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For Anybody Wondering . . .

Well its Sunday again, but I have made a couple of my team a promise to try and keep off religion.

I really don’t know what the problem is really, as I’ve been writing about esoteric beliefs and religion in general sine 1982; I think the main view is that religion just doesn’t go down well with some people; at least, if you might dare write anything contrary to what they might believe or think. This attitude is strange really (I don’t mean theirs so much); the way religious subjects can affect some people. Well, I guess its like politics really, that can do the same thing! People can so often – and do- take a ‘standpoint’ on such subjects, and if you so as much even discuss them, you are likely to affect one particular view or another.

That is a fair view too,; but to my team; I am not talking – or was not talking – about particular religious churches or ‘belief systems’, I was just talking about the Infinite Principle (God) in general (as this really applies to us all) which I still think is vitally important. However not wishing to upset either C or K at the moment, I will go back to boring tales of my ‘everyday life’! Which brings me back to today!

Well, its been damp but not too cold. I realised I had run out of ‘essential supplies’ this afternoon, so had to walk up the road to get some. I have said this before, but Sundays are really so quiet. Few people out pushing their kids around in push-chairs, but that was about all.

Finalised an important letter which I have to deliver tomorrow, so that still has to be done, delivered that is. Strange reading some of the enclosures again really. Its almost like a ‘mini hate campaign’ contained in one document. I remember thinking as I sealed it how full of bitterness and spite the whole thing was; a testimony to how the human mind came become so embittered sometimes that it loses any remnants of love. But it has to be filed to bring things up to date. Just means a little more unwanted work. One of the hazards of being an author, I suppose! An authors work is never done! Believe me its really not easy sometimes!

Well, I see my video clips are proving popular over on you Tube. Some people obviously have a sense of humour about the whole situation. Good job I have as well! For anybody wondering; no, I had nothing to do with these films. They were not my ideas, now do I even know who actually constitutes the fan club in question. My guess is that it is not UK based. But that really brings you little closer. I mean, the way my ‘popularity’ is spreading from the USA to ‘billabong land’, it could be anywhere!

Anyway, all good fun I suppose.

For the moment,


4 responses

  1. What is this business about a “telephone being kept in the oven”? (Is it used for “hot” conversations?)

  2. It makes no sense to me either, Cat. It is not true but surely gives further proof of the confused state of mind of the person making such an allegation. It is about as true as my three-room attic flat being a bedsitter! Similar pattern, but at the end of it all, just a concocted lie!

  3. As I said to Cat, Craig, this just stands as another example of ‘facts’ being presented as ‘truth’ when these have no substance in reality.
    Strange isn’t it? How some people can just revert to untruth when they may not happen to like history!
    ‘Two of a kind now’ really!!

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