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More Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 News

I am pleased to announce that Gareth Davies of Mind Set Central will be speaking at the Highgate Vampire Symposium on July 19th. Gareth lives in Los Angeles but will be in the UK around mid July and has managed to put a day or two aside in order that he can attend the Symposium.

Both Della and myself have appeared on fairly recent Podcasts from London but recorded in the USA, and we are both looking forward to meeting him in July when he visits London. I gather from the latest Mind Set Central podcast that contributors to and fans of the show are converging on the Symposium for a bonus meet up, which should be fun! Gareth recently answered a series of questions about his work and research, submitted to him by Della, and his answers give a fascinating insight into his views on life, and, not least, the paranormal.

Della has been kept very busy in other directions on the Symposium, and has just done a new Blog on the Website, dealing with the continuing controversy about the original pedigree of the land upon which Highgate Cemetery (at least, the West Cemetery) was constructed.

Perhaps it is common knowledge that the Old cemetery itself was built upon the grounds of Ashurst House originally built in 1692 – 4, although little is known (indeed comparatively nothing) about earlier houses – yea mansions – that occupied the site. And its expansive gardens. But Della discusses much of that in her latest essay, and hopefully this will serve to enlighten some sloppy researchers who just tend to repeat a rather ridiculous myth that Ashurst House once housed a real-life vampire in its dark cellars!

But for serious historians and researchers of the paranormal, Della’s new article may shed new light on the history of Highgate Cemetery.

It is perhaps not before time that some of these historical facts were properly catalogued for scrutiny. Highgate Cemetery has, after all, become a legend in its own right. And surely some people have a right to know the true facts and thus be able to draw their own conclusions . . .

David Farrant.


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