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New Ghost?

Well, I got quite a bit more work done on the new book today – the one which will combine my other two books Dark Secrets and Shadows in the Night into one volume.

I have estimated that it will contain well over 200 pages with additional text and new photographs. Its not really hard work, just time-consuming, and free time is something I don‘t have too much of at the moment. This might sound ‘big headed‘, but there is so much interest in this new publication; well, not just this one but in the other two, that I have little doubt it will be a success.

Managed to get to the Post Office lunchtime and there was one letter of particular interest. The envelope told you immediately that it wasn’t a standard book order or some statement or other; but was personally addressed in neat handwriting in pen. (To make it more intriguing, it was addressed to the Society but marked for my personal attention). I decided to take it home to read as something to look forward to; besides, I never like reading personal letters in the street.

It was from a lady near Folkstone who had recently purchased Dark Secrets, and who wanted to share a couple of her ‘ghost experiences’ with me and to ask my opinion on these. She said she also had a ‘ghost photograph’ taken in her house that she wanted to send; but had really written in this instance to make sure her letter reached me and to ask if I was interested.Well, I certainly am as it sounds as if I might get more information on ‘entities’ that seem to make regular appearances at night, as this one apparently does. Its early days and I have not replied yet. Think I’ll ask her for a phone contact number as I simply haven’t got time at present to write prolonged ‘land letters’.

That reminds me, I also intend to bring out a second part to my true ghost stories book, Dark Journey. I have accumulated many new ghost stories, but that has now got to be put on hold until the other three are finished.

Had an email from my friend C. today who wanted to know about ‘recent developments’ and who just could not believe some of the things he’d heard and seen. I’ve said I will explain when I see him (which he promised would be soon) as it was far to complex to explain in long emails.

That’s just one other thing I don’t really have time for at the moment!


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  1. hi David. how many ghosts have you actually seen in your time investigating them? apart from the 7ft Highgate figure.
    any scary incidents that you can reveal? did you ever take photographs of things you couldnt explain?

  2. hi David. i did say apart from the Highgate figure.
    ok direct questions.
    1) what is the scariest thing you’ve seen
    2) have you got any photos of things you can’t explain (and i don’t mean knickers)
    can’t get more direct than that mate!

  3. Hi Craig,
    I see you couldn’t resist mentioning the Highgate ‘vampire’ again! At least you didn’t pursue that so I suppose you have to be grateful for small mercies!
    It is rather a ‘loaded question’, however’ to ask: “How many ghosts have you actually seen in your time investigating them? apart from the 7ft Highgate figure.
    any scary incidents that you can reveal? did you ever take photographs of things you couldnt explain?”.
    It doesn’t quite work that way you know. ‘Ghosts’ or psychic manifestations are not always visible, these can be invisible ‘presences’ or ‘influences’ that might have an audible effect and which can affect material conditions (such as the movement of objects or inexplicable changes of temperature) as well
    So in this respect, I could not tell you how many ghosts I have ‘seen’. I have certainly witnessed some very strange occurrences which I could say are psychic by nature, but I can’t really catalogue these all for you here.
    If you remember, I did say that I was anxious to avoid this blog getting ‘clogged up’ with things psychic. That takes up enough of my working life as it is, and I just wanted to avoid it here.
    If you must ask questions like that, please do not make them so general, so I can give a simple answer. And no more Highgate ‘vampire’, remember!
    For the moment,

  4. Probably the ‘scariest’ thing I’ve ever seen is the very thing that I don’t want to talk about.
    We have caught a few weird things on film, not counting orbs which are fairly common and not necessarily supernatural, (at least I don’t think so).
    There are no definite pictures of ‘ghosts’ although there are a few unusual ‘shaps’ in some pictures which weren’t apparent when the photos were taken.
    PS I don’t take pictures of knickers; only when people are wearing them!

  5. you mean the 7ft thing is the scariest?
    i’m not sold on the whole orbs thing. i know people get excited over them but its like they automatically ignore any rational explanations like faulty equipment, water on lens, lens flare
    the following picture is the classic image for me.

  6. i’m not sure if the one of the monk is genuine or not as it might be a double exposure fake. the way the robe hangs over the lip of the step looks odd.
    also its face is covered. i don’t know much about monks habits (haha) to know if they ever covered their faces.
    i know the staircase image you mean.
    there’s also another one of a ghost going up a flight of spiral stairs and it looks like a load of hands moving up the bannister rail.
    i dunno if its genuine but there are quite a few good pictures out there. shame that there are a loadof fakes as well.

  7. Well, maybe the ‘scariest’ in a supernatural sense. I might have had ‘scarier’ moments in other directions, but that is not what you are asking about, of course.
    The ‘ghost picture’ you gave a link to is one of my favourites too actually. there is another famous one to of the ghost on the stairs at Rayham Hall published in many ghost books. But I’ve never really been so impressed with this.
    When I visited Borley Church in 1979, one of my pictures seemed to show a similar – albeit more nebuluous – shape in side the Church, but I’ll have to reserve judgement on this.

  8. I’m not too sure about many of these ‘ghost’ photographs either, Craig, to be perfectedly honest with you.
    Some of them may be deliberate fakes, but I feel many more have to be left ‘unexplained’.
    I have seen many other similar photographs researchers have referred me too, also video footage that apparently shows ‘figures’ either ‘hovering’ or having been recorded when not visible to the human eye.
    I just have to leave an open mind to this at the moment. It is one thing spotting the ‘faked stuff’ (which you may remember I pointed out in my talk); quite another to so easily judge the material of genuine researchers.

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