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I Met Claremonde . . .

I met Claremonde on Andrew Goth’s Arcadia site through a mutual interest we had (and still have) in Wicca and the Occult.

We eventually got into more informal contact, which included talking on the phone.  Then, a couple of months ago, she came to visit a friend in London, and took the opportunity to visit me at my flat. She brought with her a fairly extensive hand-written document which contained within its pages many of the personal and mystical experiences she’d had in her life – a sort of ‘occult diary’ if you like.

At the end of this was a reference as to how she’d met myself.  I decided to publish this here (with her permission, of course)  as I thought it would be better placed at the beginning, as an introduction to any experiences we may yet agree to publish.  Gareth typed it out for me last bight (thanks Gareth!) as he can type about five times quicker than myself.  Another reason is I thought it would be better coming from herself rather than as some ‘flat summary’.   (Might even make a change for some of you!).
So here it is folks (and no rude comments from you Cat, I don’t want her to drive off when she’s only just arrived)! . . .


When I got my Computer, I looked up a website all about the Highgate Vampire.  David Farrant was on it, and just like his book, made a lot of sense.  Who is this man? I thought.  So I got a couple of his books and read them.  But I did like talking to the person behind the books.  I told him all about my experiences in Astley Cemetery, and also another Cemetery at a place called Monks Kirby, where all the Denbigh family are buried.  Once again, my mother has a strange tale to tell about the Cemetery at Monks Kirby.  She told me she had a relative, who once picked a huge clump of snowdrops plus their roots out at this Cemetery, to put in her garden.  The next year did not bring her any luck, however, as her son died.  So is there genuinely something creepy about Monks Kirby?  Who knows.  I started talking to David on his own Website and we decided to meet up.

When the day came, I put on my best dress, and first went to visit Highgate Cemetery for myself, something I’ve always wanted to do.  It was everything I expected, so peaceful and quiet with lots of wild flowers, so Pagan, and atmospheric.  I felt the business of London drift away, and I soon felt at peace again.

When I visited David at his home, I was a little surprised.  There was just this man sitting in a battered armchair surrounded by cables and computers.  It was like something out of the Matrix!  Apart from this, numerous old papers were scattered around and a few books.  However, I was fascinated.  It was as if I’d stepped into another world.  He obviously thinks a lot of his work and very little else! I thought.  But then, perhaps that’s the best way to be, a sensible way to think.  I couldn’t help liking him, as he seemed so completely himself and genuine, with no pretensions.  He offered to let me use his website to publish my work, which was very kind.

For all his sometimes absent-minded demeanour, there is nothing absent-minded about his man! I thought.  He’s got a mind as sharp as a razor and is very intelligent.  I read him a few bits of my life story, then sat there tongue-tied and embarrassed, as I’d shared some really deep things.  Suddenly I felt quite shy about this.  Then, all too soon, it came time to leave.  But I really wanted to stay a little longer perhaps.  Not to intrude though: I wished that I could just merge into the walls and become invisible and peep out and just watch this man at work, and just take in more of this person’s unique and very individual presence.  Needless to say, I went home very impressed.

A friend says, that if we were to meet him again, to take him a cushion for his battered armchair.  I told her he might not like it, as people like David, contrary to appearances, do not like people fussing round them and organising them.  But she insisted.  So got my orders, we will take a cushion.  Well, at least, it isn’t a tea-cosy!


NB  Just bring the Sheperds pie Sweetheart, I don’t want no tea cosies!

For now,


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for that,David,its really wierd to see what ive written actually out at last!Ive still got the rest to come,But last night was feeling really nervous!But you can only be yourself in what you do,and its all honest ,and when it gets going i can only hope people will like it.Many Thanks.P.S.just been on the phone to Mary.She wants to make you a victoria sponge!So you will be able to stuff yourself silly,when we come down to visit.Thank Gareth for me,as well won t you?Yours,Clarmonde

  2. Well David, the shepherds pie makes a change from the Yorkshire Pudding and a Victoria Sponge next, forsooth! You will be putting on weight! I used to make a nice trifle many years ago, and potatoes and onion in gravy is quite tasty –also actually I was the best naker of Yorkshire puddings as my gandma gave me a secret recipe! These days I have got so lazy over food, encouraged by all the ready meals you can buy, and which are usually pretty nasty and usually end up burned anyway. Pity we all dont live a bit nearer, we could get something organised to feed each other–and maybe we would all end up horribly fat! Plus the men would have to do their bit–I am not one of those women who rush around making single men pies and puddings, as if they think it is a way so their hearts,haha!
    Best fo Claremonde–she sounds a nice person
    tata barbara

  3. Hi,David,I have been thinking that perhaps,you could just keep the rest of it in the order it was written,using the different titles,as it is about my growing older.i.e.i would never have had the guts to cleanse my brothers flat until i was in my late 20s,and some of the things i mention make me sound a bit……….strange.And i was-at that age.Needless to say,i dont want anyone thinking i still cut up clothes,or jump at my father,or deliberately ruin other peoples trousers!These things were in my youth.What do you think?.Hi,Damiana!iAM a nice person.We will have to get together in Davids flat and have a laugh-perhaps get drunk and eat lots of shepherds pies! Yours,Clarmonde.

  4. Hi Claremonde,
    Yes it would obviously have to be kept in order from the start under the titles. But as I told you, I can’t do a lot more at the moment until I get my last two final chapters finished. I have announced the 2nd Vol. for October and would like to keep as close to that as possible. I am already a little behind as last month I had to amend another edition of Patsy’s book the Highgate Vampire Casebook, which had all sold out on Amazon and they (Amazon) said they had quite a few orders pending for it.
    That has now been done, but Ive got to return to my own book ‘full time’ now until that is finished. I estimate, with the new cover and the photographs, that could take a couple of months. I do work quickly (and sometimes well into the night) but I have to complete that as it has already been Listed for release in October.
    Maybe you will be able to meet Barbara here one day. I don’t mind; just a question of arranging it. Meanwhile, I hope you managed to get in touch with her by email.
    I did find that site The Supernatural World and joined it last night. Surprised to see (well not really) how a certain individual had already been spreading my name about there. But I have answered that, and will answer any further nonsense he comes back with.
    Is it little wonder that I asked you not to bring me any tea pot cosies?!
    Anyway thanks, and speak later,
    Yours for now,

  5. Its ok,David,got to decide what to do with my Brothers stuff.Some of it is really fascinating.Iknow i will probably start writing some more stuff,too.The drawings in the book i sent you were his,as well.There is quite a bit about magic,too.Only got through half at the moment.It would be nice to do something with it.That individual known as the tea cosy is so rude-he posted that i was a dupe!What a nerve!As if i cant read both of your books and make up my own mind.I mean, your book is the exact oppersite of his in so many respects.I think he thought it would all make him look heroic-instead he just looks such a buffoon.Wonder what he was doing in the cemetery that night?It all sounds very suspicious to me?Hope your other book is going well.Is that all about your life up till now?Had a few problems with computer-tonight had to go into the control panel.Dont know whats up with it.think it needs new usb stick-only had the last one 6 months ago.oh well.Talk Soon.Yours,Clarmonde

  6. Thanks Claremonde
    To answer your question, my 2 nd Volume will cover events between 1974 until 1992. A lot happened after that but it was after the birth of the ‘computer age’ which has yet to be dealt with. I will deal with that in due ourse; and luckily, I have people helping me with that.
    I have the 2nd Volume to complete first, of which I will give you a copy. The 3rd Vol. will be way ahead of that, but I will really need short reat after the 2nd. Vol is finished.
    Let me know about any dates for another visit. Look forward to seeing you again . . . and the Sheperds Pie!
    For now,

  7. ps I make lovely jellies also, forgot to mention, usually psychedelic hues with a drop of vodka or sherry added!
    Good luck with your book Claremonde, it sounds fascinating, feel free to e mail me, though I am away from Monday to Friday
    tata barbara

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