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Can’t Change History

Writing this a little earlier to day as Gareth is coming tonight. And hopefully he can finish typing up those pages for me.

It really is a job. I believe I said, it really is difficult because the box had all got damp and the old carbon copies were barely distinguishable in some places. (God only knows where the originals are – help Gillian!). Re-reading the piece, I felt tempted to rewrite it, but its going in as I originally wrote it as to try and ‘change history’ (plenty of other people around who try to do that) somehow wouldn’t be truthful as that is how it was written at the time (even though I’ve since changed my views about what the apparition actually was) and that’s how its being published.

I did the same with Dark Secrets and Shadows in the Night as I believe I made clear in one of the forewords. I typed from the original manuscripts (some of it even written in faded pencil) and changed virtually nothing (except to correct grammar obviously). Don’t know why I’m even making a big thing of it really; just to say Part 2 (hopefully tomorrow) is published as it was originally written.

Quick look at the Randi site just now but nothing except a PM. Pleased really. I have been trying to let that ‘wind down’ for some time. I really just haven’t got the time for all the answers.

Postal strike today apparently, which would explain why there’s been no letters. Good! I don’t feel like answering any letters either.

Still preparing two new videos for the main Website. Not that easy as they have to be converted from video onto DVD. But I’ll get there!

When I think back, I’m rather proud of the original Website set up in 2001. It was way ahead of its time (thanks mainly to DM) and had no less than ten working videos. Might seen commonplace today but this was long before Utube remember, and about the only site which had any videos at all. This was one reasons it was so popular and attracted so many people. (Notwithstanding that some of these were originally sent as ‘spies’!)

Well, this is an early post for a change. Have a meeting at 5, then I have to be back here for 6.30 so as not to keep ‘Dracula’ waiting!


4 Responses

  1. There is a rumour going round up here that you are going to publish a “topless” photo of yourself in your new book, i.e. trying to appeal to the women readers, etc. If this is true, what does it have to do with the occult?

  2. Just another rumour, of course, Cat!
    I don’t need to advertise to women, for some strange reason they have always found me attractive!
    But there are other rumours going around the Internet, I have been told, from people claiming to be ‘ex girlfriends’ or lovers of mine when they were nothing of the sort!
    Its somewhat ironical when I have never belonged to anyone (well, only one person) but if it makes some people happy to claim personal relationships with me (or imagine they have had them) – so be it.
    I guess its flattering in a funny sort of way!

  3. hi david. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do with your blog.
    topless photo of David??!!! lol!!!
    can u tell us what the new videos are that might be going up?
    have u got any real old stuff that you could put up?
    p.s did John Baldrey’s cat have a name?

  4. I am planning to use old videos Craig. One is from Frence television from 1985, for example.
    Don’t worry, there will be a main news item on the main website when these all go up.
    For now,

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