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Quiet Days…?

Quiet days, but I did hear from my friend Kev again yesterday. He is back off to Spain within the week, and I imagine its been pretty hot over there.

Not that Kev minds the heat, but in his capacity as a Training Instructor he hasn’t really got much choice when he trains young recruits on running or cycling courses.

I know I have mentioned Kev before. But we’ve been in contact quite a bit lately. He tells me his boss in London owns quite a few properties; both in the UK and in Spain. Anyway, Kev is getting all his expenses paid at the moment for his training courses in Spain, and to this end is living in a company flat over there. His boss (based in the UK) also has two or three properties in England, a couple in London, and one in Boscombe which is quite near the Bournemouth area.

Kev told me, almost innocently, that he often takes a team of triathlon athletes through Southbourne in Bournemouth. They apparently speed past a certain house en route for Boscombe. There may be two dozen or so of them, or more, all dressed in cycling shorts and dark glasses to protect them from the sun. “He would never recognise me in the group,” Kev said, laughingly, “even if he did have binoculars looking out of his front room window.”

You see, my poor friend Kev is regarded as somewhat of a ‘Judas’ in the Southbourne area, which is the only reason I’m mentioning this. What is Kev’s crime, you may ask? Well, he made contact with myself over some queries he had about the whole Highgate case dating back to 1969/70, and for this he has been condemned as a ‘traitor’ – and possibly even ‘excommunicated’ (!!?) by his former ‘friends’, just because he dared to arrange a meeting with myself.

Indeed (and as my earlier Blog entries expound) he even invited me for Christmas Dinner following this meeting, which took place a year or so ago.

Kev is obviously not very impressed with the present situation, and indeed, neither am I. And when he gets back from Spain soon, I am planning a meeting with him, his wife and some other interested parties to get all these misconceptions ironed out once and for all, merely for the sake of posterity so the true facts can be put on record.

But all will be revealed in the very near future!

So what else is new? My new book has currently exceeded all expectations and decided me that Volume 3 of my autobiography is almost imminent. I mean, of course, the work involved in writing it, not necessarily the immediate release date. After all, I also have 2 other books due for publication this year; one being a second instalment of the comic book which was so successful in 2007, and another volume which includes the complete works of the MMM series, which have proved so popular. But in the meantime, pleased to know people have enjoyed Volume 2, and please keep all the feedback coming.

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