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Quite a Surprise!

I know Monday is usually a quiet day, but today has been an exception.

Two more legal appointments today, one this morning early (too early really for me!) and one this afternoon. I wouldn’t mind but the last one involved six bus journeys, 3 there and 3 back. Have you ever wondered about some of the commitments in this material world? Why it is that some people are so devoted to money, property and other human collateral? Well I often have. And sometimes being caught right in the middle of it makes you even more aware.

Did get a little surprise lunchtime, however, as with the other letters I collected were 18 different book orders for my new book. Luckily, its not heavy so easy to post out. Gosh, I never thought my fame was spreading so fast! (I jest, of course, as in reality I’m really a very shy person!),

Must say that I’m a little surprised though; especially as this publication is so different from my other books. Maybe its because its humouress and through humour people can see things as they really are. I don’t know. I not a psychologist!

I didn’t get home until around 5.30 so decided to take a few minutes to scribble this. I really don’t feel like doing much tonight, although I have to write a few letters. But just that and a couple of beers will satisfy me!



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  1. Just because I haven’t mentioned anybody, Cat, does not mean there have been no ‘developments’! If you must know, I have a meeting very soon with the ‘person with no name’.
    Seriously though, everyday events are one thing, serious things are something else. And I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, post about things until they have happened.
    But don’t worry, you’ll be the first to find out from your ‘cat throne in the sky’!

  2. …or some would call it ‘chemistry’….from what I remember of it, anyway! Heh heh! Seriously though David, good luck to you and the ‘girl with no name.’ You deserve some happiness after what you’ve had to put up with.

  3. Yes, Columbine. It would be nice to think I could actually trust somebody again. It hasn’t got that far yet, but I see only genuineness in her eyes – no traces of deceipt, or ‘wanting to use me’ or my name. That’s all that really matters, I guess.
    For now,

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