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Well, its Sunday again and it bought the usual senses of quietness along with it. Its still light, though in half an hour or so, the green light left on the green trees in the Woods will turn them into dark shapes; comforting perhaps, for many of the animals and birds concealed in their midst.

Many of them will soon be asleep. Humans, on the other hand, have the added luxury of electricity so are more able to chose their sleep patterns. The Church was brightly lit a little earlier and the bells got louder as I walked up the hill. The doors were open wide and a few people were wandering inside. Mostly elderly people, I noticed (Churches nowadays rarely attract the young) who no doubt felt at peace within its sanctuary. Well, why not? Bless them, is all I can really say. At least they had made some effort to escape the noise of the television. But in an hour or so, they would all be home again, leaving God locked up inside the Church. He never ‘came home’ with many of them; was just ‘shut in’ until they could meet him the next time.

I never attend Church. But then, I don’t really have to. Because I am aware that that Divine Principle (God) is not ‘locked in there, but is available to all; to everyone, anywhere. Of course, it is first necessary to recognise this before that Divine intelligence can have any effect; without such recognition that God is really ‘there’, there can be no communication and He might just as well be locked up within the walls of some darkened Church.

“But He is not your God, but my God“, I have tragically heard some people say. God must love me because I go to Church; He can’t love you because you do not follow my particular Creed or doctrine.

How tragic it is when you see this blind ignorance in others sometimes. Even more so sometimes, when people believe that they can sin as usual outside a Church (with God still ‘locked up’ inside) and that God has no knowledge of it! To really believe that That Divine Love and Intelligence that gave us ALL life, is not aware of the very souls of the beings that It brought into existence. “Even the very hairs of your head are numbered”, spoke the founder of all Christianity. How true are those words. People are never really separate and apart from God. Tragically though, many believe that others are; that God has chosen only themselves and has condemned their fellow humans to eternal damnation just because they do not happen to be a part of their particular religion.

This belief in itself is almost a sin. For it deprives God of those very attributes of Love and Compassion for which He is supposed to be worshipped.
I did not intend to get on to religion today. But I passed the Church and it just reminded me. That, and various comments that have been brought to my attention recently by people proclaiming to be ‘Christians’.

It really is a strange world sometimes. People can be so obsessive, and nurture so much hatred; They can put this there for all to see; though little realising the evil intent they are projecting upon others is like a mirror; in reality, only reflecting the true nature of their own selves. Well, that will do for religion today.

On another note, I shall be putting the Press Review up on James Randi later.

David Farrant


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  1. “But in an hour or so, they would all be home again, leaving God locked up inside the Church. He never ‘came home’ with many of them; was just ‘shut in’ until they could meet him the next time.”
    that’s pretty profound David.
    Do you mind if i nick that quote?
    it reminds me of the old confessional thing. do what you like for 6 days as long as you confess and ask for forgiveness on the 7th!

  2. nope i’ll leave the vampire angle alone. in future i’ll just email you directly instead if thats alright?
    how about witchcraft? can i mention that in relation to religion?
    what are your opinions on witchcraft?
    p.s the quote is more for creative writing than online quoting.
    obviously its not very creative if i have to steal yours lol!

  3. Hello again Craig,
    You seem to ‘pop up’ all over the place, but as long as you’re happy to leave the ‘vampire angle’ here, that’s fine, really!
    Of course you can ‘nick’ my sentence or reference. But please remember, though, it is strictly my own reference and opinion and (whilst true) I have only applied this in a general sense. Other people may well have their own views – I was merely sharing my own thoughts.
    Thanks for the reply anyway,

  4. is Wicca another name for witchcraft as well?
    wicca, witchcraft, paganism. Any other names?
    what are the origins of wicca?
    Christianity is of course Christ but what about wicca?

  5. Thank you, Craig,
    Yes, of course you can email me about that if you want, but you would have to allow time for any replies as that subject is quite complex and I’m ‘caught in the middle’ of other things at the moment.
    Of course you can ask questions about Wicca here if you really have to. I am not trying to ‘stiffle’ genuine questions or debate, only trying to avoid answering any points which might lead to the silly Highgate ‘vampire’ business.
    Hope you can understand this, but ask away, if you want!

  6. Hi david,
    You are being somewhat coy about your ‘witchcraft’ days. Isn’t it true that at one point you laboured under the appelation ‘High priest of British witches’ or some such tag ? And do you regret the negative publicity that went with it.

  7. For Craig and that Cat,
    You have both asked me to explain Paganism and Wicca (witchcraft) and my feelings or involvement in it (them). I will have to do this a little later as it is basically a loaded question; meaning it would take more than just a line to answer accurately, even in very simole terms. But I will do so, as I never attempt to avoid questions (only repetitive ones about the silly Highgate ‘vampire’).
    You asked Cat, how I fely about being a cartoon character?
    Look, I really don’t mind! If people can go to the trouble to feature me (with others) in a comic, I guess, in a funny sort of way, I can only feel flattered. I understand that certain people were upset by the comic strips, but I think this is mainly because some strips ‘touched a raw nerve’ and maybe confirmed that old saying . . . “Many a true word spoken in jest”.
    Having said that, many of the things suggested about myself were totally outragesus and untrue. But the point is, everybody knows that, so why should I really mind?! Besides, if nothing else, I like to think I have at least retained my sense of humour in this rather bizarre world!
    I will get back to your other points later. But for the moment,

  8. Hi Rob,
    I will answer all three of you together now, to save three separate replies. It might not be today though as I have several other things to do first.
    But I’m not going to turn this blog into some ‘occult scandal sheet’; you can just go out and buy the News of the World if you want that!

  9. -“Having said that, many of the things suggested about myself were totally outrageous and untrue”
    I think the comics suggested you used a “crystal ball” yet I have seen photographs on the web of you holding such a crystal ball.

  10. OK, Puddy Cat,
    I am not saying it was all untrue (infact the last part proved to be a remarkably accurate prediction!). Just some of it. Like the bit about me being Knighted by the Queen, for example!
    I really was not ‘knocking’ the comic. Indeed, I think it shone a bright light on some otherwise gloomy events that some people took (and still take) far too seriously. So there, you mangy cat!

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