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Witchcraft Defined

Yesterday there were several questions about Paganism and Wicca (‘witchcraft’) and how I am involved in these.

Somebody asked if I was ‘The High Priest of British Witches” while the Cat wanted to know if Paganism ’was the same as witchcraft. But one of these questions really summed up the rest: Someone asked . . . “How about witchcraft? can i mention that in relation to religion? What are your opinions on witchcraft?”.

To the first point, I am not he “High Priest of British Witches’; that was a title given to me by the media – many years ago, I should add.

Are Paganism and witchcraft the same? The answer is they may be similar in some respects but they are not the same. But it would really take too long to go into even the main differences between these two belief systems here.

I think the final point is relevant because witchcraft (and I refer to white witchcraft or Wicca to term it properly) IS a religious belief system, albeit an extremely old one. In fact, as I explain in one of my books, there is plenty of evidence that it was in existence many thousands of years before the advent of Christianity.

It is basically a belief system that is based on an understanding on the hidden powers in Nature, and how these relate to human beings and their place in the Cosmos. White witches believe in God (or Solar Principle as symbolised by the sun), but they also accept the a female aspect of Deity as a Mother Goddess as symbolised by the moon. Many Wiccans however, at least the Circle I was involved with many years ago, do not accept the existence of Satan or the devil believing (rather understanding) that there can exist no power opposite to Supreme Deity, or God. Evil in the world, yes. The devil as a supposedly independent intelligent power, no.

To avoid more questions or lengthy discussion, I underwent three Initiations into Wicca during the 1960s – the 3rd Degree giving me the status of a High Priest. I am no longer involved in Wicca and have not been since the early 1980’s, although I maintained contained with many people who are still involved; but then I have maintained with many other psychic and mystics as well. As an author, that really comes as a necessity!

To answer a final point (often asked) . . . “Am I still a High Priest in Wicca”. The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. I was Initiated as a High Priest and so in that respect, will always be one. But ‘no’, in the respect that I have not been actively involved in a Wiccan Circle for many years now.

Let me conclude here by stating empathically that Wiccans do NOT believe in animal sacricife contrary to what is sometimes written in the tabloid Press. So don’t worry Cat, you are safe! Though that shouldn,t worry you anyway being a ghost!

David Farrant


3 Responses

  1. As a matter of fact, Cat, Wales is a country steeped in superstition and history. The Welsh have never been too tolerant of the English; but then, that was before they had their own Assembly – maybe now its different.
    But there are certainly communities of Pagans and Wiccan’s in Wales.
    And I did know people in North Wales that I used to visit, if that’s what you’re asking.

  2. I asked where witches go on holiday, not…oh never mind. What do “witches” such as yourself do on Halloween or Mischief Night? I rather hope it does not involve tormenting black cats or seaside communities.

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