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Morally Wrong

Well, everything seems to have quietened down once again on the Randi front now that people seem to have run out of things to say. It seems no-one has really got any answers to my replies, other than to just rely on their usual technicalities. I can only question why people take life so seriously with so many issues when none of it is really necessary. They really do seem to take mundane issues so seriously there. I guess my only ‘sin’ is that I just can’t seem to see the ‘seriousness’ of such arguments; but then, I am not a materialist! I guess that is really a main part of the problem over there.
So, to get back to today; in this mixed up material world.
‘Material issues’ all have to be dealt with obviously, but I just like to think that life is available for all without necessarily having to be divided into issues of just plain ’black’ and ’white’. Some people actually do this, you know: I mean, just accept life to exist as perceived only by the five physical senses, and that there is nothing beyond these.
All I have done in my books and other writings over the years is to point out that this may not be the case, but that a greater Reality almost certainly lies beyond the so-called five physical senses.
I get many varied opinions on this subject both ‘on’ and ‘off’ line. Peoples’ opinions on the subject would probably make a book on its own, and it is almost tempting to publish some of the more extreme comments. But I would never do so out of respect for peoples’ privacy, for not only is it illegal to publish or pass on private correspondence without permission, I believe this is also morally wrong.
Anyway, to get away from these issues; today has been fairly quiet for a welcome change,
A load more letters today that have to be dealt with, but other than that, basically nothing (well, I say ’nothing’ but there are a few book orders that I really have to deal with fairly urgently).
I saw her again today. What a refreshing change it was! I know she was glad to see me (and ’no’, I am not being ’big-headed’) and we seem to be getting closer.
It is an almost lovely feeling to be appreciated for what you are, without anyone knowing anything about you. But that will have to come in the future at some stage, I suppose; although at the moment she seems content to accept me as I am.
We’ll see.
NB Talking of private correspondence and communications, some people keep asking me to tell more about the ‘Girl with no name’.
Well, I’m just not saying yet Got to keep some secrets!
But I’ll give a small clue to go on with . . . She’s about 5 6’ with black hair, and the first initial of her first name is in the middle of the alphabet. Well, at least you know she’s not a blonde now!


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  1. Dear David
    People on the Randi forum do take things far too seriously. If everyone were to adopt the sort of ‘critical thinking’ that’s paraded on that forum, what a unbearably dull world it would be!
    Regards Matt

  2. Hi Matt,
    Yes, maybe on matters such as ghosts and the paranormal this is partially understandable (after many there admit to being atheists).
    But even on ‘material matters’ they seem to adopt this attitude.
    Take the comic business, for example. They appeared to place more importance on the technical reproduction issue, while otherlooking the most important issue; that I had full permission from the comic’s creators.
    I made it quite plain on there that I had such permission. Did this ‘sink in’? No, hardly!!

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