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Some More Ghosts?

Met a dear old friend unexpectedly today. Well, not on the street, he just came round.

He’s not local anymore but living near the Sussex coast, and was just back in the area driving through. He’d lost my phone number, which I always thought he knew by heart, but I learned that he relied mainly on his old address book which he’d long since misplaced.

We had some tea and we came up to date and he described his new location where he’d been for the last five years or more. The place he’d bought was only 10 miles from the sea, and the small town he’d chosen was like ‘another world’ (he said) compared to London. There were all the local amenities there; but he said he didn’t need much and was just glad to be away from London. He hadn’t changed much (which is what he also said to me), although I think he was quite shocked to see the state of the place from when he was last here.

He told me he had his own place now; a small cottage-type house which he’ brought fairly cheap He had met a local girl (down there) and they were still in the process of modernising it. He asked me down for a couple of days and said M. would love to meet me after having heard so much about me (no doubt what he’d told her I think he meant!).

It was a genuine invitation, and I’ll probably go. But I can’t just yet with all this rushing around to do in London. That looks as if its all going to last at least a couple of months, which of course brings you into the virtual winter. But I said I’d go, but would have to leave it until Spring. He said that didn’t matter as the place would be virtually finished by then and I’d enjoy the countryside more. He sparked my interest even more (perhaps deliberately) by saying that the town boasted at one least haunted pub, and that there was an empty house just up the road that nobody could live in for long because it was reputedly ‘very haunted’.

Well, that alone has virtually sold me on the idea. Nice to mix business with pleasure sometimes, although that chance never often arises!


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  1. Dear David,
    What an excellent idea this blog of yours is. It’s a pleasure to read your daily entries and gives one a real insight into the day to day activities of one of the most eminent psychic researcher, mystic and occultist working in Britain today. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. An afterthought…do you regard cases of hauntings and ghosts as being like ‘recordings’ in the psychic atmosphere or real sentient beings with a will of their own? (I guess the range of hauntings is so vast that both possibilities are viable.) Do you think ghosts are beings who are not able to move on from this earth-plane, as old traditions state..’earth-bound spirits’ as it were?
    I personally feel that ghosts as entities inhabit a sort of inbetween state – between this world and the next – that’s maybe why they are traditionally thought to appear in locations which are spatially ‘inbetween’ two levels, such as the many old tales of haunted staircases etc.
    In one flat I lived in, in a decaying Victorian house, when I went out onto the hall I always used to ‘sense’ a presence at the top of the attic stairs, standing in the gloom and watching me – it always used to unnerve me!
    All the Best and keep up the good work,

  3. Hi David,
    This is a long shot, but does your old friend live in or near Plumpton in Sussex?
    The Purple One.

  4. For Hesselius,
    Just to say hello quickly at the moment, but I will get back to your points a little later.

  5. Hesselius has some interesting comments and questions. I also would like to read more about the presence felt at the top of the stairs. Creepy!
    David, a haunted pub? Of course you can’t resist. Nor could I! Now you have 2 great reasons to go. A friend and a fascinating place to investigate. : )

  6. Oh David, you simply must go and stay with your friend. There’s nothing like spending a few days in a haunted house. My feeling, is that one gains more ‘evidence’ of a haunting when one is actually living in a haunted house.

  7. Thanks Columbine,
    I think I will for a couple of days. Its not that far from London – onlyabout an hour on the train, and I would be picked up at the other end. But that certainly won’t be until Spring now. So much is ‘crowding in’ on me before that, I really wouldn’t have any time before then.
    Thanks Columbine for your ‘well wishes’, but I really plan on visiting!
    Until later,

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