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Water Off A Duck’s Back

Do you know, I really don’t feel like writing again.

But before I even say anything, may I personally thank the kind lady who sent me a packet of Assam tea. Very kind thought and much appreciated. It clearly shoes that some people are reading this Blog; and not only reading it, but taking notice of it! Thank you again Vivian.

But I should say things have quietened down a lot for me now. Still working on the books that perhaps goes without saying, but some other distractions have gone. At least, they haven’t gone completely; just don’t need dealing with anymore at the moment

Gareth’s coming over tomorrow; which reminds me I haven’t forgotten Cat’s comments. I’ll let him comment on those if he wants to. Only fair. Right of reply, and all that!

My friend Patsy is coming over a couple of days or so after that, and as I said, we have to discuss another re-print of her book. That’s another job to be taken care of. And then, of course, quite a few people (not least myself) have been kept very busy with this April 1st project. You won’t have long to wait now for that.

In the next combined edition of my autobiographies, I have decided to keep all the pictures together in the middle. This will save a hell of a lot of work because this can all be done as separate pages. It means I can just concentrate on the text without having to worry about working around photographs. The other volume with the chapter on ‘devilish treachery’ at the end, will have the photographs inter-dispersed, however, for maximum effect for references in the text.

Now, this brings me to Cat’s question about reincarnation. Well, it doesn’t so much because I don’t really feeling like dealing with it at the moment (much to everyone’s relief, I expect!). I really have to be in the mood (rather uninterrupted mood) to deal with things like this. Seems like a bit of a waste of time quite apart from this, as any replies to the dear animal seem to have as much effect as water off a duck’s back (sorry, Cat’s back!).

So with that thought, I will leave you for today. No doubt there will be some more interesting news in a day or so’s time.

For now though,


6 Responses

  1. Re: Gareth, t’wasn’t ME who started rumours about his familiarity with whips! It was Bonky’s new “spunky assistant” who blogged that rubbish. If you recall, she claimed Gareth brought her round “those kind” of London nightclubs.
    People should be allowed to behave how they wish in private, and if that Yorkie Bird wants to play with chains and daggers behind closed doors, it’s none of my business!

  2. Yes, I recall alright, Cat. I certainly do!
    Most of these stories were instigated by that person, in a most unChristian way.
    Still, I still have to leave it to Gareth if he wants to reply.
    He probably won’t even want to as that’s how his extended kindness was repaid by this person.
    But I can all but ask him, and we shall see!

  3. Dear Cat,
    I did not ‘bring round’ that person to any sort of nightclub. I did give her a guided trip or two around some of London’s tourist sites, which included the Imperial War Museum, as she seemed to have a fascination for army tanks. Because she did not like travelling by the Underground, we went by bus, which is a bit complicated to do. We took a 134 from Highgate to Tottenham Court Road, and then walked from there to Trafalgar Square, in order to take another bus to the Museum. This walk led us through Soho, where I pointed out Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to her. I did not show her any of the strip clubs, even from the outside, as most of them are slightly farther to the west, and I certainly did not take her past any of the flagellation clubs, none of which, despite what non-Londoners may think, are anywhere near Soho.
    Gareth J. Medway.

  4. A fascination for Army tanks? Or do you mean the soldiers inside them. David, can you comment on that?

  5. For once I have to agree with you Cat – much as I hate to!
    It might be very one-sided, but none-the-less, I have to agree.
    I TOLD you I’d get Gareth to reply.
    I think he feels quite sorry for the person really, and just puts it down to embittered resentment.
    ’till later,

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