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Video Blues

Sorry everyone. But I did try to warn you! I am referring of course to the huge text size in “The Ghost of Hillcrest”.

This was not deliberate, but I’m going to leave it as it is just for the time being. I know me, and as there doesn’t appear to be an appropriate button, if I try and change it, I’ll probably mess it up!

Well, its all nice and quiet at the moment; which is the way I like it. Its really horrible sometimes to keep being contacted about nasty, bitchy comments being made elsewhere. It really makes you wonder what some people would do if they didn’t have me in their lives (not that I want to be in them!).

What’s news? Well, I see one group of people (NOT the same ones) are having a field on You Tube putting up videos of myself. I don’t mind that, bles ‘em!, but just for the record, I have no idea who is responsible (well, I have my suspicions!) and neither are any of the ideas my own. I am not saying that none of these ideas are accurate (rather based on actual facts); only that they have been published in video form by somebody else (or ‘somedody else’s’). All I can say is, good luck to them! At least the content is just harmless and funny, unlike the plain nastiness elsewhere! I mean, they could be a lot worse, couldn’t they!? And be blue movies!

I am afraid making videos and drawing is just not one of my many gifts! But I CAN write and be assured you will all be seeing my ideas in written form before too long!
Anyway, on this rather short note, I will leave it for today. Only here, at least, as I have a lot more of the book I want to get on with.

For the moment,


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  1. You might get your friend Rob to set up a web cam for you. The cam itself could be found in a jumble sale perhaps. Then you could record your own “You Tube” videos (called ‘V-logs’ for ‘video logs’, as opposed to ‘blogs’).

  2. I’ll make some some enquiries into it Cat. Sounds interesting and I never shirk from a challenge. (I’ve got a few ideas of my own!).
    In the meantime, I hope the good people of the fan club ‘keep ’em coming’! Makes a change to take a break to some light-hearted comedy. Not that the humour will be appreciated by a couple of people! Er . . . I think you know who I mean!
    For now,

  3. hi David.
    long time no speak. hope ur doing well.
    just wanted to say i love the vdos onyoutube.
    Bishop Bonkers Fan Club…thats also the initials the the british censors…the BBFC…coincidence? i think not! lol
    BBFC has done a really funny vdo in the style of monty python. Black magic woman.
    its brilliant and i think i’m gonna have to have a go myself.
    get BBFC to post here and we’ll have a right laugh.

  4. Poor David. He does not want to be a video star! He’d rather quietly stumble about his flat burning insence and wearing cheescloth robes muttering the odd bit of sage wisdom every now and again.

  5. Hi Craig,
    Welcome back. I have seen the video in question; really funny. Graham Chapman of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” used to be a friend of mine. Sure he would have appreciated it also!
    I really don’t know who these guys are. But so long as they keep ‘poking fun’ at ‘vampires’ (as I did at my talk that you went to), I really don’t mind!
    Anyway, please don’t disappear again!
    For the moment,

  6. No Cat!
    I still want to be a ‘video star’ Cat; its just that maybe the BB Fan Club may have gone a little ‘over the top’!
    I mean, you may be a subscriber to it from your ‘Cat heaven’, but my God, there are limits!
    Don’t think I’ll join it, all the same. I have enough fans as it is!

  7. Remember what you once said about the “truthfulness” of “humour”? They’ve roasted you on video again, old bean.

  8. I really don’t mind that Cat. Probably because I have a sense of humour and am able to laugh at myself.
    But there is a world of difference between that (the videos for example) and people telling deliberate lies about you. I react to the latter only because I have to. Maybe more importantly, because I just cannot tolerate those indulged in lies or sanctimonious deceit.
    Interestingly, such people will never face me in person but just ‘run off’ when they are cornered. Why? Because they know how fatal it is to meet the truth with lies and deceit. That is the reason they quickly disappear when facing me in public; just in case you hadn’t noticed!
    For the moment,

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