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Just Don’t Want To Remember . . .

Been busy with the book, but boy!, did I get a surprise earlier.

I was going through some very old b/w photos to select a couple of early ones for the book (of me, of course, who else!). Well, nobody has really looked at the old tattered album since 1969, when I decided to store it away and forget about it. (Its got some old wedding photo’s in there and photo’s of girl friends that I just don’t want to remember).

I found a couple of long-forgotten pics. of me as a baby (no forget it! no way!), but also some early one’s of me on the beach, wearing trunks no less. (Just shut up Cat, before you even say anything). So I thought, dare I include one? After all, it is for an autobiography! So, I decided ‘yes’, which all my female fans will be pleased to hear (except perhaps one of them!). Think its of me aged about 17, so it might be appropriate for near the beginning.

Aside from that, I was surprised to find some personal belongings from somebody who once stayed here. I was tempted to chuck them out, but I reasoned that would just be childish, so I forwarded them on.

What else? Got an invitation to give a 2 hour talk next Halloween. Guess what on? Yes the Highgate vampire! Its not really near, but I don’t really mind train journeys that much, so I said I do it. Always relish the chance to speak about the past to interested audiences. Well, some people seem much more interested in that than I do, but I guess there’s no harm in that.
And there’s another Production company offering me a contract on the same subject. All these things seem to come at once, so really pleased I got all that mundane physical work out of the way. I’m really much happier when I’m doing things I want to be doing. But I suppose we all have to do things we don’t like now and again.

So, on this note, I will leave you. I haven’t read this through (I rarely do), so just hope that Cat won’t read anything into it that’s not there. He’s got a habit of doing that. So have you, Craig, sometimes, but you’re not as bad as him. And yes . . . Before you ask, you can attend the Halloween talk. Details have to be in private at this stage though. Who was it who said . . . “The walls have ears”? Could have been Shakespeare (if that’s spelt right) for all I know!

For the moment,


8 responses

  1. -“I was surprised to find some personal belongs from somebody who once stayed here. I was tempted to chuck them out, but I reasoned that would just be childish, so I forwarded them on.”
    Was it a pair of ladies knickers?

  2. Yes Cat. Well of those particular one’s anyway!
    They just can’t seem to make them, North of the Humber, like they do in London!

  3. I think I’ll pass on that one, Columbine, in view of the circumstances!
    How would you expect me to know anyway!?

  4. Thought you might have been a ‘connoisseur of the corset’ David; in view of these ‘smalls’ that you’ve found in your flat of late…..

  5. Okay. But I really am a highly respectable person, Columbine!
    I think that might have just been rumours spread by people trying to ‘have a bit of fun’!
    No. I am a great respector of the femine sex, and would never allow anyone to leave such items behind (excuse the pun!).
    See you around Easter, anyway, and will try to arrange for Craig to be here.
    I saw him and a friend earlier, as I believe I said in my Blog afterwards.
    For the moment,

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