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Just a visitor

Did a lot more work on the books today, but don’t want to keep mentioning them. Its no fun really if I can’t refer directly to what I’m writing about, and I can’t do that at this stage. Well, no author can be expected to give away the precise subject matter of a book until its actually been published.

Just another day, today, really – apart from that. To go back; woke up really early – about 7.30. – but only because a couple of tight hands woke me. It was scarcely light, and when I first woke up, or was awakened from sleep, wasn’t really sure if it was daylight or not. No dreams last night, but I had had a visitor and genuinely forgotten that she had ‘crashed out’ on the bed some hours previously. Of course, I knew who it was, but had just temporarily forgotten in that suddenly awakened state of ‘half sleep’. Can you imagine, suddenly waking up thinking you are alone, then realising somebody who visited is still with you? That is how I felt at first, temporarily forgetting who she was, until her clutching hands, together with that familiar engraved ‘serpent ring’, had suddenly awakened me to the reality of it.

No. This was no dream. She was really there; still fully dressed (at least almost) but still disturbing our sleep although she wasn’t really intending to.
I slowly remembered, I had offered to get a taxi after we had spoken for several hours. She had refused saying it was ‘too late now’ and in any event, she could get a bus in the morning. We both just somehow fell asleep on the make-shift bed which doubles up as a sofa, and had remained asleep since about 4 am.

There was nothing in it. Just a slight kiss, and that was all. She made some tea around 9 30 and then was gone. She worked in a West End office but had time off due to ’flexi hours’, so that presented no problem. So she wouldn’t really be late for work.

Might see her again, but I am very busy myself at the moment, which I think I have already mentioned.


6 Responses

  1. Is this a new woman, or one o’ the regulars? ‘Pon my soul, your flat needs a “revolving door” to allow the parade of doxies to come and go unimpeded!

  2. Ha ha. The goat just told me, “David wouldn’t feel that way if he were a rum-soaked Jack Tar swinging in a hammock below decks on a Man O’ War”. I don’t know what that means but it’s amusing.

  3. I really don’t have any ‘new women’, you self-assuming cat! I do have some old acquaintances, that I see from time to time – that’s all!
    My Gosh! If I really had a genuine relationship with anybody, do you really think I would mention it here?! No way!
    True relationships are surely too precious for that, to be even discussed, in fact.
    I have only mentioned some casual day-to- day experiences in passing, as part of my blog, that’s all.
    To save you asking, it is easy to lie down on a bed and sleep next to somebody (when circumstances permit); much less easier to go any further than that if you might not happen to find that person physically attrative in any way
    That’s all that happened. We spoke for too long into the morning, and then we both went to sleep. That’s all that really happened.
    Sorry I can’t provide you with any scandal here, you feline apparition!

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