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The Editor of The Oldie will Shortly Receive …

David Farrant – NOT so Oldie!

Has anyone seen the Eggmanne recently? Some say he is now a recluse, only rearing his head in Bournemouth to give after dinner speeches to a converted audience. Some even say that he is … DEAD!

But, I have digressed already … Yet another wide circulation magazine, The Oldie – well loved by readers of Private Eye – has just done a review of volume two of my autobiography, “David Farrant : Out of the Shadows.” It is written by Duncan Campbell,  who is quite familiar with the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga which he covered in such magazines as Time Out and City Limits in the 1970s and 80s. You really will have to go out and buy a copy of the magazine, as The Oldie’s piece is a bit too long for me to summarise here. Suffice to say that in addition to offering a good synopsis of it’s main subject, there are a couple of paragraphs which bring things up to date somewhat amusingly.  Duncan writes, for example: “I expect that the editor of The Oldie will shortly receive a letter from ‘Bishop’ Manchester or someone purporting to be an objective observer, who will declare Manchester as the true voice of occultism.”

Well it really is too funny for words, but until it is no longer on sale in the shops I am afraid that I can reproduce no more … yet!
Another interview at the weekend, this time with American journalists on the Highgate case and other matters. And then, hopefully, a quiet weekend with Della when I can do some quiet meditating (even levitating) on her Victorian bed. She does get a little bit annoyed with me sometimes, as when I am up in the air like that it is rather difficult to reach my absinthe and I have to leave her (but only temporarily) to drink alone, way beneath me.

Oh how I miss those green dales of Yorkshire sometimes, where at least the spooks are confined to Victorian follies and haunted answerphone machines and the like; and evil spirits don’t try to attack you at night  –  if you remember to shut your louvre windows, that is.  Don’t think I’ll be going back there though. Paid £20 for a couple of nights lodgings on the last occasion,  and believe it or not this was ‘spirited away’ by one of the little gremlins there. Although I’m sure it ended up on the church collection plate in the end! (Well – where else could it really go? Unless it was to pay for environmentally friendly pooperscoop bags, which are a very important issue up there apparently.) I don’t know. That’s still a bit of a mystery, although I think the landlady was fully aware why she never got her pin money.

Anyway, a little tired tonight,  and once Della has finished preparing my nightcap and given me my foot massage, must seriously start thinking about getting ready for bed. We are both very tired actually, and I must really make a serious effort not to levitate anymore tonight – there’s only so much levitation a girl can take after a hard day’s work!
So I shall sign off now,  and please don’t forget to go out and buy this month’s issue of The Oldie (see pic above).


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