into that certain parties hands. What a skillfully executed slap in the face. Della, I congratulate you on your refreshing, almost invigorating, candour.
    As for the autobiography itself; again there is much of interest. There seems to a more introspecive feel to the writing and, with that, a sense of regret which is absent from earlier books. That too, is refreshing. A lot of the ‘revelations’ are priceless. Where the book falters is in the last few chapters where too much time is devoted to the clownish posturings of a delusional nonentity. I would have liked to have read more about the antics of the ‘Gravedigger’s Union’ or how you were treated by friends and family in the lead up to your trials. That aside, I found this to be a rewarding read and look forward to the third installment.
    In fawning humility,
    Le Comte

  2. Thanks Le Comte
    Good to know you got my new book, and have actually read it! Seriously, I knew you would, and also Della thanks you for your comments about her Intro. In fact, she has always been objective about the ‘vampire claims’ made by some in relation to Highgate Cemetery; but having said that, she initially approached me because she had obtained independent facts about the group of Satanists who were practicing there in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. Indeed, that is the very reason she approached myself getting on for a year ago now. But that is really another story and I can’t comprimise her confidential information on a Blog – at least not yet.
    But next in line for publication is the 2nd installment of the ‘Bonky comic’. I have seen some of the advances sent to me on this, and you will truly love it! There is another guest appearance fromthe character known as ‘Cousin Hoggy’ and how hw ‘scoffed’ a Christmas turkey not realising this had been injected with poison intended for myself. After that, he ends up in heaven, but its not long before he loses his wings and gets cast down to the ‘firey furnace’ after annoying St. Peter! You will love it, but I really have to wait for permission from the American film-makers before I can go into further details here.
    But thanks again for the post. You would always be welcome if you decided to spend a couple of nights in London. In fact, I might be able to persuade Della to cook you some of your favourite haggis! For the moment anyway,

  3. My dear chap,
    With all due respect, you can shove your haggis. What I want is some of that absinthe and bare shoulders action. Oh!, and one of those fancy reunion banquets that they have in Bournemouth every July [ without the obligatory ethnic-hatted saxaphone posturings, of course]
    Le Comte

  4. Sirrah,
    Hello again and fit like min?
    Viz my ‘skillfully executed slap in the face’; the only time I have raised my hand to my publicity-shy paramour has been to proffer the love-sick swain my handkerchief. However I thank you for your indirect observation that I am not a ‘brainwashed zombie’, nor, in fact, a ‘blow up doll’, or a ‘sock puppet.’ Just the rudas carline’s humble bidey in… But then, as we spoke recently after one of your recent gargantuan revels (if you recall) you are aware of this. Fortunately I was not present to hear any profanities which may have been uttered by our Supreme Leader upon his first reading of the Introduction. But then nor was I told to stand in a corner facing the wall for 3 days with a book balanced on my bonce, which penance was anticipated. Brother Gareth, as you have seen, erred on the side of tradition and had no such retribution to fear.
    But I digress. A fan of haggis I am not, But nivver fash, should you grace us with your presence there’s the house speciality of raw fish and cold tea (served without musical accompaniment). You can always stay in the back room if you’re not scared of the bogle wark.
    Now about my shoulders – ah div ken. You could’nae see green cheese but yer een wid reel! But If you bring Fr Farrant enough aqua vita maybe he’ll let you have a wee bosie up.
    P.S. – Regarding the GDU and their fondness for squelching about in other people’s relatives’ ‘widden jackets’ – they do say the Devil gets into the belfry by the vicar’s skirts

  5. For Della,
    I’m fair fashed that ye wid think that I was referring to that whey-faced bam, Farrant’s, spikkin-hole being slappit by a quine of yer obvious charm. Nae lass, I was suggesting that it was oor auld cheil fae Byron’s kennel o’pups whose coupon ye skelped red raw as a lobster’s doup. And whit a rare job you made of it too. I lift my sporran tae ye
    Your cur at arms [nae shooders tho ]
    Ps Yer grasp o’ the Doric is gie uncanny. Have ye spent ony time in oor couthy wee haven fae yon rioting babylon that yer bam bides in ?

  6. Farrant,
    Are ye nae right in the heid man ? Or are ye just cruisin’ for a bruisin ? A man cannae doff his sporran tae a lass withoot some bam gettin’ aw chivalrous and gie nippy aboot a man’s tackle. It’s no any mair wrinkled than your’s ye cheeky scunner. Claymores at dawn, methinks.
    p.s. Ye ken what ye can dae with yer haggis

  7. Och aye, and now ye are telling Della that ye would ‘lift your sporran’ to her, mon, when ye have previously stated that ye would not be seen dead in a kilt, mon!
    What do ye expect her to see there? Some fossilised relic? Ye’d think she’d get a better idea of her vision among the mummified remains of the Egyptology Department of the British Museum.
    I’ll thank ye laddie, not to abuse my lassie in this manner, or I’ll be forced to challenge ye to a duel in Highgate Woods, whereby I would perchance to cause serious damage – aye, cur, my blade shall find it’s mark beneath thy treacherous sporran, afore ye get chased out o’ the woods, pursued by laughing schoolchildren.
    Signed: Le Comte de Highgate (a distant dissenter of Le Comte de Milano, but NOT of thy Clan)

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