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Bishop Bonkers pint glass


Well I’m pleased to say that my new book ‘”David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” seems to have been very well received.

I’m not going to name everybody who has sent me compliments about it, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive such good feedback so early on. It would be nice if some of the people would allow me to publish some of their comments, as volume 3 is still to come next year and it would be good to publish some commendations about volume 2 in that.

On a related note, I went out to post a book really late at night a couple of days ago (about 12.30am) so it went in the post the next morning. Coming back from the post box just across the road, I was surprised to be greeted by someone under the dim streetlights who said ‘Good evening, are you David Farrant? We both live locally and I’ve been wanting to meet you.’ He said that he had seen me around Muswell Hill but had never plucked up the courage to talk to me before. He said that he had been a follower of my work for some time, and added that he felt that it made a positive impact on the world. I was quite taken aback by this; not so much because of his flattering statement, but I could tell he was really sincere and was obviously familiar with all my writings. He introduced himself as Martin, and confirmed that he had lived in Muswell Hill for the past 20 years. We spoke briefly, for about 5 minutes or so, and I gave him my address, and told him to just leave a note through the door giving his, and I would be glad to meet up with him sometime. Life is strange sometimes, and I have found it always to be so ‘unexpected’.

Anyway I have just received another present from the USA – indeed, from the same film company who are planning a film on the ‘Bishop Bonkers’ comics. In fact it was just this week, and the bell went about 10am last Monday morning. Della went down to answer it and came back with a small parcel, and laughingly said “Maybe somebody has posted you a shrunken head!” It was a fairly small square parcel, and we opened it rather dubiously, only to discover a lovely litre beer glass, with an inscription on the side. It did not take me much time to fill it up with a strong beer and to ask a friend to later photograph me holding it for the ‘sake of prosperity’!

Photo is above, as you can see, and I just wish people would send me such lovely gifts all of the time. Bit big for Della, I admit, as she usually drinks expensive white wine (if not that, absinthe – but only when she’s in the mood!) And to fill a litre glass with those might even be beyond her normal tolerance. So I didn’t force her! (she doesn’t need much forcing anyway!).

On a separate matter, I have been getting a lot of unsolicited ‘nuisance value’ emails  from a certain person who lives ‘down under’. I only wish he’d post the bloody things by land mail as at least then they’d take a week or 2 to arrive from his home by a nearby billabong. But no! He has to email them and they keep filling up my inbox so I am really forced to read them for amusement value. You know, the guy should really have been a comedian: I mean, talk about giving me potential ideas or scripts for the forthcoming film! You think I’m joking? Just you wait and see!

I am not going to name the character here – as he has used my name enough already to further his own attempts at self promotion. I suppose it must just keep him happy – just trotting around the bush with nothing else apparently more useful to do!

Well everyone, please forgive the comparatively short blog again, but just wanted to share the film company’s photograph with you all.



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  1. Dear David
    Hope you are well? I’d like a copy of the second volume of your autobiography. I think you already have my address.
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt
    Sorry about your last comment which was accidently deleted. Will post the new book to you Monday – think you’ll like this one! (You’ll need some hot tea when you’re reading it!

  3. Hmmm, I wonder who that ‘Down Under’ character might be? 😉
    As to ‘unsolicited’, that’s nonsense, and you know it. The correspondence actually started because you were spamming me your book lists! If you give me permission, I’ll even reproduce the e-mails as proof.

  4. I wonder who that ‘down under’ character could be as well?!
    But that aside, permission granted. Oh, by the way, I’m still here you’ll be pleased to know!

  5. Fair ’nuff. As long as you’re not trying to say that guy’s me.
    Glad to hear it. It sounds bloody horrible up there at the moment. It’s like went insane over the weekend.

  6. Anthony, I think David might be referring to an Australian publisher who was keen to promote my book ‘The Highgate Vampire Casebook.’ His name is Brian and he lives in a place called Dayboro. He was emailing me as well. He seemed far too suspect (think he was some kind of crankish stalker) and so we stopped responding to him.

  7. Yes Patsy,
    But unless its possible, your ‘publisher’ was the very same person I was referring to in my Blog assuming another name to try and fool us because all he wanted was to get hold of a copy of your book The Highgate Vampire Casebook.?
    I’d bet my bottom dollar on that!
    David Farrant.

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