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“Its Nice To Be Lazy”!

I really am getting decidedly lazy, folks! I really just don’t feel like writing, and when I’m not in the mood, it makes it all the more difficult. Well, no excuses, but somehow you know I think I really deserve to be lazy – to be able to take it easy for a bit I mean.

Things have really been so hectic this past month but now all the work (physical and mental) seems to have paid off. Why shouldn’t I sit down and kick my feet up (or one of them!) and just do absolutely nothing. That’s not really a question; its more a statement of how I feel.

In summary, everything has turned out surprisingly well (no need for complacency I know – I am only too aware of the dangers of that), so I can just let my ‘highly active thoughts’ relax a little.
Looking back though, Fate seems to have seen me through the worst again. She’s ever only really let me down once back in 1965, but even that resulted in a best selling book. (That might sound a bit ‘mercenary’ for nothing can ever really heal that hurt, but the result of it may have been a lot worse).That actually served to open something up inside me, which is why perhaps, I find it so easy to gain access to the thoughts that govern my writing. Do you understand that? Probably the answer is ‘no’. I am sure it is! But it doesn’t really matter.

But coming to the more recent present, as usual, most of the immediate problems have dissipated. The writing is going well – extremely well – and will soon be spreading to all quarters of the globe encompassing – if not ‘exposing’ – the evil contained as part of its subject. And that’s just the books.

Then there are the two other projects ‘bang on course’ which I can’t resist to keep mentioning. The recent ‘darker things’ are also over, or not far from being over. The dispute I had with the police, for example, with various frivolous allegations made against other people and myself, has now been resolved and they (the police) have now conceded that the whole matter had only been instigated at all because someone ‘had been lying to them’. (You can work that one out for yourselves!).

My other Civil legal action is also proceeding quite well, and once that is over, I will be able to discuss it further here.

My ‘girl with no name’ is back again and as radiant as ever; but I mention that only in passing as I said I don’t intend to discuss her further here . . . At least, for the moment.

So, things are generally going well. Sorry, I only told you some of this at all because I mentioned ’feeling lazy’. I suppose I could have summarised the whole thing more simply by just saying . . “Its nice to be lazy!”

For now everyone,


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