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Some People!

Well, its nice to learn that some people are repeating my titles on their own blogs and even commenting on them!

I have been asked again here (well, by email) for clarification about my statements about the ‘devil’ – rather, how is it that in my own writings I have denied accepting the existence of the devil? But I have never said that evil does not exist in this world (and always has done). What I HAVE denied is that this evil is manipulated by some supreme ‘intelligent’ being, called by many the ‘devil’. Whether it be the devil of ancient scriptures; the devil from the history books of the Middle Ages, or the devil as this has been carried over and accepted today. I have NEVER denied the existence of terrible evil in the world; but what I HAVE denied is its often assumed source.

There is no devil; but there is a human mind which is capable of nurturing this evil.

But on to lighter things. Filming very late again yesterday; hence the lack of a blog. It was nice to sit down at the end of it and I just didn’t feel like writing. All the walking around didn’t really do my foot or back any good, which was another reason.

Worked on the book again today which is going very well. Just got to get some important letters and official documents scanned in then put into A5 and that section is not far off finished. I shall be putting the finished books on Amazon in bulk, as the whole story really needs telling. Heavens above! Enough people have asked me about it!

Just going to sip another beer soon as a ‘reward’. That’s if you don’t mind Cat?! David


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  1. I don’t mind of you have beer at all. Have some yorkshire pudding too while you’re at it.
    Here is a question about terrorism. After the London bombings did you take the bus and the tube? Were you afraid? What do you think of the people who wish to harm as many britons as possible. What about Islam? Are they misusing it? I hope you won’t refuse to answer and say your head is in the clouds and not on earth. Please answer it and satisfy my cat curiosity.

  2. Ta, but this blog is called The Human Touch and I expect to read about things human. If I started a blog called The Feline Touch I would not avoid questions about scratching fleas and chasing mice. It is human to be fearful, which is why I asked about the tube and the bus. At the time of the bombings I wonder if you weren’t fearful, or if you felt your witch like powers protected you. Miaow.

  3. Thanks Cat, I will! I’ve gone off Yorkshire pudding, but thank’s all the same.
    I’m not answering questions about terrorism Cat. I’m obviously against it. I’m against any sort of harm that humans do to each other. People have been fighting and killing each other for centuries. That’s probably just human nature, but to do this in the name of God, makes it far worse as far as I’m concerned; its against the supreme Principe that all life is sacred, or meant to be. There are no exceptions for any religions – including Christianity.
    Often this is ‘justified’ by political dogma. But I have never been interested or involved in politics; far Left beliefs and far Right ones are really as bad as each other. They may differ in terms of idealology; but really they are just different sides of the same coin.
    I don’t ‘have my head in the clouds’, Cat, I assure you.
    I too have to live in this material world and become only too aware of its evils.
    The only difference is, I was taught through a system of Mysticism, which makes me slightly less immune from all the material horrors.
    So, I cannot really comment on material beliefs; except to say perhaps, most of these have nothing whatsoever to do with Divine Love or Intelligence.
    Now get back in your basket!

  4. Yes, Cat. This blog is called “The Human Touch”, but that was meant to relate more to myself and some of the ridiculous comments that have been published and posted in relation to myself and the ‘witchcraft scene’, etc. In other words, to leave such nonsense aside (which is one reason I stressed that I didn’t really want to discuss the silly Highgate ‘vampire’ case here), and give my feelings on day to day events as and when these happened.
    I have only tried to do just that. If any of my comments have offended some people, I can only really say that is a question of . . . “If the cap fits, wear it”!
    I am bringing a new book out soon which will tell the whole ‘up to date’ history of such paranoia; it WILL be published in full, I can assure you of that! This will not comprise of any nasty attacks upon anyone; but I do reserve the right to quote peoples’ comments which are in the public domain (newspapers, etc) which they originally put there.
    As to being ‘fearful’ of living in London, I have never really given that much thought! But us ‘witches’ are not really ‘fearful creatures’ in general, so am sure I’ll continue to live with it!

  5. Speaking of wearing caps, is it true you are renting a bishop costume to wear for Halloween? Don’t you think that may be in, er, rather poor taste?

  6. Indeed here on the heavenly plane we are able to observe all manner of things but not able to interpret them. The story may be a “rumour” but it is not an unfounded one. As you were once persuaded to wear a T Shirt promoting a comic strip, or pose with a cross and stake for a newspaper story, the idea that you recently agreed to pose for a photo wearing a bishop fancy dress costume which a journalist arranged the hire of, isn’t so far fetched. Especially when used to “publicise” an upcoming book. I’ll get me coat. Miaow.

  7. Well, I suppose I could go to some fancy dress shop and hire a bishop’s costime, yes. But then why would I really want to when I’ve never laid claim to being one?!
    Think this is just another rumour you’ve picked up Cat; God knows where you got this one from!
    Quite apart from this, Halloween is just another day to me, I don’t really give it that much importance, much less to dressing up as a witch with a pointed hat, or anything else!
    As you are apparently a ‘heavely cat’ now, I think you may have slightly lost touch with earthly matters up there!
    Can I ask you though, how many of your nine lives did you actually use up whilst on earth?
    Now, please, you feline apparition, just go to sleep in your heavenly basket again!

  8. Fair point, you heavenly Moggie!,
    I have indeed posed for journalistic photographs in the past, but, unlike others perhaps, I have never denied it!
    I posed in a T-shirt for the comic publication you mentioned, for example, and just look to all the trouble that caused on this ‘earthly plane’! I had a phone call from the authorities in London asking me about a complaint made from two of the charactatures portrayed in this comic. I offered to send them a copy of the comic upon receipt of a cheque, but at the time, they were not interested.
    I have since supplied them with a copy, however, in connection with another matter; purely for reference purposes, of course.
    But that aside, I know nothing about the other matter of wearing a ‘bishop’s fancy dress’ on Halloween. That really is a new one on me.
    I have been asked to be photographed outside a cemetery for a ‘Halloween article’, but was not asked to wear anything special.
    No, don’t worry Cat! I intend to publish that article here once it has been published. Wouldn’t like anyone to miss it!

  9. No, there is no devil – it’s a figment of the human mind, a kind of ‘dark side’ to Christianity. Every great religion has its ‘light’ side and it’s ‘dark’ side; the cult of Satan is simply the ‘dark’ side of Christianity.
    Man’s own mind dreams up awfulness.

  10. For Columbine,
    You have said it Columbine . . . the dark side of the human mind. That side which tempts some people to lie and bear false witness against others.
    The ‘devil’ (human mind) is a master at doing that!

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