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That Vampire Back Yet Again!

I received an advance copy of the new book yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Hard back, colour pictures and very good quality. Whole section on Highgate and its alleged ‘vampire’ (and on myself, of course!).

I know what most of it says because I wrote a good part of it, so no trouble with any translation Can’t give any more away yet, but just remember when I said this (23 September) as its going to cause quite a stir when it hit’s the shelves! There’s nothing in it about myself that’s really controversial but . . . Well, put it like this, you’d have to have a sense of humour to believe its content about ’vampires’, and some people simply haven’t got one!

Well, its Sunday again. That quiet day for most people, when most take it upon themselves to ‘doing nothing’, a few even recognising it as a day to ‘worship God’. As if God only needs certain days to enable people to be able to come into contact with Him, but that is what some people think!

I went out earlier on this quiet Sunday afternoon, to buy a few things as I have a couple of people coming around tonight. Only a social meeting and it can’t be too late as I have two more important appointments to attend tomorrow. Both to do with continuing domestic matters that I have to get sorted out.

Apart from that, things fairly quiet. Thank God for that small mercy! I’m getting to the stage when I could really use a break!


9 responses

  1. Hello Old Fruit,
    I hear there have been tornados around today. I hope your ceiling hasn’t fallen down completely!
    The Purple One

  2. Hi Purple One,
    “I hear there have been tornados around today. I hope your ceiling hasn’t fallen down completely!”
    Thanks for your concern, Purple One.
    No. It hasn’t! But even if it had, no real problem. I’ve still got two other rooms!

  3. Hi Columbine,
    Nice to see you too as always.
    Got to be careful though, or next I’ll be accused of having another ‘affair’ with you!
    Little minds, and all that!
    For now,

  4. “A single room with a shared bathroom and lavatory.”
    Tell me about your two other rooms! Do they have black magic altars in them as well!
    The Purple One.

  5. “Tell me about your two other rooms! Do they have black magic altars in them as well!”
    One is a kitchen, so obviously not!
    The large room at the back is awaiting repair to a 6ft section of the ceiling although it is still full of furniture and items scatterred everywhere (maybe some more knickers buried, I don’t know!).
    The altar is in my front room, although it has nothing to do with ‘black magic’. No black candles, no black altar cloth; no black anything. Sorry to disappoint you.
    Think you’ve probably just been taken in by Internet propaganda, that’s all.

  6. Oh yes David, you are already being referred to as ‘a close friend.’ Ha ha! You live comparitively close by, and you are my friend…so I guess you’re a close friend!

  7. For The Purple One,
    David is right – there is no ‘black magic altar’ in his flat – only a very welcome ‘feel.’ One can immediately perceive that David is an accomplished author, intelligent man and a very generous host. I speak as I find, not because he is my friend.

  8. Don’t embarrass me by encouraging my already inflated ego, Columbine! (But I nevertheless agree with that!).
    But thanks for confirming that there is no ‘black magic’ altar in my flat.
    There is an altar, of sorts, admittedly, but its nothing to do with ‘black magic’! Indeed, as you know, I only leave it up for filming purposes.
    Filming is going well, by the way. Will put something up on the main blog soon.
    For now,

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