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Certainly Getting Around . . .

Lets just hope the font is all right on this when I publish it. I don’t know what happened before. Its really not me, it seems to happen occasionally when a post is transferred to the Blog.

So what’s news?

Well I see my friend Don Ecker has put up a long review about my radio interview with him last July about the Highgate case. In accordance with normal policy, I won’t post a link to the forum here. Anyone interested enough is bound to find it. Anyway, I’ve just joined up as someone has also done me the honour of starting another thread in my name (nice to be loved for a change!). Have fun with that anyway – I expect I’m going to!

Book order for another of my books from Berlin yesterday. It seems my name is certainly getting around! Not that I care, if it helps to sell books! I often seem to overlook the fact that there seems to be just as much interest in the Highgate case as there is America. Its probably just the language barrier that slows it down if anything. But the comic strips have sold well in Europe – maybe because its easier to get the story from the pictures. My, didn’t the last comic turn out to be prophetic! Well, it was only predicting something that was already known; but not known by the people who didn’t want it to be known. If that makes sense!

Now, I suppose I’d better get to that mangy moggie’s question . . . “Do animals have souls?” I don’t really want to return to another ‘James Randi confrontation’ here; but people know I always try and answer questions – if I can! This one, of course, is really unanswerable; especially without understanding the correct definition of the word ‘soul’ (which no-one does).

So let me answer the question by substituting another word for ‘soul’, a word that is probably far more understandable The word ‘life’. I think everyone would agree that (just like human beings) animals certainly have life. How do we know that? Because if you look, you can see that they are alive!

Having done that, now substitute the word ‘consciousness’ for ‘life’. Then just stop there, and you may be getting much closer. You may even get to see that there is something controlling (in fact, actually ‘living’) ‘animal matter’. We do not know what that something is, but we can safely say that it is invisible. You can’t see life; whether it is plant life, human life or animal life.

Therein dear Cat, lies your answer. Me, I’ll just leave you to it. I’m off to get a beer from the fridge and then I’ve got some more writing to do.

For the moment,


3 Responses

  1. Ha ho Farrant, I see you banging on about matters metaphysical when all one need do is read MY posts for evidence. I am one animal that has “soul”! Miaow.

  2. A followup if I may. Various cheescloth-wearing gurus throughout the ages have prattled about human beings reborn as animals and such, so I request that you address the subject of reincarnation and your opinions therof.
    (PS: You needn’t bother answering these questions if it interferes with your “nightly” piss up and fag puffing frenzy!)

  3. I am not a guru, you flea-bitten monstrosity, and I have never claimed to be. I do not want ‘followers’. Readers, yes. Why not? If authors didn’t want any readers then we wouldn’t have any books. We wouldn’t even have a bible!
    Trust you to remind me of a sore point! I refer to the cigarettes. My guy is ‘away’ at the moment and I’m having to pay full price for them. Now THAT annoys me. Tax rip off.
    OK. I will answer the reincarnation thing. But not right this moment.
    That will have to go in a Blog again, as it is too serious for a short reply.
    Well, don’t blame me – you asked for it!
    PS Can’t you ever ask me any serious questions for once, like everybody else?!

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