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Coming Soon . . . !

I finalised an agreement last night with a friend regarding a matter that has been discussed and negotiated for the best part of a month or two.

I can’t say too much at this stage, but I am involved in a huge media project which is [Now, now, David no details remember, OK!!  K]  set for April 1st. (And no, it is no April Fool’s joke, I assure you). I can tell you that this does not involve my new books; although these, of course, will still be reviewed and advertised as and when they are released. Neither does it involve the new comic due for release in the spring, or the forthcoming TV production involving myself which I mentioned before here.

No, this is something new and completely different, (as Monty Python used to say!). Sorry to ‘tantalise’ anyone, but I just wanted to put this much on record, even though I cannot betray any confidences at the moment (as I would not do in the future until everybody is in agreement it can be made public). But you will sure know about it everyone. Just remember I have told you all in advance, that’s all!

Made my delivery today, so some people should have some fun reading that! You can’t do anything else but laugh really as the whole thing really reads like a comedy script. Actually, it would have made quite a good one! The ‘funny’ thing really is that it is supposed to be serious! I am sure if my old friend Graham Chapman were still alive, he would have laughed his head off, even offered to buy the screen rights! (Somebody else has actually, but that’s yet another story).

Other news? Sorry to be boring, but there isn’t any really – unless you all want to know what I had for breakfast! (Which I guess is rather an irrelevant thing to say, as I never eat any!).

Oh. Had an important appointment this morning about an on-going Civil matter. Obviously I can’t discuss that here as Court proceedings are pending. But would you believe, I brought this action in 2004 (well, filed it into Court) and the other side are still trying to ‘stall it out’. The other side cannot possibly win; but that’s the main reason they’re trying to avoid the actual Hearing, I suppose.

And on that note, good people, I will leave you for today. Might have another ‘day off’ tomorrow (excepting for replies), but just wanted to start the week with a post so you can all see I’m not neglecting my Blog!

For now though,


11 Responses

  1. I’d better not in public Matt. I’ve already been ‘told off’ for saying even a little too much here which could affect other people.
    I can tell you, however’ that that is not a part of the deal I finalised earlier. I can say though (I hope!) that the TV thing has been mostly finished and that it involves the whole alleged ‘vampire scene’ including footage of myself. I would rather wait until the whole thing has been completed. The reason is certain people would only try to ‘cash in on it’ as has happened with my involvement in the past. I am sure you know who I mean, and that person has got a new ‘disciple’ now, remember!
    Nice to see you posting again.
    For the moment,

  2. Hi David,
    I am already looking forward to watching the final production. It is going to be very good, I am quite certain of it. No, I won’t ask you any questions here – I will do it privately, by telephone tomorrow night.
    I once fancied Graham Chapman.

  3. I read elsewhere that certain spurned women have threatened to march up and down on the street outside your flat carrying signs and chanting slogans. It all sounds quite comical!

  4. Don’t laugh you scrawny animal. Its TRUE!!
    When they learned they hadn’t in fact been invited, they threatened to come to London and swamp the area with posters!
    Actually, it’s a threat I’m inclined to take seriously. They have done the same to an eighty-year-old plus old woman who lives near them in Yorkshire. Her only crime? She had banned them from her estate where they claimed Robin Hood was buried. I kid thee not!
    For now,

  5. that was so funny i laughed my arse off
    the bit with them sharing the same bed like morcambe and wise had me in stitches.
    i just wish i had an mpeg version of it.
    BBFC send me one at [email protected] if ur reading this
    AND MAKE SOME MORE!!! (with a few of the other ppl in it)

  6. Well I for one do not appreciate the treament of cats in the video. Although I see vampires are ill-treated as well!

  7. I know one person who will be ‘laughing his arse off’ when he sees it, Craig!
    Absolutely no sense of humour!
    For now

  8. That’s the one point I don’t approve of either Cat. But then, what’s the point!? People just keep saying these things.
    Incidentally, its well gone midnight now; isn’t it about time you ‘went out on the tiles’ in search of female cats again? Just asking!?

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