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Girl With No Name

Nothing too much happened today, except there’s been more activity (criticism is probably a better word) on the Randi forum with me at the centre of it as usual.

I’m being accused now of profiting from one of my own publications! Some people just can’t seem to see that I don’t write books or articles just to make money; I write because I have something to say. Any profit is really secondary; although its nice to have because it proves the books are selling. Anyway, enough of that!

I see we have a new poster, Hesselius who makes some interesting points about ghosts. I have already posted him a welcome message, but will probably carry his questions here tomorrow to answer them. If not on Friday. Important points such as those should really be answered on a main blog rather than just becoming ‘lost’ in the replies. So I hope nobody minds that. Don’t even know why I’m asking as it is my blog!

Saw her again yesterday as she was back at work. She’s really very beautiful; not only physically but it goes much deeper in her. I really am going to ask her to meet for a coffee. But I’ve got to get to know her a little better first. I know she’s interested; you can tell from someone’s eyes – at least I can. (Yes Cat, it’s the girl with no name just to save confusing you; and no, no initials or any other clues yet to save you asking!). Its strange really. None of the other people really mean anything; I just really couldn’t care less. But this is different, which is why I’m saying very little about it.

My friend D is staying for a couple of days. We have some important things to attend to. He’s ‘crashing out’ in my back room – well at least the bed is comfortable and its not too cold yet. He’s going back tomorrow and faces a long coach trip. We got most of the important work done anyway.



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  1. I’m confused. Is this the girl who wore the transparent dress? Or is this the girl with the serpent ring and the clutching hands? Miaowr.

  2. Yes, I thought you might be confused, Cat!
    No, they were the ‘superficial’ ones I recounted which were just ‘passing experiences’ (not that they’ve passed yet, I hope); but the “Girl with no name” is completely different.
    That is really not open to debate at the moment. Its completely different.

  3. I hope that you moved the ‘1990 knickers’ out of your room before your friend slept there, David – could cause a lot of embarrassment! Heh heh!

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