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New News

Here is a link to a book review “Mysterious Britian and Ireland” have just done about “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate  Vampire”.

Hope you enjoy it, also some of the articles and ghost reports on this Forum.

The link is at:

Well, I’ve done enough Blogs for one day – but happy reading folks!

David Farrant


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  1. Back from my jollies………..
    Picked this book up
    Interesting book sbout Highgate—Her fearful symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
    Its fascinating, as it mentions all the Highgate stuff and vampire hunting in the 1970’s–I am only a third through so will report on it further–haha, I hope a certain person doesnt read it and do a dickipoggy to the author for getting stuff erm “wrong” and not polishing hsi halo–though so far he isnt mentioned by name, its just general references.

  2. I think that is all it is David–its just interesting to me because I know the places! As in the Rob in Hood story, the true story is much more interesting than the fiction! However, this book does give soem evocative and informative descriptions of the cemetary and the history, so the author has done her homework, and its an intruguing read–I am half way through. It does male me wonder how these authors get published mainstream though–there are two district nursing books on sale at the mo in Tescoes etc, and truly they are no better w ritten or entertaining than my Ladies of the Night–plus all the Robin Hood rubbish that is continually churned out. I mean “our story” could be made into a really good film–look at that stupid Blair Witch film–all they did was roam round the woods and scream–I ask you! I suppose it is who you know and the promotion stuff–ah well, back to the book–I havent got bored—yet!

  3. Somebody gave me a copy of that book, Barbara, although I have not read it through yet.
    Gareth mentioned the other book you had spotted in the supermarket. If it is the same one there is a picture of a beautiful Indian lady on the front and the title is “By Midnight”. It is by Mia James, about the Highgate ‘vampire’, and is available on Amazon.
    I have not read this either but Gareth told me last night there are A4 posters up advertising it at Tube stations, which is how I know about it.
    It seems people are still trying to ‘cash in’ on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case Good luck to them I say. It all makes for a good bit of fiction!
    For now,

  4. Oh dear–I gave it up just over halfway through and skimmed the rest—it went past the “believability factor”–for me anyhow–but I am very difficult to please, can’t do with things too fantastical–it went a bit into the realm of giant spiders–don’t know what I was expecting–still , there was some good descriptions of the cemetary! I think I will give the others a miss!
    tata barbara

  5. You know, its suddenly occured to me about the mancurian biog–what was it called–oh I remember, Stray Wits. I wonder what mine would be called–well I dont think I could ever do it or wish to do so, its all rather too depressing, though there are some fun bits–but it seems like a lifetime and another person away. I am going to have bash though AT RE-DOING the Asylum stuff—on the net–already set up as “asylum of scandal”–the thing is I lose my way often between true autobiog—or to rewrite it with false names–then tidy it up into story format–I guess I am not famous enough to warrant a true autobiog and those who are ,the so called “celebrities” are a vapid lot, only famed for their plastic faces and boobs–the essence is always true though in my stuff , even with Ladies of the Night which we had to disguise as fiction and dramatise.
    Food for though eh!
    tata barbara

  6. Hi David
    I do0n’t know what to say about his hogginess, but I have to say he does ask some searching questions of his holiness, we we also have asked in the past. I don’t think he has a “side”–he prefers to poke and pike at everyone, thats why I wont answer him. However, realy, his best best is the esteemed bishop as he he so clearly has demonstrated a ,load of you know what–and really has no imprtance to anyone on the planet other than a devoted wife, God bless her for her endurance and love–well, why not!— and a few others–well I know its supposed to be the gallant 5 million or what accoording to facebook–how diginifed for a bishop forsooth!—who knows
    However, dear Davikins, he has trashed both me and your good self, so I dont see why this guy should be on my social list–I know I am innocent but he still drums up dickipoggy plots supposedly by myself and wont listen to my rational and accurate explanations.
    He seems like a bit of a rabble rowser, but I await a better explanation

  7. well he has put his reply i=on his blog!!!!! what AM I SUPPOSED TO DO–get involved with his dickipoggy blog-well fair enough to look at all the situations and ask questions but he hs made too many assumptions and wrong conclusions about myself ( and david) that I have to strike him off my social lsit. Having said that–though it sounds a bit back to front– I AM DARE I SAY Impressed at his work on the manchestermalarky,
    only that myself, david and the umnentionbl secretry had figured his dickipoggy out before Mr Hogg got there. Like Tony Robinson smarmed hsi way to her ladyship.
    If, perish the thought, we cou get our act together. he (tea pot head) would undoubedly be shown as the whited sephuchre he is
    tata damiana

  8. Barbara.
    I would just ignore Anthony. Hardly anybody reads his Blog (although he likes to make out that they do) and he does himself far more harm with his false assumptions and conclusions, than we need to do by not answering.
    He realizes that little game is a waste of time here. So all he’s got is a one-man platform for his own opinions. For example, how many people have you seen posting there? None! That is the simple answer really. Rather like the tea pot-clad one in that respect – only difference is little Anthony doesn’t employ the use of aliases to hide behind.
    Just leave him to it. He’ll find out the truth . . . one day!!

  9. I am not engaging in a barny with Anthony, however to clarify certain matters I have updated my yahoo site The Gatehouse that Dripped Blood

    That should answer most questions, and I am going to add to it and report all the stuff that went missing off NNaughtnuns and Bossy Bishops which was on MSN.Hopefully use it as a sort of Blog.
    tata barbara

  10. ps the yahoo group is being a bit dickipoggy about uploading stuff so please BEAR WITH ME ( you know that saying drives me nuts!) However, there is an update which uploaded–despite a few typos–and I am going to use this message board/blog, in the next few days–in between looking after my grandaughter, writing up other stuff–trying to do the semi autobiog Asylum of Scandal when I get it out of the cupboard,not to mention the essential background research of the early swingin ‘ sixties–of which Dave and I were both doing our own thing, at one time coinidentally in Spain! Need to get the music, weather, politics accurate for the 1963 period I am going to cover( slightly telescoping the story) but the atmosphere was very unique( I know–a malapropism–but which the HV etc author signally fails–setting the scene. I cam remember much of it but dont want a booboo in saying I listened to one of Dylans songs before it came out!
    However I have rambled, just to say if its okay with you David I will post the links to The Gatehouse that dripped blood ( again a borowing of the sixties horror film the House that Dripped Blood)
    On it will be all the Robin Hood stuff for anyonw–dear Anthony take note–who is interested. It may take me a while to upload it all–again—but I think it is a good idea to get stuff into the arene AGAIN–INDEED POOR Hoggy dont know the artf of it!
    well must go, my grandaughter wants to go on facebook! Crikey, when I were young…………..
    ps sorry over any typos, must go!

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