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Finally finished a requested article this afternoon on things esoteric and a psychic investigation I have been involved in (no, nothing to do with Highgate!).

I kept putting it off because I was waiting for more information from the occupants of the (haunted) house, and because as the magazine worked on feature articles for some three months in advance, I figured there was enough time. Got a call from the editor this morning, however, and was told that I really must complete it very soon as they wanted it for the October issue. Well, it was nearly finished anyway, so it didn’t take that much work. When the mag. is in the shops I will give the name here, but not before for obvious reasons.

I have learned one thing though; its so much easier to write in or on a blog, as you don’t really have to worry about final published text. For example, have I repeated this or that?; have I given to much space to this or that?; have I forgotten this or that?, and so on. You can just write as you feel without even caring. That’s why I said here somewhere before that my only worry was if anything turned out to be ‘boring’. Well, I suppose even that doesn’t matter so much, because if people find that, they simply don’t have to read it!

But I might have to cut my writing down here a little at the moment as I’m besieged by legal stuff which is all ‘whizzing around’ at the moment – don’t worry, absolutely nothing to do with the police, its not a criminal matter but ‘civil’! (Sorry to disappoint anybody!). There are several important letters and documents to be completed; and every other day there seems to be more stuff to deal with. Oh for a quiet life! Just what have I done to be caught in the middle of all this?!

On the subject of writing though, let me say this:
I have been asked by several people lately, why I decided to make my main forum board at private.

Well, there was nothing ‘sinister’ in this decision at all, and it does not affect the present membership in any way. But I just wanted the Forum to be open only to genuine participants in paranormal discussion who were prepared to demonstrate their interest by registration. The Forum board is still fully ‘open’ for the benefit of such members in this respect. The only major difference is, it will be ‘closed’ to people who think they can just get news on things paranormal who only want to read the news, comments and updates for free but who have no intention of joining.

This was the reason for my decision. After all, many people go to the main forum board having been re-directed to it from my main Website. I just reasoned that if the interest had taken them so far, there should be no objection on the part of such people from having to simply register.
That’s all there is to it really, and I would also invite any readers of this blog to join it. Its not really that painful just to register!

On a final note for today, I will answer the questions about modern Paganism and ‘witchcraft’ (and its connection with Paganism, if any) tomorrow. I shall be putting this up as a main post for Tuesday as feel it would be too lengthy to deal with in the replies.

So you’ll just have to wait ‘till then!


2 Responses

  1. I have been looking at the JREF forum and wonder how it feels for you to be tarred and feathered by both sceptics and religious alike. You are not winning any popularity contest there, and I certainly don’t see any collusion taking place. If I were you, I would retreat to my basket and wash my paws. Miaow.

  2. I am not looking to win any popularity contest, Cat. I have never really cared what people think of me, but I do have certain principles and will adhere to them if pushed.
    I do not appreciate the implication on the JREF forum at the moment, that I make money out of the occult; presumably implying by that I am the same as the other mediums or psychics that they constantaly criticise. I am NOT a medium and I am NOT a psychic. I have never claimed to be nor have I ever advertised as one.
    I am through arguing about ghosts and the paranormal over there, but I may weel go bach there a little later on to clarify that point.

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