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Beyond The Mental Realm

The cover of Mark Pilkington's DVD of his radio interview with myself in 2002 Picture © Mark Pilkington

Still a very quiet period – well, more-or-less.  Still the latest queries to answer, and news to update.

I have already explained about the next filmed interview recorded on July 21st last. Basically, I said that editing of the long interview was going well and it would be up soon: albeit in separate parts.  I anticipate that part One will be up in about a week or two, but this is obviously subject to confirmation.

There will probably be another filmed interview before this: today I heard from my old friend Mark Pilkington  (formerly of Fortean Times) and he has given me permission to publish a radio interview with myself broadcast in 2002, called “Beyond the Mental Realm”.  About an hour in length, Mark was basically asking me about the modern ‘witchcraft scene’; or more precisely about its popular revival in the media in the 1960’s.  We also went on to discuss the infamous Highgate Vampire case and a few popular myths that had come to be associated with that.   We are hoping the first part of Mark’s interview will be ready for release by the weekend; so here’s something else for dedicated fans of the paranormal to look forward to!

Could I just point out, that the copyright of this interview belongs entirely to Mark Pilkington and that I have his permission for its transmission again on DFTVX.

Lovely day again today.  Do you know, I love these warm Summer evenings with just a cool glass of beer to relax you.  Just a pity the conditions wern’t like this when I gave my recently filmed interview at Pendle Witch Camp back in June.  Ah well, I guess the heavy rain made for a genuine atmosphere, and if it wasn’t for that, we couldn’t have got that  ‘glorious’  footage of our cars being stuck in the mud!

Mark’s interview was recorded in my flat, however, so any ‘visual impressions’ were just just not feasible.

Love you and leave everyone for now.  Need another can of cold beer I think!

For the moment,

David Farrant


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