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Weird Light

Was given a rather curious photograph last night, but more of that in a minute.

Patsy and her guy came over as did Gareth on his way back from Spain.  He quite literally came straight here from the airport after a week’s break. He was quite tired (plane trip etc) but he brought me a bottle of whisky which was nice of him.  And it was a litre!  Speedqueen was supposed to be coming (you know the imaginary person who’s supposed to be me – God help the person’s intelligence!) but she cancelled at the last minute.  She had some trouble with te police in her area – or rather, there was some firework display and the police were out in force as they’d been ‘tipped off’ there was going to be some trouble from two rival gangs meeting there.  But aside from that, she didn’t want to leave her dog alone with all the ‘bangs’ going off.  Gareth was a little disappointed.  I think actually he quite fancies her, but I’d better not say anymore here!

Now, Patsy brought a photograph with her.  It was from our trip to Borley last August.  I have published it here so you can see, but it appears to show an unexplainable light (transparent which would appear to rule out any camera reflection) in the air.

What interested me was, that in 1979 I also caught some strange light on film inside the Church (it was open to the public then) which was of a similar shape and constitution. It was obviously not visible when the photograph was taken, neither was it in any more shots from the roll.  I’d put the two pictures up for comparison but I can’t find mine at the moment.  Nothing else happened, neither am I suggesting the light was ‘supernatural’ in any way.  Preternatural, maybe, but certainly not some ‘disembodied spirit’!  Personally I think that lights seen there (and there have been others, Peter Underwood and a small group witnessed similar inexplicable lights inside the Church hen they spent a vigil there) could be connected with the actual location of the Church: by that I mean that they may have emanated from the earth itself and manifested as some kind of ‘earth energy’.

Anyway, I have published the photograph so that you can see for yourselves.

I am just having a quiet day today.  After the racket of last night, it sure is peaceful!

I’ve been getting some good reviews from people who have read my new book.  And no, I am not just saying it, I really mean it!  Its nice when people tell you they just can’t put it down until they’ve finished it.  Which reminds me, I still have some emails to do to thank people.

So, that’s about all for now.  Sorry I burnt the Pizzas, Patsy.  You can blame Gareth for that!

For the moment,


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