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Keeping The Paranormal Friendly

I spent a very pleasant evening last night contributing to the weekly internet radio show Keeping The Paranormal Friendly, hosted by Susanne and Steve Taggart, with co-host Andy Mercer.

The show has been running since 2007, and covers a variety of subjects ranging from the supernatural, UFOs, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, ghosts … the lot!
Tonight’s show was focussed upon my own involvement with the affair that has become known as the Highgate ‘vampire’. I have spoken on this subject on radio shows many times. But this show was somewhat different, especially because of the interesting questions, including those contributed by Andy – and the phone in from The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society admin Felix Garnet.

I just tried to answer all the questions honestly, which is all I can really do. I must say, however, I was very impressed by the informal and friendly atmosphere which came across from the KTPF team; this maybe encouraged me to go into more detail than I normally would have done.

Unfortunately I was informed that there had been a bit of Unfriendliness towards the paranormal, and indeed the subject of the Highgate ‘vampire. The show had apparently received several Facebook messages and unwanted comments on their FB group, attempting to get it banned, simply because – wait for it – I was a scheduled guest. Rather childish really, but the team certainly recognised the sole source of this harassment and responded appropriately. By the way – if any of my readers receive similar messages, I strongly encourage you to contact me to discuss them. Don’t be embarrassed to speak out!

Anyway, The Highgate Vampire Symposium came up, but I thought it better to hand that enquiry over to Della as it is she who is organising the event. As Della explained, the event will be filmed, so the sessions will be available to view on YouTube after the event. A short article about the Symposium will be published in KTPF’s magazine next week or so, which you will be able to find here.

My interview with Keeping The Paranormal Friendly can be heard at the link below.

Enjoy, everyone,



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