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What’s New?

David Farrant relaxing!

What’s new?  Well not that much really.  Things still been pretty quiet – apart from the book.

The hardest work was in actually writing it, of course, with many night of scant sleep over an 18-month period or so.  But you suddenly realise there’s so much more work to be done . . . meeting orders, arranging distribution, advertising properly, and so on.  Luckily, once a publication is finished, it seems to take on its own momentum . . . they just seem to ‘spread’ and all I have to do is take care of the incoming orders.

Della was here over a long weekend, and between us we got a lot done.  The book has promoted a lot of positive reaction anyway on its own merit, and that’s BEFORE any potential critics have got to read it!

Apart from that, I have been my usual lazy self: meaning not doing anything unless I really have to.  Some might term that ‘laziness’, I know, but that’s just the way I am.

But apart from the book, things have been fairly quiet.  My friend Kev is over from Spain at the moment and I’ll be seeing him again before he flies back over.  We have discussed the whole ‘Highgate thing’ again and it seems he has personal information concerning one individual who boasts he was at the ‘epicentre’ of events around Highgate, which could – and would – completely blow the lid off the whole story.  Or rather his whole story.  Kev has a complete record going back many years about the complete case; including personal letters and emails and a mass of accumulated photographs, many of which are his own copyright and which he has given me permission to use.  I think he (Kev) is just anxious to have the whole record set straight now; and I can only agree with that, because so am I!  Seeing him again soon anyway, so hopefully will be able to get a fresh insight into the whole story.

Had an unexpected present from the USA on Monday.  A pint beer glass with a colour image of a certain individual engraved into the glass.  And there was a most unchristian caption accompanying the engraved cut image.  But I’ll leave that as a surprise until I post a picture here!

So, hope all is well everyone.  And that all of you have now got the books you ordered.  Just let me know if I’ve forgotten anybody.

I’m a little tired.  But not quite tired enough not to open another bottle of wine!  With regards for now,



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