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Who Really Cares . . .

Well quiet night tonight – no Gareth! He’s coming tomorrow instead.

Actually, I’ve been racing ahead writing “The Trial” and I even surprised myself at how much I got done. I know I am a naturally good writer! but this really had the makings of difficult stuff before I started it. Don’t get me wrong, it still has. But I shall get it finished. I always do when I start something.

I guess I must be mad in a funny sort of way though. Because who really cares about an event of 35 years ago, even if it did make world headlines at the time. The honest answer is, most people don’t, but I am only too aware what can happen and somebody gets some obsession and tries to change events of the past in the present. That is much more of a sickness really, but the problem is there’s nobody else on God’s earth who can do anything about it except the person directly involved i.e. myself! So that’s just what I’m doing. Setting the record straight for 35 years ago so people can still have the truth in the present.

That’s about it for the writing really. Just to keep my avid readers up to date!

Its been another lovely day. When I walked up the road this afternoon, the air was clear and I noticed how green the woods were. Everything is living again; not that anything ever ‘died’, but you can see the direct fruitage of life now. But that’s only if you’re looking!

One nice little compliment a couple of days back. A black girl approached me in the store and said . . . “David, I’ve been reading your book and can’t put it down!” She obviously knew who I was although I had never seen her before. Its nice to be appreciated sometimes, I suppose!

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David—its been all quiet on the Western front I see. Well just a bit of news–I had to go to the drs yesterday for my tablet check–every 2 years. I take meds for SVT–my heart–and osteoporosis–so you see I am quite an old wreck though you wouldnt know to look cept for my back! I just do the same as always but try not to fall over and break my crumbling bones.Well I had an hour to wait despite an appointment and by 11 am I had suffered 9 BEAR WITH MES–two on the phone earlier, 6 listening to all these wittering people at the reception, talking to the receptionist who seemed stuck on a groove, then when I came out of the drs I got 3 personal bear with mes. I said if anyone tells me to bloody bear with me again today I will kill them. Honestly, where did that irritating phrase come from? I must thisnk of a witty response–can ideas. People used to walk up to me, cos I have a serious face, presumably, and say cheer up luv it might never happene till I told them a) I was terminally ill and b) my nearest and dearest had just died. That shut them up sharp.
    Well anyway to get back to the drs, she said my chest was clear–no jokes please! but I have to go and do a peak flow with the nurse–that is see how much puff I have. Because last week I proved as far as possible the wheezing was in my bedroom–I went back there after I had de-dusted it—and got an attack again. We concluded it was my pillows- she asked me how old them were and I said that some of them must be around 100 years old—I “inherited” them off my grandma! She could not believe it,could not stop laughing, and told me to throw all my pillows out as the dustmites must have reached critical mass–ie—they not longer contained flock but just dead dustmites! So I did and bought a new loat of pillows especially anti allergy anti dust mite ones!
    Well I have been in a coma and just awakened, I have never slep so well in years, those pillows were heavenly bliss.
    So there you are, another little episode of my exciting life. Latst night I went to the local group who keeps “an eye on things” building plans round here and what not. You get all the sleaze about the council dickipoggy–some person unknown had offered the fields round here to government as a site for a new prison so there is uproar!!!! Also I tried to find out what was going on at Kirklees since milady kicked the bucket but no one knows–nothing changes, though we do know there is a “group”–its worse than that idiotic da vinci code!
    Like you David I am trying to put the record straight about all the dickipoggy that has gone on in the past, all the lies and as well, patronising snobbery by people who were no better than they should be.
    Also in thei time of recession RHG could bring a lot of good to the local community, if those selfish beggers that have inherited it stopped feathering their own nests and thought of the people who have been robbed of their money by all those dicvkipoggy banks.
    As you know I was lucky around that time, when that money I had left turned out to be stocks and shares but thankfully they didnt disappear into a black hole, and I was lucky the baptists didnt get it all as well—-there are some lousy people out there, as you have also found!
    keep writing, can you remember anything funny about that time–I know it was far from funny but there must have been plenty of idiots to caricature–besides than main one!
    tata barbara

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