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Part Of The Secret . . .

Well its not so far off Sunday – but still Saturday. Just about eleven to be more precise.

I only say this ‘cause I’ve noticed this ‘Blog clock’ seems to be an hour or two out; meaning that if you post up something about 10 or 11, it comes up with the next day’s date.

Nothing much has happened today. But it makes a change to have some ‘peace and quiet’. It just makes it more difficult to write about anything, or to relay any updates. Not sure if this will be of interest, but I started selecting some old photographs to go in the middle of the new combined autobiography today. Quite a few really good ones; mostly in black and white, although just the odd one or two in colour.

Do you know, I found one of myself (maybe about 7 or 8) feeding my pet pigeons. (Paws off Cat!). They’re all dead now, of course, but life still goes on for animals and us mortals, does it not? This moment will soon be gone, for example, but it is always replaced by another one. I think part of the secret is, realising how to keep the happy one’s (moments) and releasing the unhappy ones.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people seem to thrive on the unhappy ones, and allow these to keep reoccurring to the extent that it can stifle any potential happiness. Many people actually do this you know; but having said that, it is not my own personal problem.

I was going to do another ghost case tonight to save time, but another ‘lazy mood’ made me to uninclined to look for one. Now, I have just typed that word ‘uninclined’ and its been outlined in red. Well, it may not be a correct word (grammatically) but it can stay, as I know what it means and I’m sure you all do. So many people tend to worry about words. “The word is not the thing” some well-known Eastern philosopher has said. I certainly tend to go along with that – to the extent of sometimes taking it literally.

Happy Sunday to everyone. It is supposed to be a day of peace and reflection, after all. And for those who cannot reflect (wherever they happen to be), then just relax in the moment, and be thankful you’ve got another 24 hours before the turmoil of Monday!

For the moment,


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  1. hi david
    i just crawled in after a heavy night out with my mates.
    pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder somehow and it hurts. any magic cures for it?
    i woulsnt worry to much about spelling and stuff like that. people will understand anyway. a mate of mine sent me an email and it read something like this-
    if oyu nac raed tihs tehn dnot be spuiresd bcesaue teh barin olny fcuoses on teh frist tow lrtetes of ecah wrod.
    or something like that.
    if u cant read it then dont worry to much!

  2. not even in my most drunken state would i ever stoop to that level mate!!!
    i’ve got standards and no amount of booze would make her look fit enough to go with. sorry david but im just being honest lol!

  3. thats good david.
    its best u try and erase that nasty ugly little incident out of ur mind lol
    those mind bennding drugs must be helpign!!!!
    p.s by the way iv been hard at work on something clever

  4. well theres a woman involved and damned pretty she is as well.
    sorry k couldnt resist that.
    ssshhh my lips are sealed 😉

  5. I think you’ve gone to one too may parties, Craig!
    My mind really is fully erased from any potential memories of women, whether beautiful, ugly or indifferent! (Well, all but one maybe).
    I can’t but ask though; what’s this ‘clever project’ you’re working on? Nothing to do with women, I hope?!
    For now,

  6. You can’t resist anything when in a ‘parting mood’!
    I think ‘K’ knows that or you would have been paid a visit at your office long ago! God help you – rather than me!
    No. She knows you mean well and appreciates all the work you have done. But please just get off the ‘Hessian sacks’; that is one thing that I do not think she thinks is funny!
    Cat still does apparently . . . but if he doesn’t stop his persistent ‘miaowings’ she may be after him as well!
    Then God help both of you!

  7. I hear talk that the wizard of Muswell Hill is working on an April 1 Surprise? My guess is some kind of nude pagan mating ritual…

  8. i told u cat hes gettingmarriesd to speedqueen and buying a harley davidson.
    dave the rocking ridin’ rebel!
    its got comic strip written all over it

  9. Trust you to come out with that, pussy cat!
    But you ain’t getting any more clues. Just stick around and you’ll find out!

  10. since my return from the states ive contacted David and plan to meet him before the end of the month. i do hope that when we meet David enjoys my company and the outfit i intend to wear meets with his approval.if all goes well he might not write his blog for a day or two but dont worry as he will be well looked after………..

  11. all we need is speedqueen to confirm my suspicions and ur well and truely busted mate!!!
    speedqueen come out come out wherever u are!

  12. why? maybe you have to prowl round such places cat but if you had the company of a female who would be happy to satisfy your every need would you still prowl such places?……..

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